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War & Peace

Cultural Inversions and Criminal Leadership

finch | Imagine coalition leaders recoiling in horror at the prospect of facing the truth that it is they who are the most criminally liable and culpable terrorists in the world today! Former Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan, stated that in order to effectively combat terrorism a universal definition of ‘terrorism’ would be imperative. A ratified definition would eliminate politically motivated, arbitrary definitions made by various groups/States for the principal purpose of servng their own interests. In the absence of a universal definition the legal system and International criminal courts are ‘hamstrung’ or worse, subject to manipulation by powerful (criminal) interests. more...  0 Comments


Terry Jones | No hoods. No electric shocks. No beatings. These Iranians clearly are a very uncivilised bunch

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4/7 Sat - MLK Commemoration March for Peace & Justice in Newark

srcnwk | Martin Luther King was assassinated April 4, 1968. He died fighting for freedom, justice, equality, and peace. Let us remember his legacy and continue his struggle! Join us on April 7, 2007 at 12:30pm, at Broad and Market Streets, in downtown Newark. more...  0 Comments

Is John McCain Morally Fit To Be President?

Thomas Riggins | News reports indicate that McCain falisified what he saw and heard from Iraqi civilians for political gains. more...  0 Comments

Naomi Klein Speaks at NYC Ethical Culture Society: full transcript

DOGSPOT | Naomi Klein recently appeared in New York for the launch of Jeremy Scahill's book on Blackwater and delivered a short speech at the the Ethical Culture Society. The transcript below is courtesy of Democracy Now!. more...  0 Comments

Women plan ride across Lebanon for peace

schwinn | Bikes are always good for PEACE. more...  0 Comments

-- A Modest Proposal Concerning A Proper Use For High C --

Mark Walter Evans | -- A brief exposition of the only course of action left to us, short of leaving America on the next plane -- more...  0 Comments

UN Security council must sanction US and UK

Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent | GPS material found aboard of the Iranian territory invading UK commando boats proves the UK attack boats and crews were in Iranian waters when they were arrested. Also the crews of U.S. airplanes again have violated Iran's airspace, breaching international law and decency as usual. more...  0 Comments

Manipulating the Oz Masses

nano | It’s confirmed, total panic grips Howard government over Hicks scandal! The novice Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has weighed in on the Hicks debate with a wild accusation inferring that Hicks was “.. seeking to destroy our civilisation.” -- what next? Turnbull's statement follows hot on the heels of the stratospheric logic (see link) displayed by the Federal Treasurer in his effort to save the government -- who's next? more...  0 Comments

Hicks case becomes Quicksand for Oz Government

budgie | When things are a bit slow we can always rely on the Australian conservative government to entertain us -- their now very desperate (divorced from reality) attempts to come out of the Hicks “saga” smelling roses are entertaining if nothing else. The impossibility of the Howard government looking good over any issue relating to Hicks hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the Federal Treasurer, Peter Costello. The Treasurer has very unwisely waded into the debate with characteristic arrogance and miscalculated comments directed at Hicks. Try as Costello might to incriminate Hicks and brand him a murderer, the facts defy his every attempt. more...  0 Comments

Time for Lula to Stop Doing Bush's Dirty Work in Haiti

By BEN TERRALL | Lula has been criticized for following the Bush Administration on foreign trade policy, but he may be in even more hot water for following Bush on a foreign military adventure. more...  0 Comments

Native Youth Movement: Forces' terror manual lists natives with Hezbollah

Ytzhak | "Radical natives are listed in the Canadian army's
counterinsurgency manual as a potential military opponent, lumping
aboriginals in with the Tamil Tigers, Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad.... more...  0 Comments

David Hicks receives Sentence

dingo | Notice the use of language -- Australian news radio (12 noon) today broadcast that “convicted terrorist, David Hicks, receives nine month sentence...” – shame on ABC news radio, one can only wonder whether the choice of wording reflected the fundamentalist conservative, evangelical christian values of the Howard-loving producer, who will remain nameless in this report. Unlike American loving evangelical christians, most Australians accept “convictions” as a result of fair trials and due legal process NOT sordid kangaroo court 'determinations'. more...  0 Comments

Afghan experts contradict Military "optimism"

AfghaniBlog | "The main complaint that I hear from Afghans is not that we're imposing something on them that we don't want, but that we haven't delivered what they think we promised."

Rubin recently published an article in Foreign Affairs magazine warning Afghanistan "is at risk of collapsing into chaos"
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American Justice: Hicks Tortured, Rumsfeld Exonerated!

Kingfisher | The now infamous Donald Rumsfeld has avoided legal responsibility for the extremely controversial ruling he made in December 2002, which effectively allowed the U.S. military to utilise torture methods against their perceived or imagined enemies. An American court ruled that Rumsfeld had no case to answer due principally to the fact that as Secretary of Defence he was IMMUNE from the charges! One Law for you and another for me! If the public ever wondered why Bush, Blair and Howard appear unconcerned over the prospect of war crimes charges, perhaps the Rumsfeld decision sheds some light on the matter. more...  0 Comments

US War of Aggression Depletes Troops

Rainer Rupp | Facts and reality urging an end to wars of aggression are often eclipsed by missions and agendas. Overreach is stylized as inevitable.. The army and marine infantry will need many years to recover from the "death spiral" in Iraq and Afghanistan. more...  0 Comments

Subverting Iran

Gregory Elich | U.S. covert operations against Iran more...  0 Comments

Leaders Don't Kill People...

populist | If I have my facts straight, George W. Bush has never killed a single person in his life. All the torture and death that people attribute to him has been carried out by people who were "only following orders."
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Conrad Black case may showcase Richard Perle's cronyism

CSD | As the Conrad Black case makes headlines many activists await revelations about the business practices of Black associate, Richard Perle. As an architect of the Iraq war and ultra right neo-con Richard Perlse operates mostly in secret. The white collar crimes getting exposure now will be most interesting to see. more...  0 Comments

The New Yorker covers World Can't Wait & SDS bus ride to DC protest

Raffi Khatchadourian (reposted) | At 5:30 A.M. one recent Saturday, twenty or so people stood huddled in the northeast corner of Union Square. They were waiting for buses that would take them to Washington, D.C., for a protest at the Pentagon, timed to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and, more or less, with the fortieth anniversary of the 1967 March on the Pentagon. Among those gathered were members of the pro-impeachment organization World Can’t Wait (which had chartered two buses), some Revolutionary Communists, and a contingent from Students for a Democratic Society—this final group being remarkable because, until last year, it had been dormant for nearly four decades. more...  3 Comments

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