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War & Peace

Kucinich's Resolution Survives Tabling Attempt, Is Referred to Judiciary Committ

Mr. Frodo | Full details thanks to David Swanson of Plus Kucinich Press Statement and Full Text of Kucinich's Speech on the Floor, with Three Articles of Impeachment Against Richard B. Cheney. more...  0 Comments

Presentation: Social Movements In Iran

Patrick | As the occupation of Iraq continues, the US government is now rattling sabers at Iran. more...  1 Comments

Midwest Socialist Conference video-- "The long-term struggle"

ISO midwest regional socialist conference | International Socialist Review editor Sherry Wolf speaks on the long-term struggle against US empire. more...  0 Comments

Kurdish Crisis Boxes In Neocons

Muriel Mirak-Weissbach | "Thus, the key to defusing the Kurdish crisis, which threatens to blow up the entire region, lies in Washington, and in US willingness to cooperate with Iran, the regional power with considerable influence in Iraq as well as Turkey. The simmering Kurdish crisis, therefore, is putting the neocon cabal in Washington on the spot. It cannot have its cake and eat it too. It cannot maintain the PKK and the entire Kurdish separatist apparatus as an asset, and at the same time ask Turkey to continue its role as a regional ally. It cannot pretend that Iraq be stabilized, and at the same time demonize and threaten military action against Iran, the key regional power capable of contibuting to stability. In Washington, the chickens have come home to roost." more...  0 Comments

It’s Time to Fire Washington!

Debbie Lewis | What will it take to make them see our elected officials are not representing our interests and get up enough courage to step up to the plate and fire our representatives in Washington, DC? more...  2 Comments

American Environmental Activist Valerie Morse Jailed for Terrorism in New Zealan

dk | Valerie Morse, a well-known Wellington anarchist activist and one of the 17 arrested in the police 'anti-terror' raids, previously published a book on the effects of the 'war on terror' just six months prior. more...  1 Comments

“No War No Warming” Oil Rig Direct Action in D.C. Oct. 22

jessica, NYC IMC | Nearly 200 antiwar activists and environmentalists joined together for a day of direct action at the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to draw the connections between a war-driven country and global warming. A group of Iraq combat-veterans and antiwar activists erected an Exxon oil rig in the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Third Street to disrupt politics-as-usual. more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Guns

Larmee | Guns more...  19 Comments

Kurdish Communities in the US organize nation-wide demonstrations

Ardeshir Alan | This week, several Kurdish communities across the United States are expected to demonstrate in several cities in opposition to the Turkish government's approval for the invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan. The youth of the Kurdish-American communities in each city have coordinated with one another to launch demonstrations on the same dates in order to express a unified opposition to the recent developments in Turkey and the Turkish government's decision to invade Iraqi Kurdistan.

Information for NY, NY is following:

New York, New York
Date: Monday, November 5th, 2007
Time: 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Where: United Nations, New York, NY
Ralph Bunche Park
at 42nd Street and 1st Avenue (across the street)
Contact: Newroz Samo
+1 (800) 716-9619
more...  0 Comments

NO Evidence Iran Building Nuclear Weapons: Mohamed ElBaradei

FPF-fwd.: AP & Henk Ruyssenaars | United Nations nuclear watchdog IAEA: "But have we seen Iran having the nuclear material that can readily be used into a weapon? NO! Have we seen an active weaponization program? NO!" - Head of the UN's IAEA Mohamed elBaradei. more...  0 Comments

"We Want Disarmament, not Social Cuts!"

Horst Schmitthenner | After 1 million Iraqi deaths and a war cost between $1 and $2.3 trillion, the horror and scourge of war must end. This speech by a German union leader could give us courage in resisting the irrationality of war and the confusion of offense and defense. The US war of choice must not be confused with a war of necessity. more...  0 Comments

An Evening in Solidarity with the Iraq Freedom Congress

Socialist Party USA (NYC) | Which forces should the U.S. anti-war movement support in Iraq? Should we give blanket support to all groups “resisting” the US occupation – including ex-Baathists and Islamic fundamentalists? Can we forget the grim liquidation campaigns against leftists in Sadaam Hussein’s Iraq in the early 70s and after the Iranian Revolution in the 80s? Does political Islam or right-wing nationalism offer a road forward for the majority of Iraqis? more...  2 Comments

Mumia's Message to the Anti-War Protests: War Without End--Again

Mumia Abu-Jamal | War isn't a Democratic or Republican project - it is a corporate one, where both corporate parties play the game laid down by their sponsors and contributors.

Here we see the convergence between neo liberals and neo conservatives, who join in their service to corporate power. Their 'fight' (if it can be called that) is over who can represent their bosses best (and, by this, I don't mean voters!)

But, people, working through popular movements, can change how politicians think, speak, and even act. more...  0 Comments

Mearsheimer and Walt: Anti-Semitic Zionists?

Harry Kershner | During a two-hour lecture at the Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom in Portland, OR., last Thursday evening, hack academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, authors of "The Israel Lobby", surprisingly voiced support for U.S. military attacks on any country that threatened Israel's existence, and supported the notion of a "Jewish state".
more...  0 Comments


ALEJANDRO CESAR ALVAREZ | Escrito el 23-03-2003 y publicado en el sitio Cuentos Globales (Málaga) el 27-04-2003 more...  0 Comments

Moral Choice of the Solider

Tom Kertes | Soldiers have a right and a duty to judge a war as moral, and if they believe a war to be immoral or illegal they have the right to refuse from taking part in war. more...  2 Comments

"Many in the US military think Bush and Cheney are out of control"

Gabriel Kolko | The Gulf states do not like Shia Iran, but they export oil, which makes them rich. They are dependent on peace, not war. more...  0 Comments


NYC-ARA | Pull 'em out before they take root! more...  42 Comments

Support Anti-Racist Activists, Come Out to Halloween Benefit Party TONIGHT

Antithesis Collective - NYC NEFAC | This will be a benefit for The Morristown 3, who are members of Anti-Racist Action. They were arrested after allegedly defending themselves after they were attacked at an anti-immigrant rally in Morristown, NJ on July 28th, 2007. more...  0 Comments

CUBA responds to Bush

posted by F Espinoza | REPLYING to three spurious initiatives for Cuba proposed by George Bush in Washington on October 24, Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque set out 12 points “covering what the U.S. president should propose as aid” to the island. more...  0 Comments

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