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War & Peace

Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World

FPF-fwd.: Richard Moore | Read and Weep! This is the most chilling story you can read concerning your/our future if we don't revolt: Quote; "Presidents and Prime Ministers are groomed in their careers, and selected for their turn in office, based on which particular agendas are being pursued at any given time." An eyeopener for many...
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Nonviolent Resistance in Palestine: Ayed Morrar and Jonathan Pollak Speak this Weekend in the NYC Area | Palestinian activist Ayed Morrar and Israeli Jonathan Pollak are friends and among the major figures in the Palestinian led nonviolent struggle against Israel’s military occupation. They will speak at five NYC area events this Friday-Sunday. more...  0 Comments

Breaking the grip of Big Oil

Susan Webb/People's Weekly World | The day after President Bush advised Americans to deal with skyrocketing gas prices by avoiding unnecessary driving, he flew to New Orleans for a photo-op, burning up about 11,437 gallons of jet fuel, worth over $24,000. Apparently, it all depends on what you consider “necessary.” more...  0 Comments

Ending the Spiral of Violence

Ulrich Duchrow | The Occident conquered, colonized, enslaved, humiliated and destroyed whole cultures and civilizations and carried out a never-seen genocide. It always did everything in thename of protection of human rights.. With the mechanism of globalized casino capitalism, we kill as many people every year as the victims of the whole 2nd World War, 40 million. more...  0 Comments

Peace Activist Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

David Roknich |

In his politics a proponent of peace, and in his art a master of silence, Harold Pinter has received his just reward from the Swedish Academy with their announcement of the Nobel Prize in literature. It was Pinter's adaptation of "The French Lieutenant's Woman" in 1981 that helped launch the careers of Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons. Pinter also began his career as an actor, and in the 50 years since has become one of the world's most widely respected playwrights, winning accolades from Tom Stoppard and Vaclav Havel. The occassion was true to form, by his own account: "I was called 20 minutes before the official announcement. The chair of the Nobel committee phoned and said, 'You have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature'. I remained silent, and then said, 'I'm speechless.'"

In a report from ABC news, Nobel permanent secretary Horace Engdahl added to the academy's explanation for Pinter's win, saying the playwright "restored theatre to its basic elements - an enclosed space and unpredictable dialogue, where people are at the mercy of each other and pretence crumbles". His style even saw the word 'Pinteresque' added to the artistic lexicon, meaning "a work of drama full of atmospheric silences peppered with half-stated insights". more...  2 Comments

Mr. Bush Goes to Tikrit (Sort of)

Jeremy Scahill | Just when you think that President Bush couldn't out-Saddam Saddam any more, he goes and does something that proves you wrong. If any Iraqis caught the hilarious videoconference today between Bush at the White House and troops from the 42nd Infantry Division in Tikrit, it may have seemed like a high-tech version of a familiar scene from the old days when Saddam used to travel to Tikrit to feel (and more importantly to have others feel) his greatness. more...  2 Comments

From an Iraq War Vet in Portland....

reposted | There are times that I wish that I could wish everything away. Other times, I want to stand naked in front of the entire nation to force them to see what they've done to me. I want people to know what war really is.

(Originally posted on the Portland IMC as a comment.) more...  0 Comments

FBI Issues Arrest Warrant for Former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Antonio Camacho Negron

PRO-LIBERTAD | Former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Antonio Camacho Negron, arrested for
being a part of the MACHETEROS in the late 1980s, and recently released from prison, communicated this evening
that an arrest warrant has been issued for him and that the FBI is searching
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Taser puts out more spin

TASER IMHO | Yet another advertisement designed to look like an impartial magazine article more...  0 Comments

Classism, Racism and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, "White People Find, Black People Loot"

Peace Guru | On either of these websites or you will find two versions of this online printable zine: "The Open Source Classism, Racism and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, The Blogosphere And Corporate Media... "White People Find, Black People Loot." more...  0 Comments

Behind the veil and beyond the hijab

populist | By simplistic Western standards, Muslim women come with two labels: "subjugated" and "quasi-subjugated" more...  0 Comments

Katrina: A Challenge to the Movement

Workers World Newspaper | Katrina: A Challenge to the Movement
Forging a united front between the
Black liberation, workers’ and
anti-imperialist struggles more...  0 Comments

Scott Ritter/Seymour Hersh - Next Wednesday in NYC

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Yo Bloomberg, It was a hoax!

DelGado | First the RNC arrests!, then the buying of $50 million in media to become mayor of nyc, then the Harlem dis for the debates and now getting Ray Kelly cry wolf for you!!! know the truth about this guy bloomberg! more...  1 Comments

The Mayor who cried wolf for political gain

dino | It worked for Bush and Bloomberg is trying to make it work for him, putting fear on the minds of New Yorker's in order to make cameo opportunities right before the November 8th election. You would think His spending $50 million plus would be good enough for a victory, but skipping the debates and crying wolf my do just the opposite. more...  3 Comments

No Lie Left Untried: Scaring Kids into Uniform

Dave Lindorff | With recruitment and reenlistment figures plummeting along American public support for Bush and his War in Iraq, recruiters at high schools are turning to a new scare tactic: a return of the draft. more...  0 Comments

Have they really forgotten?

Workers World | Most shocking about the current musings in the West on the situation in Indonesia is the total absence of memory about what happened on Oct. 1, 1965—exactly 40 years before the explosions in Bali. more...  0 Comments

THIS FRIDAY - ZAPATISTAS IN NYC: SCHOOLS FOR CHIAPAS PRESENTS... | Schools For Chiapas, a Zapatista solidarity organization, is touring the east coast. On the afternoon of October 14th, they will be making a stop at The New School for a special presentation. Come to learn more about the Zapatista Movement and the work Schools for Chiapas is doing to support the revolutionary indigenous resistance. Food and refreshments will be provided, and crafts and merchandise directly from rebel territory will be available for purchase. more...  0 Comments

UK paper: British and American leaders likened to Nazi war criminals

FPF-fwd.: Andrew Sparrow - Telegraph - UK | Good news: Even in a mainstream paper like 'The Telegraph' in England reality begins to dawn! Maybe some of the US media dare too ? - Scott Ritter - former UN inspector: "Both these men could be pulled up as war criminals for engaging in actions that we condemned Germany in 1946 for doing," he said. more...  0 Comments

Afghanistan: A Disaster Four Years After US Invasion

Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD | This commentary highlights the cowardly crimes of US and her allies in Afghanistan more...  1 Comments

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