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War & Peace

Irish Allies of US Stoptorturenow Show: CIA CAN'T KEEP A SECRET

Firefox | Pity the poor CIA. What use is a secret service that can't keep a secret? Agents of other secret services should be aware the the loose lips and poor tradecraft of the Americans put the foreigners at risk of arrest and worse.
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Thomas Riggins | Although they have the power and the mandate to end the war the Democratic leadership is giving Bush a free hand to continue the killing. more...  0 Comments

Caught in Lies

Rainer Rupp | With the NIE, President George W Bush was actually exposed as a liar. By fomenting war hysteria, he consciously made use of misinformation - as in the preparation of the Iraq war. When Bush threatened a `third world war,' he tried to blackmail the world. more...  0 Comments

Editor Gushes over Bush, Columnist Panders to Anti-Immigration Crowd

Walter C. Uhler | Liberal critics of the Philadelphia Inquirer have watched in amazement while the newspaper's management outsourced much its international and national news gathering responsibilities and promoted the famously incompetent conservative ideologue, Kevin Ferris, to the post of Editor of the Commentary Page. And when we thought things couldn't get much worse, the paper added Rick Santorum - yes, THAT Rick Santorum - to a bullpen of columnists already overstaffed with right-wing warmongers, who had gotten it so wrong on Iraq.

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Despite Protest, Dershowitz Funds Occupation.

Adalah-NY | New York, NY, Dec. 8 - Wealthy Madison Avenue holiday shoppers were greeted Saturday afternoon by boisterous music and dancing, as 60 New Yorkers protested in a growing campaign to boycott Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev over his settlement construction in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Participants performed a joyous dabke, a traditional Palestinian dance, and chanted to music from the eight-piece Rude Mechanical Orchestra. During the protest, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz entered LEVIEV New York and emerged to jeers as he displayed a LEVIEV shopping bag to the crowd.
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PUSH FOR PEACE stickers |

I entered a simple sticker design -- PUSH FOR PEACE -- into a contest.

If I win, they'll print up a bunch for free. Please vote for my sticker so I can spread this message. Go to:

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New York and the Spanish Civil War: Book Event Weds. 12/12

Revolution Books | Book signing and Presentation, "Facing Fascism: New York and the Spanish Civil War" more...  0 Comments

Ethics of Reciprocity

catalyst | Something to think about more...  0 Comments

Demo Against HR 1955 and S. 1959

R. Adical | Monday December 10th
(International Human Right's Day)
12 noon to 1:30 PM

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
780 Third Ave @ 48th Street
New York, NY 10017

Demand she Stop HR 1955 & S.1959
"The Violent Radicalization and
Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act" more...  24 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Bush will remain hostile to Iran about atomic weapons even if it doesn't have any. more...  1 Comments

Impeachment: Will Congress Grant the Desires of “We the People?”

Debbie Lewis | It has been a month since our Democratically run Congress heard Rep. Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment. When will they do their job and do the people’s bidding? more...  0 Comments

READ MY APOCA-LYPSE: The Gulf War and the Mass Psychology of Fascism

Mitchel Cohen | The forgotten history of the Gulf War and Resistance to it, as the U.S. government under George H.W. Bush began to forge a mass fascist base that has extended through the last 17 years. more...  0 Comments

Adalah-NY Responds to Leviev, Plans Additional Protest

Adalah-NY | “Leviev claims that we are ignorant of his activities. We know that he is destroying West Bank Palestinian communities like Bil’in and Jayyous with the Israeli settlements his companies are building,” said Ethan Heitner of Adalah-NY. “The five settlements where he has built homes threaten to derail the negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians that started in Annapolis last week. They carve the West Bank into disconnected enclaves, seize valuable resources, and isolate Jerusalem, rendering the creation of a viable Palestinian state impossible. Leviev’s philanthropy in other parts of the world is small compensation for his contribution to inflaming arguably the world’s most important political conflict.”
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Facing Fascism: New Yorkers Remember the Spanish Civil War

Socialist Party USA (NYC Local) | The Socialist Party USA (NYC local) invites you to a viewing and discussion of a recently produced documentary entitled “Facing Fascism: New Yorkers Remember the Spanish Civil War.” more...  0 Comments

Third World Warriors fight US wars - for dollars a day

Matthew D. LaPlante | With US forces stretched thin in Iraq, private security companies have swept in to fill the void. But abuses of third-world security forces abound. more...  0 Comments

1/19-21, Binghamton, NY, Tentative dates for NEast Unconventional Action conv.

Upstate Uprise Unconventional Action Faction | January 19-21, Binghamton, NY, Tentative dates for NEast Unconventional Action convergence against the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions! more...  0 Comments

"A People Under Fire"

posted by F Espinoza | VENEZUELA, whose people inherited from Bolívar ideas that transcended their time, now face an international dictatorship a thousand times more powerful than the Spanish colonial power and the newly-formed republic of the United States, which, via Monroe, proclaimed its right to the continent’s natural resources and the sweat of its people... more...  0 Comments

CIA memo details plans for Venezuela destabilization

Willie Mays |

James Petras reports in Counterpunch on a leaked CIA memo detailing plans to destabilize Venezuela before the Dec. 2 constitutional referendum. Analysts predict the referendum will pass.

The memo outlines a coordinated campaign of street protests, negative press coverage (take a look at the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post over the past few days, especially the editorials and columnists), and fiscal pressure to force Chavez from power.

It's 1974 in Chile all over again, folks. more...  23 Comments

Ex-professor speaks truth to power about Middle East.

Alex Kane | It seemed only fitting that on the day of the “historic” meeting in Annapolis, Maryland between Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas, Norman Finkelstein would set the record straight. Around 300 people were present at Judson Memorial Church right near Washington Square Park, and all the chairs were filled as well as a few hagglers standing up. more...  2 Comments

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