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War & Peace

M19 Breaking News Archive

Imcista | Short breaking news archive from a short action. more...  4 Comments

M19 ya basta photos

onto | Singing, Dancing, Jumping, Arrested! ya basta!

Here are some photos in chronological order.

Make up some captions on your own more...  25 Comments

March 20: Chicago Mobilizes Against the War

M-20 Coalition | On January 6th, representatives from over 90 organizations gathered to begin organizing the Chicago area's response to the 4th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. As the scene of the largest mass false arrest in Chicago history ( 800 people ) and an on-going free speech battle with the city, organizing for the right to march on Michigan Avenue was seen as a symbol of the ongoing battle to defend civil liberties in Chicago, and in the nation at large. The 2007 march will be preceded by a series of walkouts and feeder marches from local high school and college campuses. more...  0 Comments

At least 30 arrested in Wall Street protests

M19 | A press conference was held at 55 Water Street spinning off a number of snake marches heading towards the New York Stock Exchange. A Ya Basta! block met at Bowling Green and the famous bull statue before skipping down Broadway. 11 Ya Basta members were intercepted on Broadway and arrested. Unconfirmed reports include the following: approximately 10 people were arrested in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Broad St. 8 were arrested at Wall St. and William. more...  37 Comments

War and the Misuse of God

Ulrich Sander | No freedom of religion if religion calls to war, glorifies war, presents war as inevitable or promotes the hatred of humankind. more...  0 Comments

Israel, U.S. hold large-scale Nuke Terror Drill March 21st

indybay | JERUSALEM: Israel and the U.S. are conducting a large-scale missile defense exercise aimed at combining their systems, American and Israeli officials said Sunday, as both countries warn that Iran could obtain nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. The operation, code-named "Juniper Cobra," is taking place in the Negev desert in southern Israel with thousands of American and Israeli troops. Both sides described the timing as routine, denying a direct connection to the Iran threat. more...  0 Comments

Images: UFPJ March NYC

fred askew | Photographs from the UFPJ March in NYC 18 March 2007 more...  1 Comments

Video From UFPJ March to End the War

meerkatmedia | The Meerkat Media Collective shot several short videos of the UFPJ march in Manhattan this afternoon. more...  0 Comments

Photos from NYC anti-war protest - March 18, 2007 | Photos from NYC anti-war protest - March 18, 2007 more...  0 Comments

VIDEO from the NYC March to End the War

meerkatmedia | video clips from NYC during the 4th aniversary of the Iraq War more...  0 Comments

Pentagon Focus of a Spirited Peace Demonstration

William Hughes | The Pentagon was the focus of a spirited Peace demonstration on March 17, 2007. The crowd in the tens of thousands heard from over 30 riveting speakers. Activist Cindy Sheehan said: “Let’s stop this b... s...These b... s.... wars. It’s for the make them rich and line the pockets of the...war criminals.” She added: “We’re the deciders. And we have decided that we want Bush and Cheney impeached...indicted...and imprisoned.” more...  0 Comments

Public Peace Meditation in Battery Park Sunday March 18 1:00 PM

March 19 Peace Action Coalition | We're hoping with our silence to drown out the sound and the fury of war that keeps us from hearing the voice of our conscience. more...  0 Comments

March 19th! 3pm! Brooklyn! Protest the War! End Military Recruitment!

in our hearts | End Military Recruitment!

Monday, March 19th

Meet at 3 pm on the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues

(B,D,M,N,Q,R,2,3,4,5 to Atlantic Avenue or Pacific Street)

The march will proceed to the Armed Services Recruitment Center at 41
Flatbush Avenue. more...  5 Comments

Seattle Pepperspray Productions get Time slot on Manhattan Local Access Channel

Donna Lawrence | DEscribes content of Pepperspray Video weekly shows more...  0 Comments

Sen. Patty Murray: "We are fighting a war with no cause"

Bob Geiger | The needless troop deaths in Iraq are a waste.. From enlistment to retirement, this administration has failed our troops. more...  0 Comments

Clinton Wants US Troops in Iraq to Guard Oil

* | Democratic Presidential candidate and Senator Hillary Clinton came right out and told the New York Times on 3/14/07 that US troops should stay in Iraq because "it is right in the heart of the oil region." Contrary to the Democrats' cynical belief that we have nowhere else to go, we can and must vote for the peace parties on the ballot: Any socialist party and the Green Party.
more...  1 Comments

The Politics of Apathy: an Australian story

yarra | While America leads the world in insularism and denial, Australia is the world leader in complacency and apathy. No cultural equivalent for the Oz expression, “she’ll be right, mate”, exists anywhere – notwithstanding the variation of “who gives a shit?” Today, non-involvement is proving to be a very costly cultural habit. America has become the world’s most hated nation and will soon attract very real consequences for its actions, one of which is the acquisition of Australia as a colonial trophy. Australia remains an international laughing stock under the servile leadership of lackey prime minister, John Howard; Aussies are experiencing their eleventh year under the rule of the most slavish, gutless, lying, duplicitous, cringing, government on record. No other leader in world history has displayed the servility and cowardice of John Howard. When America says jump, the despicable little coward, Howard, says how high, boss! more...  0 Comments

Correction: Complete Info on This Weekend's Antiwar Events at Judson Church

Indypendent | Here's the complete, correct information on this weekend's antiwar events at Judson Church. Apologies to the organizers of this great event. For more, see more...  1 Comments

Torture Investigation Stopped by Canadian Military Officials

AfghaniBlog | The practice of handing over prisoners is ``directed by the operational chair of command and is required to be followed by all (Canadian Forces) members involved in the handling of detainees, not just the military police." more...  0 Comments

"Ya Basta" style Civil Disobedience training, Sat, 4pm

yaba | Come join us as we learn together the fundamentals of the Ya Basta ethos
and tradition. We also encourage all interested parties to attend the
general civil disobedience trainings organized by the March 19th Peace
Action Coalition, taking place throughout the day. more...  1 Comments

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