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War & Peace

Protesters demand Clinton change her position on the war

Alex Nathanson | Protesters demanded Clinton change her policy on Iraq and end the war on Monday, July 30. more...  2 Comments

The Importance of being Iraqi

Hussein Al-alak, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign | Since the US/UK invasion of 2003, the Iraqi people have been subjected to a sectarian divide, which has been thrust upon them by the occupation and the illegally imported “Iraqi Government”.
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Organizing underway for the October 2007 IMF and World Bank Demonstrations

the october coalition | Call to Action: Dignity, Autonomy, and Solidarity over Greed and Corporate Power! Disrupt the IMF and the World Bank meetings: Washington DC, October 19-21, 2007 more...  5 Comments

The Cold War Between Washington and Tehran

N. Chomsky | "Iran cannot defend itself against U.S. attack, but it can respond in other ways, among them by inciting even more havoc in Iraq. Some issue warnings that are far more grave, among them by the respected British military historian Corelli Barnett, who writes that “an attack on Iran would effectively launch World War III.” more...  0 Comments

The Nuclear Weapons Lab Bombing Range

Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner | Massive Radioactive Explosions are routinely conducted at Site 300
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Rally at United Nations Sparks Community Activism in NYC

K. Cyr | Success at the United Nations building as NYC community members gather to protest US occupation of Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Activists Cut Despised Annexation Fence in Palestine

Bekah Bloom, Palestine Solidarity Project | Activists, including individuals from the Palestine Solidarity Project and Anarchists Against the Wall cut a hole in the illegal Annexation Fence ('The Wall') near the village of Surif in the Hebron district of Palestine. more...  0 Comments

NEWS ALERT: Jeff Fisher to testify against Vice President Richard B Cheney

Jeff Fisher | The Truth shall Prevail more...  0 Comments


Jaap den Haan | The curse of the pharaos more...  0 Comments


HAROLD MANTILLA | The Bafim5 Troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], never arrived because it was legal, material and geographically impossible to do it. BECAUSE.

A) Months prior, by specific order from my Superiors, Bafim5 troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], had been relocated to other Municipalities threatened by subversives and self-defenses groups (such as in the populations of Córdoba and Zambrano, in Bolívar).

B) To the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] (and the entire area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar), the military and territorial competition of the Bafim5 was discontinued, taken out, removed; and the military and territorially competition given, taken charge, commended, to the Bacim31 [Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31].

C) In consequence, the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] and the whole area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar, were under the protection and territorial competition, of the Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31 (Bacim31), and not of the Bafim5.
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Burn The War!: A Review of The Camden 28 by Director Anthony Giacchino (Indy)

Chris Anderson | The country mired in an endless war, rising dissent, creative direct action — Camden 28 director Anthony Giacchino, much like the directors of the 2002 film The Weather Underground, obviously hopes to strike a chord in sympathetic viewers of a new antiwar era by reminding us of the tactics of an earlier generation of activists. Unfortunately, the upshot of his conventional but moving documentary is to demonstrate the vast gulf that separates the Vietnam Era from our own. more...  2 Comments

Saving A President

Stephen Lendman | More crimes ahead to save a lawless president more...  0 Comments

AJLPP Mass Actions Against PGMA SONA Held in U.S Major Cities

AJLPP-New York | Progressive forces in the United States demonstrated their militant solidarity with the Filipino people by conducting coordinated mass actions against Philippine President Macapagal-Arroyo’s state of the nation address in three major cities of the United States from July 22- 30, 2007.

- July 23 from 6;30 to 8;00 PM, scores of Filipino Americans and their allies led by the Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP)-USA held a vigil rally in front of the Philippine Consulate located in 3600 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles and at the Philippine Consulate in New York. The rally in Los Angeles ended with a solemn candle lighting ceremony as a tribute to more than 890 victims of fascism..
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War Against Terror Costs US $12 Billion a Month

Florian Roetzer | Through the invasion and occupation, Iraq first became a failed state where terrorist groups thrive.. The war that would cost peanuts (Wolfowitz or Perle) may actually cost $1 trillion. more...  0 Comments

7:00 Tues 7/24 Meet to Organize September UN Antiwar Actions - East Village

Sept 18 Peace Actions | Tuesday 7/ 24 7:00

We have the Parish Hall in the back of St. Mark's Church - 10th St and 2nd Ave, in the East Village - from 7:00 to 9:30.

We will continue organizing city-wide outreach and the tactics and strategy for our September actions when Bush comes to address the UN.

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Organizations Unite Around September 15 March on Washington and Days of Action

ANSWER Coalition | Organizations Unite Around September 15 March on Washington and Plan "Days of Action" more...  0 Comments

Next 9/11, Summer, 2007?

Captain Eric H. May | Former army military intelligence and public affairs officer, Captain Eric H. May, analyzes the prospects and probabilities of a Summer 2007 Bush Administration false flag attack on a U.S. city. more...  1 Comments

The Militarization and Annexation of North America

Stephen Lendman | NAFTA on steroids enforced with an iron fist. more...  0 Comments

Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement

Chossudovski reader | The Executive Order entitled "Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq" provides the President with the authority to confiscate the assets of whoever opposes the US led war.

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Mexican State Surrounds Oaxaca

translation from indyOax (by braulio) | Boycott the Commercial Guelaguetza more...  1 Comments

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