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War & Peace

Mexico: miners attacked, EMERGENCY PROTEST in NYC

Internationalist Group | An emergency picket has been called for Saturday January 12 at 3 p.m outside the Mexican consulate in New York to protest a police attack on striking miners in Cananea, Mexico. more...  2 Comments

Mwxico: miners attacked, EMERGENCY PROTEST in NYC

Internationalist Group | An emergency picket has been called for Saturday January 12 at 3 p.m outside the Mexican consulate in New York to protest a police attack on striking miners in Cananea, Mexico. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Spliced video and audio creates US war propaganda film more...  0 Comments

What You Might Not Know About Ron Paul, and Why You Should Know It

bov | Americans are hoping for a revolution, but I'm not sure the kind of revolution a Ron Paul America would bring will be what many think it will. Don't go with a warm feeling after watching a video or getting an email. Don't do that to the rest of the world. Look for yourself, then look again. more...  18 Comments

A friend of CUBA passes away…

posted by F Espinoza | On the evening of Monday, January 7, Philip B. Agee passed away in Havana. The US citizen was a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official until he broke with the agency in 1968 for ethical reasons. more...  3 Comments

Free Leonard Peltier in 2008!

Indigenous Dialogue | Free Leonard Peltier in 2008! more...  1 Comments

Art of War: The U. S. Elections

Larmee | The U. S. Elections more...  0 Comments

Solidarity with the Puerto Rican People Against Grand Jury Repression

Latin America Solidarity Coalition | This statement is issued by the Latin America Solidarity Coalition in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico in their struggle for independence and against the use of the Grand Jury process as a weapon of intimidation. more...  1 Comments

Free Speech Victory in Central Park Lawsuit

ANSWER Coalition | Free Speech Victory in Central Park Lawsuit more...  6 Comments

Iraq: Hail Caesar?

Hussein Al-alak, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign | Angered by the actions, it has been reported that Caesar opened fire on the US troops and killed two soldiers and a captain but now, like many other Iraqi’s in the “democratic” country, Caesar is languishing in a Government prison, although his actions have not gone unnoticed.
more...  6 Comments

The United States' Selfish Solicitude

Thierry Meyssan | Interference with another country's internal affairs violates international law. In contrast to this, the neo-conservatives' revolutionary way of thinking preaches "democratic interference" with all the consequences that we are now observing in Afghanistan and iraq. more...  0 Comments

Gold Star Fathers Call for End of War at Bloomberg Bipartisam Forum

Darla Shelden | Warren Henthorn and John Scripsick, two fathers from Oklahoma, have both lost their sons in the Iraq war. They are challenging those attending the Bloomberg Bipartisan Forum on the University of Oklahoma campus to call for and end to the war in Iraq. The purpose of the forum is to challenge presidential candidates to focus on serious issues. Henthorn and Scripsick know that ending the war is the most serious issue before the majority of Americans today. more...  3 Comments

Barack Obama Al Gore Bob and Sarah Dylan on Global Warming

Robin Churchill | We are now turning the corner on world peace and climate change. more...  0 Comments

Israel’s Lobby debunked in a new book by two American professor

paul.f | Bungled wars, like the current debacle in Iraq, leave disastrous fallouts and kindle soul-searching for causes and culprits. Suddenly alliances are challenged, accepted truisms disputed and victims metamorphose into villains, villains into victims.
In this atmosphere of escalating introspection in the U.S. two American professors have managed to publish a meticulous investigation into the negative effects of the Israeli lobby over the last 45 years on the foreign policy of the United States.
In the process they exposed the intimidating power ‘The Lobby’ wields in suppressing academic and media criticism of the Jewish state.
more...  6 Comments

Significant NPA victories in 2007, more and bigger victories eyed in 2008

AJLPP-USA | The revolutionary movement i n thePhilippines today said the New People's Army (NPA) "achieved significant military victories the past year, portending more and bigger successes in response to the Party's anniversary call to accelerate advances in 2008." "Based on our summary of still very partial reports received from the field, clearly the revolutionary forces have gained significant victories in waging guerrilla warfare. Foremost is the defeat of the military campaigns launched by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) this year to date," said CPP spokesperson Gregorio "Ka Roger" Rosal.
more...  0 Comments

Bob Dylan’s Prophecy Democracy Don’t Rule the World

Robin Churchill | Bob Dylan’s lyrics from 24 years ago have now come true. Hopefully we will now turn the ship around. more...  3 Comments

William Kristol, the New York Times and Nazi Gunter d'Alquen

Walter C. Uhler | In post-war Germany, the former editor of the Nazi paper, Das Schwarze Korps, was put on trial and convicted for his earlier pro-war propaganda. In Bush's Amerika, a propagandist for war against Iraq lands a job at the New York Times.
more...  0 Comments

Christmas message 2007: Against racism, war, poverty and exclusion ''illegals''

Astrid Essed | Contrary with the hypocrisy of the traditional Christmas-celebrations and the consumption-hysteria, the message is to work for peace, against racism and exclusion of ''illegals''
To say it shortly: the advancement of human rights, without distinction
more...  0 Comments

New York Human Rights Carolers Renew Protest of Lev Leviev’s Israeli Settlements

Adalah-NY | With upscale Madison Avenue shoppers pausing to listen, and to the tunes of songs like “Deck the Halls,” “Hanukah Oh Hanukah”, and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, the carolers serenaded Leviev’s staff with lyrics like:

“We wish you a loss of business, we wish you a loss of business,
We wish you a loss of business, and a poor fiscal year,

Apartheid is how, Leviev gets rich,
Screwing workers and Angolans, Through-ou-out the year.”
more...  5 Comments

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade - A Profile in Courage, Honor and Hope

Stephen Lendman | The story of anti-fascist freedom fighters more...  1 Comments

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