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War & Peace

Antiwar Protest Draws High School Students

Linnea Covington and Krystal Garcia | According to a recent study conducted by John Hopkins University, there have been approximately 658,000 deaths including 655,000 Iraqi residents and 3,000 U.S. troops since the beginning of the war. Yesterday marked the fourth year anniversary of the war in Iraq.
Total, there were approximately 100 people at the park, a quarter of them reporters and another part were high school students.
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Jeremy Scahill & Naomi Klein to Discuss Mercenary Armies & The Iraq War Tonight!

Antiwar | Most people have never heard of Blackwater USA, the far rightwing mercenary army that has been deployed in recent years in Iraq, Afghanistan and New Orleans. However, in his new book ("Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army") investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill lifts the veil on this shadowy force. Tonight, he will be discussing the book with "No Logo" author Naomi Klein and Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, at the Ethical Culture Center at 2 W. 64th St. and Central Park West. more...  0 Comments

Iraq, Bush's God-Emboldened Narcissism and Parasitic Militarism

Walter C. Uhler | The moral priority is to dismantle the warfare state or the socio-economic structure that elevates the likes of GW Bush and Dick Cheney to positions of power.. A mythical historical narrative to justify expanding war is already being articulated. more...  0 Comments

Art of War : I Died For a Good Cause

Larmee | I Died For a Good Cause more...  0 Comments

M20: 400 Anti-War Marchers Swarm Downtown New Brunswick, NJ

evil | 400 anti-war students, activists, local residents and veterans against the war commemorated the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by walking out of class and work, swarming the streets, taking a highway and blocking a Marine recruitment station. There were no arrests. more...  24 Comments

ENGENDERING COLONIALISM-Women Resisting U.S. Colonialism

Helen Keller | Join us THIS SUNDAY for a free screening and panel/discussion of
"Engendering Colonialism: The Effect of 100 Years of U.S. Colonialism
on Women in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and The Philippines," a look
at the impact of U.S. colonialism on women - and their resistance to
it. more...  1 Comments

M19 Anti-War Activists Gather & Shake It at Union Square

go clyde! | After a great day of actions around town, people gathered to rally & dance with the Rude Mechanical Orchestra in Union Square. more...  0 Comments

Photos: M19 Brooklyn Counterrecruitment

onto | What an awesome day. Thanks to all who came out and supported. Let's do it again, and again, and again!! Every month! more...  4 Comments

How Did It Come to This?

Felton Davis | It's time to overcome the natural reluctance to study the violence taking place in Iraq, and face up to the implications of the covert war. more...  0 Comments

Left Turn Magazine Anti-War Forum tonight 7:30pm: "Steppin' It Up"

Left Turn | Come celebrate the release of the Spring issue of Left Turn magazine as we
discuss the myriad of challenges facing the US anti-war Movement four
years after the invasion of Iraq. Join members of Iraq Veterans Against
the War, Students for a Democratic Society as well as several authors who
contributed articles to Left Turn #24. more...  0 Comments

War Drumming and Bomb-ocracy

Zeit-Fragen | The globalization of predator capitalism launched an attack on the whole world whose extent we are only beginning to grasp: war - the military arm of the economy - that has brought us to the edge of a nuclear winter and endangers the life of everybody.. The military-industrial machine is a machine that crushes everything that was a democratic, international law hope hope after the Second World War. more...  0 Comments

m19 anti recruiting action in Brooklyn!

in our hearts | Today March 19th the fourth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, a small but spirited group of 45 (more or less) anarchists and anti war activists marched from the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn to the near by Times Plaza US Armed Forces recruiting center. more...  6 Comments

Stop the War! March 24th Boston

March 24th Coalition | STOP THE WAR!

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Subway Riders Say Stop the War

rebecca | On Sunday, March 18th, a small group of friends met up to create a photo petition of New Yorkers who oppose the war. We set out to gather photos to bind together and present to Clinton and Schumer as a visual testament to the strong opposition to the war here in their district. more...  2 Comments

Bush, Blair could face War-crimes Charges

Cleaves Editorial | George W. Bush and Tony Blair may face war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court over their military intervention and occupation of Iraq. The Internationally insignificant John Howard would face Australian courts prior to being handed over to the ICC. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | After U.S. trained counterinsugency forces murdered the entire population of the small town of El Mozote one woman survived to tell the world. more...  0 Comments

Afghan Instability: A Deliberate Scorched-Earth Strategy

Afghaniblog | This article outlines a US orchestrated scorched-earth policy: Better to destroy an asset, than to let it fall into the hands of an enemy.
From the perspective of Brzezinski’s “Grand Chessboard” – a logical choice.
From the perspective of an Afghan citizen – a genocidal choice.
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AJLPP-NY/NJ | Speech delivered by Leah Obias of the Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) - NY/NJ at the historic March on the Pentagon on March 17, 2007 in Washington DC more...  0 Comments

Ya Basta! M19 - Video!

meerkatmedia | This morning, a Ya Basta! block convened at the bull @ bowling green. They suited up and started skipping, singing and dancing down Broadway. They cops quickly intercepted and made arrests. more...  2 Comments

So, is it completely fucking hopeless then?

frank zapatista | So, lets get a rundown of the anti-war events this weekend:

* A fairly small protest in DC is upstaged in the media by facistic counter-protesters.
* A few hundred are arrested there for no reason.
* 1000, at most, people do the usual pen and cattle drive in the cavern of midtown. No one notices or cares.
* People bike around
* A day of direct action lasts about 5 minutes, and a group of people dressed like clowns make a sad spectacle of themselves.

Does anyone else feel completely hopeless? more...  11 Comments

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