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War & Peace

Author Naomi Wolf Warns of Fascism in America.

Alex Kane | Fascism is coming to America. This is the overarching message of Naomi Wolf’s new book, The End of America: A Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot. Naomi Wolf came to the Barnes and Noble on 22nd Street and 6th Ave. to promote this book, and she has been promoting it for the last month. Wolf, an American author and activist whose claim to fame was the
feminist book The Beauty Myth, argues that there are ten definitive steps that governments take in order to turn their society into a fascist one. These ten steps, argues Wolf, are occurring right here in
America, under the administration of George W. Bush. more...  13 Comments

Expanding the Frame: The Holy Land Foundation Case

Beth Freed | The Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the nation. Its trial has serious repercussions for domestic issues, such as the right to face one's accusers in court and domestic wiretapping, as well as international concerns, like Palestine and the so-called "War on Terror." Cut through the propaganda and get informed. more...  2 Comments

Case of Iraq Humanitarian Traveler Goes the the Full Federal Court

Judith Karpova | In the penultimate step before considering whether to take her case to the Supreme Court, Judith Karpova of Kerhonkson, NY, has challenged the 3-member Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in their August 28th ruling against her for travel to Iraq prior to the 2003 war. more...  0 Comments

2nd open letter to CINDY SHEEHAN...

Ira Jones | (after her reply to my first letter): Is the Democratic Party a force for change (albeit feeble) or is it a capitalist/imperialist part deadset against the masses taking matters into their own hands? more...  0 Comments

Judge Stops a Disappearnence via "Transfer"

Ted Stein | "This is the first time," Mr. Rahman's attorney Joshua Denbeaux told the Washington Post, "that the judicial branch has exercised its inherent power to control the excesses of the executive as to treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. The executive has now been told it cannot bury its Guantanamo mistakes in Third World prisons." more...  0 Comments

An Evening in Solidarity with the Iraq Freedom Congress

SP-NYC | Which forces should the U.S. anti-war movement support in Iraq? Should we give blanket support to all groups “resisting” the US occupation – including ex-Baathists and Islamic fundamentalists? Can we forget the grim liquidation campaigns against leftists in Sadaam Hussein’s Iraq in the early 70s and after the Iranian Revolution in the 80s? Does political Islam or right-wing nationalism offer a road forward for the majority of Iraqis?
more...  0 Comments

Video of anti-war demo in London, England.

Doug | On the day that the British Parliament resumed after its Summer recess, a large group of anti-war protesters marched into the Square. They were joined by people who demand the basic freedom to be able to protest peacefully without prior police permission or conditions. The video shows some of the confrontations with authorities, while no doubt Members of Parliament looked on from the windows of their well protected building. more...  0 Comments

Why is the antiwar movement so weak?

Eric Ruder | From more...  7 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Evidence shows that Bush's charges against Iran are mostly trumped up more...  0 Comments

Reserve tickets by Friday for Peace Action's 50th Anniversary Gala

peacenow | Fifty years ago, mothers outraged about Strontium 90 in their children's teeth began the Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy. SANE evolved into SANE/FREEZE, and then Peace Action. On Monday, October 22, Peace Action is celebrating fifty years of peace activism with a Gala honoring "Women Peacemakers - Five Generations" at the historic Alhambra Ballroom in Harlem. Please reserve tickets by this Friday. Use form or call number below. Discount tickets now available for activists. more...  0 Comments

The American Nightmare: Vietnam

Volker Ulrich | The number of killed adversaries-the body count- was made the most important criterion of military success. Identifying a dead Vietnamese as Vietcong was the general rule. In the free fire zones, the US armed forces moved in a law-free space, This was cold calculated murder- and killing work, not an excess in bloodlust. more...  0 Comments

MNN Screening of "Meeting Resistance" on Wednesday, Oct. 17th at 6:30pm

Betty Yu | MNN Guerrilla Filmmaking Series presents.... "Meeting Resistance" Film Screening on Wednesday, Oct. 17th at 6:30pm

Join us for an EXCLUSIVE PRE-SCREENING and Q&A with the filmmakers of Meeting Resistance, the groundbreaking film on the Iraqi resistance movement to the US occupation.

Wednesday, October 17th @ 6:30pm
@ Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV), 3rd Floor
87 Lafayette Street (between White & Walker in Chinatown)
Take the 6/N/R/Q/J/M/Z to Canal St. or the A/C to Canal St

Please RSVP to or call (212) 757-2670 x352 more...  0 Comments

The UN: Worldwide Civilian Disarmament, Mass Depopulation, and World Government | The United Nations and the Rockefellers: Worldwide Civilian Disarmament, Mass Depopulation, and World Government more...  0 Comments

America's Energy Wars - A New Front - Africa

Lloyd Hart | the military industrial complex in the U.S. and Europe is revealing its new front in it's latest round of the resources wars it is conducting under the guise of the War On Terror. more...  0 Comments

Grim Reaper Recruites With Marines

Grim Reaper | Campus War Protest: Grim Reaper Recruits With Marines in GA.

Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA, USA
Photos by Emily Gomez
more...  2 Comments

Watada Hearing on 10/19: The Whole World Will Be Watching

Bill Simpich | Watada trial postponed - hearing on Friday, October 19 on whether trial will go forward on October 26. The Iraq Moratorium is October 19. The national mobilizations to end the occupation of Iraq are on October 27. Let's take action, together. more...  0 Comments

Support Lt. Watada Monday 4 pm Times Square Recruitment Center

nycnion | Come support Lt. Watada Monday, October 8th from 4-6 pm. in front of the Recruitment Center in Times Square. Lt. Watada is unjustly facing double jeopardy for courageously refusing to fight and unjust war, and speaking the truth against a war for empire. more...  0 Comments

Good to talk: lets debate Britannia

Hussein Al-alak, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign | Within the past few months, there have also been reports of the neglect that troops are facing, when dealing with issues relating to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, compensation claims when injured in conflicts and the slamming statement by General Mike Jackson, when he referred to the post invasion plans within Iraq, as being “intellectually bankrupt”.
more...  0 Comments

MNN Guerrilla Filmmaking Series presents.... Meeting Resistance

Ivettza Sanchez | Join us for an exclusive pre-screening and Q&A with the filmmakers of Meeting Resistance, the groundbreaking film on the Iraqi resistance movement to the US occupation.

DCTV Studios
Wed, October 17th
87 Lafayette St.
Trains: 6/N/R/A/C to Canal street
more...  0 Comments

"Capitalism and Freedom" Exposed

Stephen Lendman | The dark side of Milton Friedman's economics more...  0 Comments

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