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War & Peace

Alberto Gonzales – A Civil Rights Violator

scott huminski |
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the Bush Justice Departments subjugation of an entire state population to civil rights violations reminiscent of 1930s Germany.
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Aussie Torture Victim pleads ‘Guilty’

finch | In circumstances that could only be described as ‘railroading’ and coercive, the Aussie battler, David Hicks has pleaded guilty to one count of providing material support to terrorists. Few Australians, including leading legal advocates accept the ‘trial’ of Hicks as legally legitimate. The flagrantly rogue court convened under the most biased and unfair conditions also disqualified Hicks’ civilian lawyers at the last minute. Hicks’ (now) disqualified lawyers accused the presiding judge, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Coleman of making up the rules as he went along – there is nothing new in the ‘legal’ proceedings at Guantanamo Bay! more...  0 Comments

From Iraq War to Middle East War

Jurgen Nieth | Bush's course recalls Nixon's 1970 invasion of Cambodia, expanding the battle while swearing withdrawal. more...  0 Comments

A Stunning Contrast...

sended by F Espinoza | Anyone following the news in recent times cannot be unaware of the wave of progressive change sweeping Latin America and the Caribbean... more...  1 Comments

Support Your Local Anarchist

Lawrence J. Maushard | Take a stand people. If the war is evil, so are the people orchestrating it, and so are the people fighting it in our name. Hey, I support the flag burners and the people who torched the US troops in effigy. These demonstrators are true patriots. more...  27 Comments

“Has Sen. Barbara Mikulski Lost Her Soul?”

William Hughes | Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) voted against the Iraqi War. But, since then, she has acted like an agent of the Bush-Cheney Gang by consistently voting to fund it to the tune of $411.3 billion. Mikulski says she “cares about the troops,” but Peace advocates in Maryland think that she has “lost her soul.” They wonder when Mikulski is going to say: “Stop this war!” She has ignored the mandate of the Nov. 7, 2006 election. Iraq is now Sen. Mikulski’s War! more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Peace Protester

Larmee | Peace Protester more...  0 Comments

The Failure of Modern Western Society

finn | Wind down from your artificially induced stress/pace and confront your personal reality – take stock for a moment. Your existence has been confined to sustaining and maintaining a system that makes ever-increasing demands on your liberty and freedom – the pillars upon which joy and satisfaction are built/derived! The frenzied pace of western society is largely the result of the manic need for ever increasing profits and greater concentrations of wealth in the fewest possible hands, which inevitably makes higher demands on those at the bottom of the financial scale. Obtaining wealth is simply a matter of applying unfair downward pressure in favour of upward flowing benefits; wealth is not created it is the result of manipulation and/or theft – the historical record bears this out. Put simply, profit is exploitation/theft! more...  2 Comments

Venezuela, Algeria, Qatar, Iran and Russia are launching "gas OPEC"

Ytzhak | The countries founding the new energy organization would be Algeria, Qatar, Iran, Russia and Venezuela, Kommersant explained, and highlighted a number of statements some authorities in these countries have made favoring the creation of this group. more...  0 Comments

UPDATE: YOUR HELP NEEDED occupation of congressman Vito Fossella's (R, NY) offic

Tommy M |
UPDATE: 11:25 AM
Call and Fax Vito Fossella: Demand he meet with protesters occuping his office.
FAX: 718-356-1928 more...  1 Comments

War is Peace ...

Leslie Cagan, Judith LeBlanc and Sam Webb | What's with all this criticism you ultra-lefts are throwing at the progressive anti-war Democrats in Congress for voting for more money for the Iraq war. Don’t you know that when Barbara Lea and Maxine Waters help Nancy Pelosi give Bush another billion to fund the war it's really for ending it!
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Protesters Occupying Staten Island Congressman's Office

Tommy M | Peace Action Staten Island and friends (including Movement for a Democratic Society and World Can't Wait) are inside the office of Congressman Vito Fossella. more...  4 Comments

WAKE UP !!!!

Root Doctor Abe | Is sending a kid to disney world a punishment????? NO NO NO. more...  0 Comments

Beatnik Haven Jazzes it up on the Lower E

Gillian M. Kalson | Cafe 5C, while fighting an evil landlord, strives to serve the community a dish of culture in the beatnik tradition, offering music lessons, tutoring, jazz and poetry. more...  1 Comments

Pete Seeger for Nobel Peace Prize

Eleanor Walden | Petition to American Friends Service Committee to nominate Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize: more...  1 Comments

'Liberal Dems' Crack, Now Support Bush War (Through April 2008, yeah, right)

Fuckers | This war has always been a bi-partisan war, and the Democrats just re-ratified it today. Every death between now and the final death is now on their consciences, and their records as well. more...  1 Comments

Democrats Give Bush Permission to Attack Iran

pb | The AIPAC Girl more...  1 Comments

Video: A Ride to End All Wars, March 18th.

Meerkat Media | Additional video coverage is now available of the Ride to End All Wars, which took place on March 18th in tandem with the UFPJ march in Manhattan. more...  0 Comments

M19 Ya Basta Video

NYC Ya Basta | Two new videos from the Ya Basta actions on March 19th are now available. more...  0 Comments

New World Order

peptide | A recent article brought home the shocking truth of today’s new world order by contrasting the social outrage expressed against Richard Nixon for his minor offence of a break and enter (Watergate) with today's social complacency in the face of half-a-million civilian dead in Iraq. The office of president of the USA has become an experimental position where corporate placed buffoons are allowed to reign ruin on the world. The “bouquet of flowers, mission accomplished, WMD, give war a chance”, administration got it wrong from the start yet ‘bouquet’ Wolfowitz has been promoted to the president of the World Bank, where he continues to bungle and lose to other interests (China). The incompetent clown, Bush, remains president and the criminals who benefit remain behind the scenes profiting on the misery of others! more...  0 Comments

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