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War & Peace

Timor-Leste: El Dorado of the South Pacific

Kwang zi | The current population of East Timor is approximately one million souls while the value of its natural gas and oil reserves amount to billions of dollars. However, the tiny new island nation is impoverished with above 35% unemployment and a rural based economy. Without elaborating further, Timor-Leste presents an extremely volatile situation as greedy interests, primarily America via its ‘World’ Bank and Australia-New Zealand acting as the military arm, poise themselves to exploit the impoverished people and nation of Timor-Leste. more...  0 Comments

Protest Grows over Blackwater U.S.A Training Camp

Tony Perry | Founded in 1997, the North Carolina-based Blackwater USA specializes in training private security guards and law enforcement personnel at its facilities in Moyock, N.C., about 220 miles south of Washington, D.C., and Mount Carroll in northwestern Illinois. Potrero would be its first facility in the West. more...  1 Comments


Jack A. Smith | What are the grounds for determining whether the U.S. war in Iraq is aggressive or defensive, legal or illegal, just or unjust? more...  0 Comments

Nablus: Kids Used as Human Shields in Balata Refugee Camp

RJI / a-films | In a military operation taking place just outside Balata Refugee Camp (Nablus, Occupied Palestine), IOF troops forced two youngsters to serve as human shields.

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Get Over it: No victory possible from failed rightwing policy on Iraq

d.o. | As it turns out, the Bush regime “reality” was a recipe for failure. Now, 70% of the U.S. population knows the Iraq invasion and occupation is a looser more...  3 Comments

Interfaith Peace Walk Towards a Nuclear Free Future

peacehq | The first of many international walkers have arrived in England to begin an 86 day Interfaith Peace Walk Towards a Nuclear Free Future from Dublin to London starting on the 12th of May 2007. more...  0 Comments

We all gonna hit the jackpot REAL SOON

Hajja Romi Elnagar | Depleted uranium is worse than allergies. more...  0 Comments


Larmee | PAUL WOLFOWITZ more...  0 Comments

POINT OF ATTACK film screening (post 9/11 attack on civil liberties & humanity)

Baghat Singh | POINT OF ATTACK film screening (post 9/11 attack on civil liberties & humanity)
w/filmmaker Kathleen Foster, Shahid Comrade of Pakistan USA Freedom Forum and radical lawyer Lynne Stewart.
At Brecht Forum 451 West Street (between Bank & Bethune) Manhattan/NYC
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4/24 The Patriot Game : A Film by Arthur Mac Caig : Free

Tommy-SPNYC | "Informative, vivid, and partisan. The footage of urban guerillas is extraordinary. I've seen a number of films on Northern Ireland, none have depicted the situation this graphically."—J. Hoberman, Village Voice more...  1 Comments

American Author, Satirist, and Social Critic Kurt Vonnegut Dead at 84

IMCista | American author, and satirist Kurt Vonnegut has died. He was 84.

Most famous for his great anti-war novel Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut authored 14 other novels, mainy of them works of social criticism. Vonnegut was a harsh critic of war, American imperialism, scientific expertise, and the general miserable behavior of most human beings. He was a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and the American Humanist Association, which promotes individual freedom, rational thought and scientific skepticism, made him its honorary president. He was a merciless critic of George W. Bush and the current American government.

Vonnegut was a native Hoosier who spent most of his life in New York State.

What follows is an excerpt from Vonnegut's novel Breakfast of Champions. Add some of your own favorite Vonnegut quotes in the comments below. more...  9 Comments

The Release of Posada Carriles: A BRUTAL REPLY

posted by F Espinoza | George W. Bush is undoubtedly the most genuine representative of a system of terror forced on the world by the technological, economic and political superiority of the most powerful country known to this planet. more...  3 Comments

This Thursday Movie Night: The Oil Factor

Time's Up! | Thursday Night at 8 p.m. at the Time's Up! Space
49 East Houston Street, Manhattan
Movie is FREE, donations welcome more...  0 Comments

Grassroots Film Project Seeks Footage

pumpkinhead | We are the Think Peace Documentary Project, a non-profit film project based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and we are looking for video footage. more...  0 Comments

Universal Jurisdiction: Justice For Lebanese & Palestinian Victims of War, Tues

BLS Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild | The Alien Torts Claim Act allows non-Americans to sue other foreign nationals for human rights abuses in US Courts. The Torture Victim Protection Act allows for the filing of civil suits in US Courts against individuals who committed torture and/or extrajudicial killing while acting in an official capacity for a foreign nation. Come learn how these two laws are being used by Lebanese and Palestinian victims of Israeli violence to seek redress for human rights abuses and wrongful death.
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The Indypendent Issue #101 : Beating Back the Mob, NYPD Gone Wild ...

Various Authors | Attached PDF of The Indypendent, Issue #101 more...  2 Comments

HAVE U SEEN THIS MAN? CIA man wanted in Europe for 1st trial for rendition...

Angelo Frole | Robert Seldon Lady, the mastermind of the first rendition case to go to trial, in the PHOTO, is a former NYPD cop (1970s) and has visited NYC since fleeing Italy to avoid prosecution. He will go on trial, in absentia (since the Italian and U.S. rulers have not agreed to extradite him), on June 18, 2007, in Milan, Italy, in what might be the 007 trial of '07. But there's more: Munich, Germany, prosecutors are trying to extradite another gaggle of CIA agents for the mistaken-ID rendition of Khalid el-Masri -- a second big CIA prosecution. more...  2 Comments

The Great Midwest Big Shoe Camp

Major Monkey | Are YOU tired of humdrum protests and bored of capitalism?
Do YOU enjoy working in a team and ridiculing authority?
Do YOU long for extremely absurd adventures? more...  0 Comments

Send Sen. Mikulski to Iraq, Not the MD National Guard!

William Hughes | As Marylanders prepare to celebrate Easter, some of them, members of the state’s National Guard, are receiving a notice from the Pentagon. It says that they will be deployed to Iraq. They are being called up to fulfill the insane “Surge” strategy of the Bush-Cheney Gang. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD) has voted to fund the “Surge.” She is complicit in that regime's wrongdoing. I say: Keep the MD National Guard home and send Sen. Mikulski to Iraq! more...  0 Comments

Alberto Gonzales US Attorney Purge, Tip of the Iceberg

Scott Huminski | Attorney Gonzales is involved in vast civil rights corruption and crime that pales the US Attorney controversy. This is not a question of ethics or political motivation, it involves an indisputable factual conspiracy against the civil rights of an entire state reminiscent of 1930s Germany.
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