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War & Peace

A Day at the Ritz-NOT! A brief moment at the Fairmont Hotel-YES!

Jeff Fisher | Dedicated to Julia Wolfe...A woman who represents
the Five Stars of Respect and Honor for Mr. Fisher
and the Fairmont Hotel more...  0 Comments

A Day at the Ritz-NOT A brief moment at the Fairmont Hotel-YES

Jeff Fisher | Dedicated to Julia Wolfe...A woman who represents the Five Stars of
Respect and Honor for Mr. Fisher and the Fairmont Hotel more...  0 Comments

Socialist Party USA Meeting Tuesday Aug. 15 7p

SP NYC | Socialist Party NYC Meeting more...  1 Comments

War supporters talking draft again!

WSQT Guerrilla Radio 87.9 FM in DC | In the wake of "happy talk" that Bush's surge is somehow working, supporters of the war are now saying they need to bring back the draft. Before Congress got out of town for August, a General warned at a hearing on the war that by next Spring either troop levels must fall to 70,000 in Iraq-or the draft must be reinstated! more...  0 Comments

America is Running Out of Time

Paul Craig Roberts | "The trade deficit is being financed by turning over the ownership of US assets and future income streams to foreigners, making Americans forever poorer from the loss of accumulated wealth.

For the time being, China is willing to accumulate US assets as a way of taking over our consumer markets, attracting US manufacturing industry with cheap labor subsidized by artificial currency values, and gaining our technology. China’s strategy is to over-value the US dollar in order to encourage the transfer of US economic capabilities to China. China’s strategy gives artificial value to the dollar and keeps US interest rates at an artificial low.

The values of US stocks, bonds, and real estate depend on the support that Asians’ economic strategies provide the dollar and US interest rates. As Asia achieves its goal of preeminence in manufacturing, innovation, and product development, the strategy will change. Once China completes its acquisition of US capabilities, it will no longer have a reason to support the dollar." more...  2 Comments

Reviewing Marjorie Cohn's "Cowboy Republic"

Stephen Lendman | An incisive review of Bush administration crimes. more...  0 Comments

The 5:32 AM Train to Washington, D.C.

William Hughes | A lot has changed since 9/11, mostly all for the worse. When I took the commuter train from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., on the morning of Aug. 7, 2007, “Big Brother” knew I was on it, since an ID is needed to buy a ticket. When I got to D.C., “Big Brother’s’” cameras watched me get on and off the Metrorail. When I tried to videotape a demonstration at the DOE, a security guard threatened to confiscate my camcorder and to put me “in handcuffs!” more...  0 Comments

At It Again in Palestine: Activists Destroy Section of Illegal Annexation Fence

Palestine Solidarity Project | August 11, 2007 activists met in the Hebron district of the West Bank to again challenge the legitimacy of the Israeli Annexation fence near the village of Beit Mirsim. The Barrier has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice yet the Israeli military has continued its construction. more...  4 Comments

UN General Assembly must Counter August 10 2007 UNSC Resolution on Iraq

Joan Russow | An emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly must be convened, and an international tribunal set up to try the Bush regime. Rather than the UN Security Council demonstrating its commitment to the fundamental principle of the Charter of the United Nations- to prevent the Scourge of war- the UN Security Council has passed a resolution that can be interpreted as condoning the US-led impunity in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Reply to Phyllis Bennis: the Iraqi Resistance is just and should be supported

Kosta Harlan | In the four years of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, public debate within the U.S. antiwar movement on whether to support the Iraqi resistance has rarely taken place. Consequently the recent polemic between Alexander Cockburn and Phyllis Bennis (a leader in the United for Peace and Justice Coalition) is an extremely positive development and should be welcomed. It is an important debate that needs to take place at all levels within the U.S. antiwar movement. more...  16 Comments

Katrina Quality Emergency Management for Oregon!

DHS | The same organization that provided emergency information management services for southern Louisiana in 2005 is now helping Oregon. Swan Island Networks is providing logistical support for Operation Noble Resolve. more...  0 Comments

Ramsey Clark: Join me in DC on Sept. 15 | Ramsey Clark: Join me in DC on Sept. 15 more...  0 Comments

September 15 in Washington DC: You can help make history! | Below is an important message from former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark about the upcoming September 15 mass march and rally in Washington DC., the organization Ramsey Clark founded, and hundreds of other impeachment organizations are mobilizing with the anti-war movement for the September 15 Mass March. September 15 is when General David Petraeus makes his report to Congress about the Iraq war. Congress is expected to debate and vote on the question of Iraq war funding in mid-September. The latest this decision can come is Friday, September 28 - the last business day in the 2007 fiscal year. The impeachment movement is bringing thousands of people to join with the anti-war movement on September 15 to insist that Congress uphold its Constitutional mandate and introduce articles of impeachment against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Be in Washington DC on September 15 to make your voice heard! more...  0 Comments

Blue, yellow and green tapes, against the war

Coordinadora antifeixista, Catalonia, Spain | El cartell porta data del 19-3-06, tercer aniversari del començament de
la invasió de l' Irak. Segurament, per tant, encara ressenyen només desenes
de milers d' irakians morts, quan ara, el New York Times ja dóna xifres
properes al milió de civils morts en aquesta guerra, que es il·legal, segons
els criteris mínims del Dret Internacional.

more...  0 Comments

Letter to the ANSWER Coalition on the Need for Principled Unity in the Anti-War

MECAWI | Making a unilateral decision ostensibly on behalf of the anti-war movement in the United States is not only divisive but creates the impression of a lack of coordination, strategic planning and cooperation among relevant groups both national and local. more...  4 Comments

The ACE bank hoax - the film

Pieter | October 2006. A mysterious bank suddenly appears on the Belgian market. The bank is proud to invest in the arms industry, oil- and gas, nuclear power, agrochemicals and companies violating their workers' rights. ACE bank immediately provokes reactions. more...  0 Comments


Captain Eric H. May | Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer posts this important update announcing the formation of the Portland Nuclear Inquest. more...  0 Comments

End War FAST: Military Recruiters out of Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh Organizing Group | For details on participating in the End War FAST, a Calendar of the months events, and other resources check out more...  0 Comments

Picnic For Peace - Bronx, St. Aug. 18th

Pelham Bay Peace | Nearly 70% of Americans oppose the U.S. War in Iraq. Despite this, 3,600 U.S. soldiers have been killed and an estimated 10,000 Iraqis die each month.  Become an active part of the pro-peace majority during a day of food, music and discussion in support of a peaceful and just resolution to the war. more...  1 Comments

Berlin: Manifestation in support of those arrested under 129a (terrorism)

Autonomous Antifascist | last tueday four activists were arrested after police busted an attempt to set fire on military vehicles. three of them had been involved in that action. the fourth is suspect only for his intelectual capacities and for "secret meetings". three more people are beeing accused for belonging to this group, who the pigs believe to have identified as beeing the "mg", militant group, a group that has been existing for over six years and is believed to have carried out over twenty direct actions, focusing on class war, police-racism, gentryfication, imperialist military intervention, etc. more...  2 Comments

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