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War & Peace

Build a United Anti-War Movement

Written by Socialist Appeal | After weeks of political show-boating, the Democrats have voted to continue the war in Iraq. Without even the fig leaf of a time line for a partial withdrawal, they have appropriated over $100 billion more public dollars to continue the occupation of Iraq, condemning thousands more Americans and Iraqis to death and dismemberment. This is another $100 billion that will not be used to create jobs, provide health care, or build schools and affordable housing. The total spent on the war now totals over $556 billion. Even the richest nation on earth cannot afford this policy of “guns before butter” forever.

Bush is completely discredited, with little popular support and virtually none of his infamous “political capital”. And still the Democrats caved on the one issue that has galvanized the entire country, the one issue that propelled them to Congressional power in the mid-term elections. The message in November was crystal clear: “end the war now!” more...  0 Comments

Hundreds of Thousands March and Reconstruct Barricades in Oaxaca City

Barucha Calamity Peller | JUne 14th one year anniversary-barricades are reconstucted in Oaxaca CIty as thousands march on the capitol more...  0 Comments

Holding Bush Accountable

jan | Is there any legal recourse after Bush leaves office? more...  0 Comments

Reviewing Noam Chomsky's New Book: Interventions

Stephen Lendman | In-depth review of Noam Chomsky's new book more...  0 Comments

Kurdish Culture, Repression, Women’s Rights, and Resistance

Steven Argue | For the Kurdish people outrageous acts of oppression in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, and Syria have included mass murder, suppression of language rights, exploitation of Kurdish resources with nothing but poverty given in return, deprivations of national citizenships, and the brutal suppression of political representation.

Despite the oppression the Kurdish people have faced, they continue to speak their language and organize politically and, at times, militarily to fight back nearly everywhere they continue to live as a native population. more...  0 Comments


Jack A. Smith | The Pentagon’s annual war budget for the next fiscal years amounts to an astronomical $646 billion, and it includes funding for the Iraq-Afghan wars until October 2008. It is expected to pass Congress with few changes. more...  0 Comments

The Gangs of Iraq

Aftermath News, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign | Desperate to shore up its flagging ranks, the military is quietly enlisting thousands of active gang members and shipping them to Iraq. Will a brutal murder finally wake up the Pentagon?
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Jaap den Haan | Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, candidate for the Democratic nomination for American President in 2008, speaks more...  0 Comments

Nicaraguan leader in Iran for talks with Ahmadinejad

General Joe | While: "Joe Lieberman thinks we should attack Iran because there are terrorist training camps in the wilderness that no-one has ever produced definite evidence (you know - co-ordinates, pictures) actually exist. Meanwhile, the US is warning Turkey to back-off from threats that it will attack the known and well-documented locations of PKK terrorist training camps in Kurdish Iraq - camps which the US has done not word one about. It's a screaming double standard and even a pet goat could see that." more...  0 Comments

The Legacy of Agent Orange in Viet Nam

Ho Chi Minh | The Legacy of Agent Orange in Viet Nam

See the new film
The Last Ghost of War
A compelling NEW 57 minute documentary film, narrated by Kevin Kline, shot in Viet Nam, France and the U.S. on the legacy of the largest chemical warfare operation in history and the continuing law suit seeking justice.

Meet the Producers - Pham Quoc Thai and Janet Gardner

Monday, JUNE 11 6:30 pm
Cantor Film Center.
36 East 8th Street, NY, NY 10003

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Dr. RAINER WERNING | Interview of Leading Filipino Activist Intellectual E. SAN JUAN, Jr. more...  0 Comments

Words For Freedom: A Talk With Journalist John Pilger

Paul Schrodt | Prolific and seemingly unshakable, journalist John Pilger has spent the better part of a 49-year-long career—52 documentaries and six books—digging his teeth into the world’s troubled powers, muckraking his way through wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, the Middle East and elsewhere, all the while chronicling the “secret history, which is often very shameful." more...  0 Comments

New York City Labor Against the War Response to USLAW (Corrected Citation)

New York City Labor Against the War | Again, we ask trade unionists and antiwar activists to reject attempts to silence those who report facts freely available to anyone who cares to look. Critically assess the unchallenged evidence posted above. Challenge GFIW's representative and tour sponsors to honestly answer questions such as the following: more...  0 Comments

IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE to perform for MUMIA in Harlem - June 15

Free Mumia Coalition | On June 15th an event will be held in Harlem concerning the Campaign to name a street in honor of Mumia - featuring a special gueast appearance/performance by Immortal Technique. Speakers include Charles Barron, Pam Africa, Igwe Williams (of the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Center of City College), Harold Wilson (The 122nd exonerated death row prisoner) among many others. Topics will include updates on Mumia's case, the murder of Sean Bell and the criminalization of youth, how to wage the street naming campaign and MUCH MORE! more...  0 Comments

New York City Labor Against the War Response to USLAW

New York City Labor Against the War | Again, we ask trade unionists and antiwar activists to reject attempts to silence those who report facts freely available to anyone who cares to look. Critically assess the unchallenged evidence posted above. more...  0 Comments

GABNet "Beauty Queen Pageant" in NYC Philippine Independence Celebrations

Ollie Quinto Reyes | ...concurrent with this narrative of on-going oppression is a people’s continuing saga towards true freedom. This was evident in GABNet’s demonstration—objectification of women (symbolized in the queen as an object of beauty) juxtaposed against a backdrop of protests and demands for justice. It was a strong expression of anger, but was an even stronger expression of hope... more...  0 Comments

Announcem't/PHOTO OF CIA Agent in First CIA Rendition Trial-starts tomorrow

Carolyn Keene | The long awaited trial of 26 CIA agents led by Robert Seldon Lady (in photo) begins tomorrow in Milan, Italy, despite the presence of President Bush in Italy! In conjunction with this, a North Carolina group is scheduling a training sesssion at the headquarters of the CIA's airline, Aero Contractors Ltd. -- something CALCULATED TO SEE THAT THERE ARE MANY MORE SUCH TRIALS. more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-New York | Last Sunday, June 3, in the heart of the Philippine Independence Day Celebration on Madison Avenue, Manhattan, cultural group Sining Pandayan used creative street theater to expose the election fraud and violence marking this past midterm election, and to urge Filipinos to continue the struggle for a truly free and independent Philippines.

"The massive migration of Filipinos to different parts of the world is a living testament that people in the Philippines face harsh conditions that force them to go to foreign countries to survive," said Joana Palomar, spokesperson for Ugnayan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (Linking the Children of the Motherland), one of the organizations comprising Sining Pandayan. "While we Filipinos in the US celebrate the so-called independence of the Philippines, our people back home are denied a voice in the elections because of massive cheating, vote-padding, electioneering, murder and violence."

Sining Pandayan or "forging art" in Filipino is the multi-generational, multi-sectoral cultural group comprised of workers, women, immigrant and second-generation youth, students, young professionals, and LGBTQ, mainly from DAMAYAN Migrant Workers Association and Ugnayan ng mga Anak ng Bayan. Sining Pandayan uses various cultural and expressive means such as poetry, music and street theater to project issues of the Filipino people, both in the homefront and locally.
For immediate release
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Pro-War Democrats Battle for the Presidency

Steven Argue | Since the corporate media of the United States has long ago abandoned any semblance of reporting on anything of substance about candidates such as voting records and actual political views, it is up to the writers for the left press and Indy-media to do so. more...  0 Comments

America’s Robespierre: President George W. Bush?

William Hughes | There is a Robespierre-like clone residing in our White House! His name is George W. Bush. Thanks to a book by Dr. Justin A. Frank, entitled: “Bush on a Couch,” we know a lot more about him and his dysfunctional upbringing. Like Robespierre, Bush is a fanatic on both politics and religion. A “dry drunk,” he won’t seek treatment or own up to his responsibility for the Iraqi War. In the mold of a whacky Robespierre, he also sees himself as the liberator of Iraq! more...  1 Comments

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