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War & Peace

Bush's unwelcome gift to NATO: Afghanistan

populist | Economically, most Afghans see neither an improvement in their personal lot, or view the rebuilding of their country happening at an acceptable pace. more...  0 Comments

Counterrecruiting Freestyle Contest

CounterRecruiter | New York Veterans Speak Out (VVAW and Veterans For Peace) is sponsoring a youth contest based on rhymes written by high school students in the theme of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) flyer: "10 Things You Need To Know..." [Read More] more...  1 Comments


CHUCKMAN | SEND A HELPFUL GIFT... more...  0 Comments

An Open Letter to John Kerry and the Democrats

Stanley W. Rogouski | Letter to the Democrats about the fact that they didn't speak to us on September 24th. more...  1 Comments

Slaughtering Journalist by the Book

Dave Lindorff | American troops are killing journalists in Iraq with regularity with no repercussions because under the Pentagon’s “rules of engagement,” slaughtering anyone a soldier thinks might be suspicious is the right—indeed the heroic--thing to do. more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Anti War

Larmee | Washington DC, September 24, 2005 more...  0 Comments

Is your twelve year old safe from the military?

richard myers | With recruiting targets unmet, 250 National Guard troops visit middle school, mingle with twelve year olds. Is it a recruiting ploy?
more...  0 Comments

The New Yorker's Lopsided Debate on Iraq

Erin Thompson | The kind of lopsided debate that took place on September 23, at The New Yorker's "Town Hall Meeting on Iraq," exemplified the mainstream debate on Iraq, in which experts discuss the seeming impossibilities of withdrawal without even considering it as a genuine option. This kind of debate is also one of the main reasons for the impotence surrounding anti-war, anti-occupation stances. more...  3 Comments

Nov. 2nd meeting on MONDAY 10/03/05

joey | The world can't wait, and every day we see new atrocities- Robert's confirmation, 1000s of black people drowned and starved, 100,000s of iraqis starved then killed, we need to drive out the Bush Regime.

Nov. 2nd needs to be a beginning of a whole new movement taht has its sights set on actually bringing about teh conditions to drive this regime out.

come to the meeting and make this real!
more...  0 Comments


Phoenix Insurgent | There are three forces that can end this war and bring the troops home. The first is the Iraqi people themselves, who can defeat the American army through a war of attrition and general resistance. The second is a movement of the American people that builds its own autonomous power and forces American elites to abandon their imperial project in Iraq. And a third movement could involve American soldier resistance and refusal. In all likelihood, it will be a combination of all three that will end the war. more...  0 Comments

Crash Chuck E. Cheese's War Party! An Action in Brooklyn

Daithí Mac Lochlainn | ….from Truth Out:

“The scene shifted to a person dressed in a dog costume fishing in the lake with 3- and 4-year-old children and then shifted again from pictures of the children to mothers holding small babies. Although it was disjointed and a bit crazed, it was what one might expect at Chuck E Cheese.

Then my jaw dropped: the MTV segment shifted to a promotional piece compiled by the Department of Defense!...” more...  1 Comments

More FCC Fascism Due to Strike

Fredric L. Rice | The fascist regime is demanding ease of wiretap of honest American citizens more...  0 Comments


Kassandra Komplex (I Wish) | What are we facing now as the economy prepares to hit the wall known as resource limits? Will growth suddenly implode?
What will be the effects of Peak Oil (a geological phenomenon) and petrocollapse (a socio-economic phenomenon) on food supply and other services we depend on?
What is the role of the market in determining how severe will be the effect of shortage stemming from geological depletion?
Is there a "Plan B" to ease a transition to sustainable living in a world without plentiful energy and petroleum's materials? more...  0 Comments

Dominican Activist Victor Geronimo Visits NYC 10/1/05-10/2/05

Weekly News Update on the Americas | Dominican activist Victor Geronimo is speaking in NYC this weekend at two events and on WBAI, as part of
50 Years Is Enough tour on neoliberalism and militarism more...  0 Comments

No Muslim Terrorist Threat in America

Umar ben-Ivan Lee | No Muslim Terrorist Threat in America more...  1 Comments

What's The The Real Story In Iraq?

Captain America | The two British undercover special forces men arrested after a firefight in Basra, Iraq, win the most intriguing story of the week. They were most likely elite SAS (Special Air Service), a bunch of highly-trained killers. Disguised as Arabs, they were caught with explosives and apparently fired into a crowd. British forces stormed the jail in which they were being held by Iraqis.

What was going on? Almost certainly a `false flag terror operation. They were to plant their bombs which
would be blamed on `Islamic terrorists. This nasty tale raises the obvious question: how many other US and British covert agents are staging terrorist attacks?
more...  0 Comments

Nonviolent Resistance in Palestine: Ayed Morrar and Jonathan Pollak Speak in NYC Oct. 14-16 | Ayed Morrar and Jonathan Pollak are friends and among the major figures in the Palestinian led, Israeli-supported nonviolent struggle against Israel’s military occupation. From October 14 - 16 they will speak three times in Manhattan, once in Brooklyn and once in White Plains. more...  0 Comments

Kurt Vonnegut, Art Buchwald and company in NYC

indy6853 | Wise and incendiary political satire at its best hosted by Seven
Stories Press. more...  0 Comments

St. Patricks Day Four Acquitted!

Fredric L. Rice | While the outrageous fascist regime's conspiracy charges have been found to be more Bush lies, the four still face some remaining, lessor charges.
more...  0 Comments

Filiberto Ojeda Ríos assassinated by FBI

Tom Soto | On Sept. 23, as hundreds of workers and their families were participating in the annual pro-independence commemoration known as "El Grito de Lares," agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations descended on the town of Hormigueros in western Puerto Rico and fired the shots that killed Puerto Rican liberation hero Filiberto Ojeda Ríos. more...  0 Comments

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