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War & Peace

SATURDAY! Daniel McGowan Benefit and Dance Party

@ friend | Daniel McGowan may be behind bars, but he's also going back to school! Support Daniel by helping him make the most of his time in prison by contributing to the costs of his education. more...  1 Comments

Stop the War Against Women at Home & Abroad

David Dixon | Unite against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia!
Unite against economic exploitation!
Unite to win everything we need!
more...  0 Comments

PHILIPPINES: Kintanar widow to testify against Joma Sison

F Zamora (repost) | Gloria “Joy” Jopson-Kintanar has blamed Sison for the murder of her husband, Romulo Kintanar, on Jan. 23, 2003. She and another widow, Veronica Tabara, filed complaints against Sison early last year that served as grounds for the arrest of the CPP founder in the Netherlands on Tuesday.
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Luis Posada Carriles, the White House terrorist

posted by F Espinoza | In an article published on April 10, 2007, president Fidel Castro declared, “Orders for Kathleen Cardone’s decision could only have come from the White House. President Bush constantly avoided the issue of the criminal and terrorist character of the accused. He was protected and charged with a simple immigration violation.” ... more...  0 Comments

For a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, Free Prof. Jose Maria Sison

AJLPP-New York | he Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP or Alliance Philippines) vehemently condemns the arrest and detention today, August 28,2007, by the Dutch authorities of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) chief
political consultant, Prof. Jose Maria Sison.

The arrest of Prof. Joma Sison impedes the course of a just and lasting peace in the Philippines. The incident derails the prospect of the resumption of peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the NDFP. The Filipino people’s prosperity and future depends on the resolution of the protracted civil war raging in the Philippines and the determined principled pursuit and eventual conclusion of GRP-NDFP peace talks. more...  2 Comments

The Living Theatre performs "The Brig" at Ground Zero on July 4th 2007

someone who wonders "where were you..." | LAST CHANCE to see this groundbreaking theater piece - performed by 2007 OBIE Award Winning Ensemble more...  1 Comments

Carlyle fund gets second bailout in a week

from (MSM) | This is from Mainstream Media -
LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Shares of a $18 billion Dutch investment fund run by a Carlyle Group affiliate dropped Tuesday after it received its second bailout in a week, prompting an apology from its chief executive -- and a warning that the current round of credit-market problems are worse than the problems that brought about the demise of Long-Term Capital Management nine years ago. more...  0 Comments

Urgent: Defend Our Rights! - don't let the gov't silence anti-war protest

David Dixon | The Government is trying to silence antiwar resistance in September
Defend our right to erect antiwar tents on the Capitol Mall!
Stop the War at Home & Abroad - Stop the War Against the Movement

SIGN THE PETITION ONLINE more...  0 Comments

9/11 - CIA IG REPORT: A Little More Light Through the Cracks

John Doraemi | More evidence of complicity and cover up from CIA. more...  0 Comments

Newark Anti-War Rally

Stanley W. Rogouski | Between 500 and 1000 people organized by a coalition of between 25 and 50 progressive, anti-war, Marxist and community organizations braved the sweltering heat in Newark New Jersey to protest the war in Iraq and to call for univeral health care. more...  5 Comments

Cross Country March for Peace to Reach DC on September 10th

nyc nion | The March for Peace left San Francisco on May 21. On September 10th, we will reach DC, and invite everyone to march on the White House with us. There will be a 1pm rally in front of the White House, followed by an encampment at dark. more...  0 Comments

The Politicians Want a Longer War

By Jack A. Smith | The violent subjugation of Iraq by the U.S. armed forces is not going to end this year, next year or at least for several more years, if then. more...  2 Comments

FOX News promotes Attack on Iran

richard kobzey | Tell the networks not to follow FOX down the road to war. more...  2 Comments

March in Newark THIS SATURDAY for Peace, Equality, Jobs and Justice!

srcnwk | Join us in Newark on Saturday, along with keynote speaker Representative John Conyers, veterans, military families and many others to demand: Troops home now! Stop the violence in our communities! Respect human rights! Fund human needs! Healthcare for all! Justice for Katrina victims! Money for jobs! Environmental justice! House the homeless! more...  18 Comments


AJLPP-New York | Patuloy na lumalala ang ang panggigipit at panunupil ng pasistang rehimeng Arroyo sa mamamayang Pilipino.

Ayon sa ulat ng AJLPP mula sa iba’t-ibang panig ng Piipinas, Pinakatampok nitong Agosto ang pagmamanman at harasment sa tatlong upisyal ng Gabriela Network USA. Bagamat nakauwi na sa Amerika ang tatlong myembre ng Gabriela Network-USA, binatikos ni Kinatawan Liza Maza ang pangigipit ng estado sa isang talumpati sa mababang kapulungan ng Kongreso.

Samantala, tatlong myembro rin ng Anakpawis ang dinukot sa Zamboanga del Sur habang pinag-iibayo ang panggigipit sa mamamayang Moro. Umabot na rin sa may 25,000 mamamayang Bangsa Moro sa isla ng Basilan at Sulu ang naging biktima ng pagpapalikas ng military dahil sa pinag-ibayong operasyong military ng AFP sa dalawang lugar. Mahigit na 100 sundalo na ng AFP at ng Abu Sayaff ang napatay sa sunud-sunod na labanan. more...  0 Comments

War Against Iran: Hawks Winning the Argument?

Gwynne Dyer | "It could just stop exporting oil itself. Pulling only Iran’s three and a half million barrels per day off the market, in its present state, would send oil prices shooting up into the stratosphere. Or it could get tough and close down all oil-tanker traffic that comes within range of those missiles — which would mean little or no oil from Iraq, Saudi Arabia or the smaller Gulf states either. That would mean global oil rationing, industrial shutdowns, and the end of the present economic era."

Maybe we should share this around? I wonder if these outcomes are what Cheney and his Neocon pals really want? Great for the price of "their" oil. Good cover for crimes of treason. more...  1 Comments

Iraq Progress Report: A Time to Assess and Reflect

Stephen Lendman | The real conditions on the ground in Iraq more...  0 Comments

Iraq War Veteran begins resistance

John O'Hagan | Aguayo was a medic in Iraq, and what he saw changed his attitude. more...  0 Comments

Carlyle Groups' Carlyle Capital at risk in market meltdown

War profiteer has to 'borrow' $100 million | LONDON (MarketWatch) - European shares weakened on Tuesday morning, as the chief executive of a German lender warned that foreign banks were holding back credit and an affiliate of The Carlyle Group had to get a $100 million loan.

European shares lower as credit concerns mount
WestLB CEO points to crisis in German banking sector more...  0 Comments

Philippine Government Cancels Peace Talks with MILF, Pursues All-Out War

AJLPP-New York | With heavy heart, the Alliance for A Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) –USA express its deep and profound sadness over the cancellation of the peace negotiations between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MLIF) and the Government of the Philippines (GRP) that was to begun today, August 21 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The AJLPP condemned the announcement of the cancellation of the peace talks as a big blow against peace. Today, Malacañang official who declined to be named said they have decided to hold off the talks so they could attend to pressing matters that are not related to the ongoing Basilan offensive.

This announcement came as President Arroyo ordered an all-out offensive against the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) whose members beheaded 10 of the 14 soldiers who were killed or wounded in an ambush by the MILF in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan last July 10.

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