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War & Peace

Victronix's Good 9/11 Activist Guidelines

Jenny Sparks | Another anniversary of the September 11th attacks has come and gone. Thank you all those who came to Ground Zero to continue to demand answers, especially our allies in the Peace movement. Below is a list of guidelines that could help make our activism better. The only objections I have heard to the below have come from the "space-beam" mini-nuke crowd, who seem intent on destroying any good 9/11activism. Keeping that in mind, take what you need and good luck. more...  1 Comments

September 11: The empire and its lies...

posted by F Espinoza | Cuban President Fidel Castro on Wednesday reflected on the six long years since the painful September 11 episode in the US, about which it is known there has been deliberate disinformation... more...  0 Comments

The Anti-War Movement, the Troops, & Some Lessons from Vietnam

Written by Mark Vorpahl | Life inside the U.S. military reflects the conflicting class interests in this country, often in its deadliest forms. While technically a “volunteer” military, the great bulk of its recruits come from working class families and are largely joining because of a lack of job and educational opportunities. For them, signing up is a chance to acquire the skills they need to get a decent job once they become civilians, though, in reality, military service has little to offer in this regard. On the other hand, the majority of the military’s professional officers and policy makers come from more privileged layers of the population. For them, the military is a career where they can take their “rightful place” lording over the grunts and climb the ladder as they would if they were working for a corporation or financial institution. Because of this divide in opportunity and expectations, which is rooted in class inequality, the great majority of soldiers are subject to the arrogance, lies, and disregard for their personal well-being at the hands of their superiors, as are workers are to the capitalists in civilian life. more...  4 Comments

A Call to the Antiwar Movement: The Need for Unity

antiwar unity | This is a call for unity and clarity in the US antiwar movement. As activists from a variety of movements, we have a responsibility to articulate a vision for the antiwar movement that moves us forward, at a time when the ravages of colonial occupation are most deeply felt in Palestine, Iraq, and elsewhere around the world, as US imperialism continues to threaten yet more war internationally, and as racism and repression within the United States threaten our lives and our communities.
more...  11 Comments

War Declared On Hawaii (No, It's NOT Japan This Time!)

Cathy Garger | The Navy is planning on expanding its war games and numerous new weapon "toys" in an area of 235,000 square nautical miles around Hawaii! The adverse impact on whales, other marine wildlife, the air, and ocean is unfathomable. Can we possibly get enough international outrage going within four (4) days to stop the Navy from getting away with this expansion?
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From Puerto Rico to Palestine: the struggle in defense of the land

Iglesia San Romero de Las Americas-UCC | In the context of a religous mass activists Tito kayak and Emad Bornat will
specak about their struugles for land and sovereignty while making the connections
with other struggles throughout the world more...  0 Comments

Demonstration on Wall Street at New York Stock Exchange September 11, 2007

resistance is fertile | (March from WTC to Federal Reserve Bank to New York Police Department global ex-CIA spy operations bunker) more...  0 Comments

Video of Critical Mass style ride to DSEi Arms Fair.

Doug | The DSEi Arms Fair, reputed to be the biggest in the world, continues to be held every other year in London's Docklands, England, despite being allowed to sell horrendous weapons to rogue regimes. more...  0 Comments

September 15th Rally Is Unnerving Bush-Cheney Gang

William Hughes | The Bush-Cheney Gang is shaken by the coming massive antiwar rally set for September 15th, in Washington, D.C. On Sept. 6, 2007, it disrupted the ANSWER Coalition’s promotion of that demonstration. A cop-on-horseback interrupted ANSWER’s press conference that day. Three activists were also arrested. Plus, the antiwar activist, the Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., was assaulted by six Capitol Hill cops on Sept. 10th. more...  1 Comments

Inside the Apocalypse (Indy Archive 9/13/2001)

Joan Roney | “The last thing I saw before I left was connected to an entire body. It was very fragile, feminine hand. It could have almost been mannequin and it had a wedding band on it.” more...  0 Comments

The Terror of Waiting (Indy Archive, 9/13/2001)

Gwen Owens | As I waited for him to return my call, I opened the door, wanting desperately to connect with anybody walking by, to tell them what had happened, as if that would take away some of my fear. It was quiet outside and really bright. People were walking by, at a normal pace as if they were going to work. I wanted to ask them if they knew the tower had collapsed, as if it had only happened to me personally. I needed to connect and to share this profound sense of grief that was rapidly overtaking me. more...  0 Comments

We Need Real Security (Indy Archive, 9/13/2001)

A.K. Gupta | We’ll be called on to rally around the flag and president in the coming days, and support whatever retribution is carried out. Our security would be better enhanced by using this time of grief and mourning to reconsider our position in the world and use reason – not bombs – to solve our problems. more...  0 Comments

Rising Hatred (Indy Archive, 9/13/2001)

Heather Haddon | Disturbing is a word that barely describes the September 11 bombing for most New Yorkers. But it is the word Mohammed Abdur Rahman, an Arab-American resident of Queens, uses to describe death threats left on his Islamic Center’s answering machine.

“1 hope you have fun with Satan and in eternal hell fire for a thousand millenniums because that is where you’re going to be,” said the first of two messages left just hours after the Tower building fell. more...  0 Comments

How Should We Respond (Indy Archive, 9/13/2001)

Mike Burke | Wouldn’t fighting terror with terror propel the nation, and indeed the world, into a war where there may be no winners?

Peace advocates throughout the nation have called on the Bush Administration to avoid unilateral retaliation. But their message has been largely silenced in the name of patriotism. more...  1 Comments

Aftershocks (Indy Archive, 9/13/2001)

Indypendent | New York and the nation are in mourning. Families are desperately going from hospital to morgue, searching for information about missing loved ones after the World Trade Center bombings.

The mood is one of anger mixed with anxiety. Impromptu vigils were held earlier Wednesday evening at Union Square Park and Washington Square. Calls for revenge are growing. more...  0 Comments

From Puerto Rico to Palestine: the struggle in defense of the land

Iglesia San Romero de Las Americas-UCC | In the context of a people's mass (religous service) , Puerto Rican activist Tito Kayak and Palestinian activist Emad Bornat will talk about the struggles in their respective countries for sovreignty and in defence of the land. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | The military descries lack of popular support for the war in Iraq but doesn't seem to understand that is the lies and immoral conduct of the government, including the the top military brass, that has led to their lack of support. more...  0 Comments

Union Square TONIGHT, 7 PM

ny | Like the public gatherings of grief that took place six years ago, there will be no permit, no special speakers, no list of endorsers - just New Yorkers. Six years later, our tone has changed. more...  0 Comments

9/11 - An Opportunity to End the War on Terror and Rebuild America

Mark A. Dunlea | On the sixth anniversary of 9/11, it is clear that America’s official response – the War on Terror – has been a failure.Americans love to believe we are the best in the world – in everything. Increasingly, we are primarily number one in the size of our military budget and prison population. We are rapidly losing ground in many other areas, such as technological innovation, environmental and food quality, health care, education, etc. The bipartisan support for America being the bully (e.g., policeman) of the world is not advancing the interests of the average American and is draining needed resources from the civilian economy. Six years ago the world stood in unity with America. The War on Terror has harmed not helped America. There is still time to show real leadership in developing an international partnership that raises the standard of living of all while providing mutual security against the threat of war and terrorism.
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7 PM tomorrow 9/11 at Union Square

ny | Like the public gatherings of grief that took place six years ago, there will be no permit, no special speakers, no list of endorsers - just New Yorkers. Six years later, our tone has changed.
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