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War & Peace

A Debate within Our Movements

Mitchel Cohen | There is something that continues to disturb me about Webster Tarpley's increasing prominence in the 9-11Truth and antiwar movements; I'll try to put some of it into words here. As a member of the 9-11 Truth movement, I am concerned about the direction in which some folks are pulling it. It is so very important that we prevent the movement from degenerating into cult-like groups or being used as a recruiting ground for outright Nazis. My concern is not only over the quality of the information being put out there, it's about what's done with that information and how it is used. more...  0 Comments

SDS initiates first Iraq Moratorium

John O'Hagan | The New School chapter of SDS had its first event named the Iraq Moratorium. The Iraq Moratorium will become a monthly event that will put continual pressure to end the war, and give the antiwar movement more of a presence. more...  0 Comments

Remember How Iran Responded to the 9/11 Attacks?

John S. | "On behalf of the Iranian government and the nation, I condemn the hijacking attempts and terrorist attacks on public centers in American cities which have killed a large number of innocent people," President Khatami said in reaction to the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. ... "My deep sympathy goes out to the American nation, particularly those who have suffered from the attacks and also the families of the victims," he said, noting, "terrorism is doomed and the international community should stem it and take effective measures in a bid to eradicate it." Khatami added that the Islamic Republic of Iran is treading a road to uproot terrorism and to this end, he noted, it will spare no efforts. more...  4 Comments

SDS Marches to Times Square Recruiting Station for 1st Iraq Moratorium

Michael Oman-Reagan | This afternoon about 40 members of the New School and Hunter College Students for a Democratic Society were joined by other activists and people from the street as they marched up 5th Ave and through Bryant Park to Times Square. more...  6 Comments

Iraq Moratorium Events in NYC This Friday

Anti-Warrior | Decentralized antiwar actions will take place in scores of cities around the country Friday as a part of Iraq Moratorium, which will be held on the third Friday of each month until the war is over. In New York, the New School SDS chapter will lead a mid-day march on Lockheed Martin offices while members of East Harlem for Peace and Justice will hold a vigil from 6:00-7:30 outside a "U.S. Army Career Center" that was opened last year at 103rd and Lexington Ave. more...  4 Comments

David Cline, Giant in the Anti-War Movement Dies, at the Age of 60

Veterans For Peace | Cline was known as champion of veteran’s rights and victims of war. He was a determined organizer who stood in solidarity with people of all struggles for justice. His death is a loss for the national and international antiwar/peace movements. more...  1 Comments

Tell our troops to stop fighting this war. They can and should refuse.

War reporter | Saying you oppose the war but support the troops is like saying you oppose murder but support murderers. Same false and contradictory reasoning that cannot be true. Our troops are guilty of fighting this, unjust needless war of aggression for oil and corporate war profits (I will not say for the Israel lobby inside and outside our Federal Government, because that would be politically incorrect to say). THe troops should be criticized for fightng this war and held accountable. Their excuse that "we were only following orders" is the same worthless excuse used by Hitler's nazi army after it was defeated in world war 2 (the war of the ultra-capitalist rivals). more...  1 Comments

Strengthening the role of the UN General Assembly:62nd session of the UNGA

Joan Russow | One of the key principles of the Charter of the United Nations is the sovereign equality of states. It is the UN General Assembly not the UN Security Council that embodies this principle. Over the years there has been a call for reforming the United Nations. Three fundamental reforms are necessary: the abolition of the UN Security Council, the mandatory requirement for states to appear before the International Court of Justice, and the establishment of an International Court of Compliance for citizens to take states for non-compliance with the rule of international law. more...  0 Comments

MAD BOMBER MELVILLE book release 7 p.m. Friday @ Bluestockings

Theresa Baker | Former Spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front publishes book on revolutionary Vietnam War-era bombings in Manhattan and Attica Prison uprising. NYC book release 7 p.m. this Friday at Bluestockings, 172 Allen St. between Stanton & Rivington in Manhattan. more...  1 Comments

George Packer's "Planning for Defeat": An Analysis of a Plea for Occupation

Thomas Riggins | George Packer advocates occupation of Iraq even after a troop draw down-- he wrong for so many reasons more...  0 Comments

S25 March Against Bush and the War-Makers

Socialist Party USA - NYC Local | On 25 September U.S. President George Bush will deliver an address at the annual opening of the United Nations. more...  1 Comments

Marching Home: A Conference on the Iraq War and its Consequences for Veterans

Marching Home | (New Brunswick, NJ) - On the weekend of October 5-7, 2007, Rutgers Against the War (RAW) and the Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War will host a conference on the issue of veterans returning from the Iraq War, “Marching Home.” Rutgers Against the War is a group consisting mainly of students with a tradition of hosting panels on issues related to war and military recruitment that include nationally renowned figures. The three day free conference will feature veterans and experts from around the country presenting their experiences to each other and the community at large. more...  0 Comments

RESIST and PROTEST BUSH as he visits the UN

MOR | As the world's heads of state meet in New York City , billions around the globe will watch, witnessing how Americans respond. This year we will be in the streets of New York rejecting Bush's claim to speak for us. more...  4 Comments

Iraq Moratorium Kicks Off On 9-21-07

SDS at the New School for Social Revolution | The New School chapter of SDS calls on students, workers, and faculty to join the Iraq Moratorium, a series of escalating monthly actions to end the occupation of Iraq! more...  0 Comments

A Day of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

NYC Leonard Peltier Support Group | Join the NYC Leonard Peltier Support Group in showing support for Leonard Peltier and all other First Nation Peoples in their continued struggle for vindication, liberty, justice and true sovereignty from this oppressive empire! Come watch 'The Canary Effect', discuss and dispel the myths valorizing Columbus and his acts of genocide. more...  0 Comments

100,000 Marched for Peace on Wash.D.C. on Sept. 15, 2007.

repost | On September 15, 2007, nearly 100,000 people -- led by anti-war Iraq veterans, military families and others -- marched from the White House to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. to demand an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq. The march concluded with a dramatic "die-in" of 5,000 people surrounding the Capitol. Almost 200 people were arrested when police prevented them taking an anti-war message to Congress.
more...  1 Comments

Tens of thousands march in DC against the war [photos]

J.B. Conners | It was a powerful day, full of energy, new forces, determination and purpose. And the willingness of Iraq vets to walk point, and face arrest captured the urgency of this moment. more...  1 Comments

Photos: Antiwar March and Civil Disobedience

Stanley W. Rogouski | Close to 200 people were arrested at the Capitol. more...  4 Comments

The Pied Piper of BUSHING-DUMB!

William Eon | When GREED runs wild,
Innocent civilians pay with their lives, homes and Country.
Civilian Blood
The Wheels
The WAR MACHINE! more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Obama wants to keep an occupation force in Iraq after taking most of the troops home. This force will protect "American intersts" in the reason-- i.e., the corporate interests of US imperialism. more...  5 Comments

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