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War & Peace

Encore Performance, Dec 29! Alternative Holiday Caroling to Boycott Leviev

Adalah-NY | Join Adalah-NY and the Palestine Liberation Singing Troupe for some nondenominational holiday caroling outside of Israeli diamond and settlement mogul Lev Leviev's NYC storefront. The tunes are familiar, but the words have been tweaked to highlight the destruction of communities that Leviev sponsors in Palestine, New York and Africa, and the profits Leviev makes from human rights abuses.

700 MADISON AVE, between 62ND AND 63RD

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Iraqi Cardinal calls for release of Tariq Azziz

Mussab Al-Khairalla, Reuters | Aziz is a Chaldean Christian, Iraq's biggest Christian group, and his presence in Saddam's government was often held up as evidence of the former Iraqi leader's religious tolerance. more...  0 Comments

NY Human Rights Carolers Debut Songs Protesting Leviev’s Israeli Settlements

Adalah-NY | A diverse group of enthusiastic participants sang loud and creative versions of 11 traditional holiday songs. Carolers serenaded upscale Madison Avenue shoppers and New York City police with the debut performance of “I Made a Little Settlement” to the tune of “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel”:

“Apartments for Jews only, Discrimination, sure!
He thinks Palestine's the problem, and Apartheid is the cure!”

“Oh boycott boycott boycott, Don't buy Leviev today
Funds crime with all that profit, Who needs diamonds anyway?”
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Boycott Leviev Dec 22 @ 1 PM: alternative caroling against Israeli settlements

Adalah-NY | Join Adalah-NY and the Palestine Liberation Singing Troupe for some post-Hannukah, pre-Christmas, end of Eid, Winter Solstice, nondenominational caroling outside of Israeli diamond and settlement mogul Lev Leviev's NYC storefront. The tunes will be familiar, but the words will be tweaked to highlight the destruction of communities that Leviev sponsors in Palestine, New York and Africa, and the profits Leviev makes from human rights abuses.
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Appeal to Iraqs Muslim Scholars

Hussein Al-alak, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign | We are concerned though, that the five million child orphans could potentially be lost to a system of crime, drugs, poverty and prostitution, which would damage them greater into adulthood and compromise a young persons ability in forming adult relationships and raising their own children.
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Palestine: PFLP Launches English Website

free palestine | We are launching this English website today, on our historic anniversary, for a number of reasons. We stand today amidst an ongoing assault on our people, marked by occupation, exile, imprisonment, siege, assassination, destruction and invasion, an assault that has continued for sixty years. more...  0 Comments

Ransmayr Attacks Bush's Permission for Barbarism

Ruth Schneeberger | Ransmayr spoke of a strategically fomented panic that seizes all democratic societies in our day, making the abolition of civil rights, offensive war and mass murder seem inevitable as preventive self-defense measures. more...  0 Comments

Free Activist Movie: Facing Fascism: New Yorkers Remember the Spanish Civil War

SP USA - NYC | The Socialist Party USA (NYC local) invites you to a
viewing and discussion of a recently produced
documentary entitled “Facing Fascism: New Yorkers
Remember the Spanish Civil War.” more...  0 Comments

Dabke, Diamonds and Dersh: New Video of Dec 8 protest against Leviev

Adalah-NY | The protests focus on Lev Leviev's construction of the settlements of Mattityahu East on Bil'in's land, Tzufim on Jayous' land, Har Homa, Maale Adumim and other settlements, as well as Leviev's role in destroying communities in NYC and Angola. The next protest will be announced shortly.
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E. SAN JUAN, Jr. | Although Human Rights Day is celebrated only once a year, all Filipinos here in the U.S. and all around the planet--as well as citizens of all countries that signed the UN Charter--should apply and practise in their everyday lives the principles embodied in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, a document which is now an integral part of international law and also of all constitutions of nation-states that are members of the United Nations. This article pays homage to the self-sacrificing work of Filipino activists involved in the struggle for national democracy, social justice and equality, in particular to the staff of KARAPATAN and its secretary-general Marie Hilao Enriquez. more...  0 Comments


Iglesia San Romero de Las Americas-UCC | COME AND JOIN US IN

Intelligence Agencies Put Brakes on Bush's Iran Plans

Erich Foliath | A high-level report that iran suspended its nuclear weapons program in 2003 marked a sensational reversal for the US intelligence community. more...  0 Comments

Middle East Showdown in Union Square (Indypendent)

Clementine Gallot | Every Saturday afternoon amid shoppers, skaters, tourists and passers-by at Union Square, a small group supporting Palestinian self-determination an even smaller pro-Israel group face off on a small patch of land across from Virgin Megastore on 14th Street. more...  2 Comments

Hillary: Say No to Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Bill

Jessica Lee, The Indypendent | A demonstration took place outside of Senator Hillary Clinton’s New York office Dec. 10 to encourage her to vote against the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (S. 1959) if the bill should make it to the floor of the senate. more...  7 Comments

Nixon and Kissinger: Megalomania and Eliminating Dissent

Bernd Greiner | All the rules and procedures for formulating foreign- and security policy were annulled between 1969 and 1974. Nixon and Kissinger ignored the spirit and letter of the law in usi8ng foreign foreign policy for their personal ambitions. They repressed far-sighted reason to the detriment of real political necessities. more...  0 Comments

Pagtatangol sa Sosyalismo. Tungkulin ng mga Chavista sa Venezuela

Pesante-USA | Pagkaraang dumanas ng pagkabigo sa referendum na sana ay magkokonosolida sa sosyalismo sa Venezuela nong Disyembre 7,2007 ibinaling ng Partido ng Pagkakaisa Para sa Sosyalismo ang kanilang atensyon sa pagkokonsolida ng kanilang pwesa. Inamin ni Presidente Hugo Chavez ang kamalian ng pagkaabante sa kakayahan ng masa na tumanggap ng pagbabago. Gayunman kinilala niya na maliit lamang ang lamang ng panalo ng oposisyon-50.7% laban sa 49.7% ng mga sosyalista. Gaya ng resulta ngh referendum. Malaking porsyento ng bomoto kay Chavez ang hindi bomoto o nagabstain.Maaalalang nanalo si Chavez ng malaking kalamangan san akraang halalan sa pagkapagulo isang taon pa lamang ang nakaraan.
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Anti-Leviev protest at Tel Aviv Critical Mass

Israeli activists | On December 8, Israeli activists held a critical mass protest against Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory, and against capitalism. About 50 bicycle-riding activists rode to the David Intercontinental hotel where the Israel business conference was taking place. One of the sponsors of the event was Africa-Israel, a vast holding company controlled by Israeli diamond and settlement mogul, Lev Leviev, whose jewelry boutique in New York City was the target of a protest by 60 people the same day. Activists in Tel Aviv held aloft signs that read in English, "Africa-Israel & Lev Lebaiev Build on Robbed Lands," and "Lev Lebaiev & Africa-Israel: Land Theft Incorporated."
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License to Murder: Book Review

Jurgen Rose | "One day it dawned on him that the US soldiers were the terrorists. We terrorized the population, intimidated and attacked them, demolished their houses and even raped their women. Those we did not kill have every reason to become terrorists." more...  0 Comments

Sarandon exploring request that she cut ties w/ Leviev over Israeli settlements

Adalah-NY | New York, NY, Dec. 10, 2007 – Oscar-winning actress and UNICEF goodwill ambassador Susan Sarandon has told a New York City activist group, Adalah-NY, that she is exploring Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev’s construction of Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and exploitation of marginalized communities in other parts of the world. Sarandon was responding to a letter from Adalah-NY requesting that she boycott Leviev. According to The New York Post, Sarandon attended the November 13 gala opening of Leviev's Madison Avenue jewelry boutique LEVIEV New York, as Adalah-NY protested Leviev’s illegal activities outside.
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ueser | The Myanmar Mission on the upper east side woke up to some surprising Human Rights Day activism this morning. On the symbolic day as the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon publicly condemned the Myanmar government, which changed its name from Burma during this current military regime, by stating that international community's patience with the junta is "running out fast," stark red paint resembling blood was thrown on the door of the embassy and the sidewalk of the gated entrance was spray painted with an image of two saffron monks and the words "PEACE IN BURMA" in red, symbolizing the colors of the Saffron Revolution, the term coined for the protests against the country's military junta led by Buddhist monks. more...  4 Comments

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