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War & Peace

Political satire: Pakistan prime ministerial candidate denies he is Christian

Shreeram Krishnaswami | Jabil Bush Hussein is outraged. Despite repeated denials by the PDP (Pakistan Democratic Party) leader and candidate for prime minister, rumors that he is or once was a Christian continue to gather momentum. Hussein’s campaign aides have emphasized his strong Muslim beliefs and downplayed any Christian connection. Spokesman Nouri Aswari issued a statement yesterday reiterating that “Husssein has never been a Christian, was not raised as a Christian, and is a committed Muslim." more...  1 Comments

"Why the US has really gone broke" by Chalmers Johnson

Chalmers Johnson | "It's not just that our tastes for foreign goods, including imported oil, exceed our ability to pay for them. We are financing them through massive borrowing. Our short tenure as the world's lone superpower has come to an end." more...  0 Comments

"The Three Trillion Dollar War" by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes

Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes | "The Bush administration was wrong about the benefits of the war and it was wrong about the costs of the war. Deficit spending gives the illusion that the laws of economics can be repealed, that we can have guns and butter. The costs of the war are real, even if they have been deferred, possibly to another generation." more...  2 Comments

In Ha'aretz interview Leviev "spins" protests against his companies' settlements

Adalah-NY | Issa Mikel, a spokesperson for Adalah-NY - the group that has organized eight protests outside Leviev’s Manhattan jewelry store since it opened last November - commented, “Leviev’s responses were disingenuous and troubling. Leviev neglected to mention that his company Leader is building the settlement of Zufim, that he is a major donor to a company that acquires Palestinian land for settlements, and that all Israeli settlements violate international law. Leviev also portrayed his company’s monopoly over Gaza’s fuel supply as somehow charitable. Finally, as independent human rights activists, we challenge Leviev to provide evidence to support the completely false accusation he made that we have any relationship with or are “funded by business competitors.”
more...  0 Comments

Stop Choosing Sides

Ron Paul | "Mr. Speaker: I rise in opposition to H. Res. 951, a resolution to condemn Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. As one who is consistently against war and violence, I obviously do not support the firing of rockets indiscriminately into civilian populations. I believe it is appalling that Palestinians are firing rockets that harm innocent Israelis, just as I believe it is appalling that Israel fires missiles into Palestinian areas where children and other non-combatants are killed and injured." more...  0 Comments

Attack struck at heart of Israeli hard-line West Bank settler's movement

CBS Evening News (March 6, 2008) | Palestinian attack today on Jewish yeshiva (rabbinical seminary) in Jerusalem struck at the heart of Israel's hard-line religious West Bank settler's movement. more...  24 Comments

colombian new yorkers

Anarcolas Linaretes | its time for peace and love more...  0 Comments


Anarcolas Linaretes | Mini ensayo, con imagenes acerca de la marcha en contra de los crimenes del paramilitarismo y el terrorismo de estado el dia 6 de marzo del 2008. more...  0 Comments

South American anarchists and anti-militarists say NO to war

Anarquistas y antimilitaristas | * The threat of armed conflict involving the governments of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela has mobilized anarchists and anti-militarists across the continent, in words and in action, to repudiate what would be a monstrous aggression by state powers against our peoples. Below there are two documents that call for struggle against this evil. more...  2 Comments

JFAV ALL SET TO MARCH 8th Against The War.

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) | Money for Filipino Veterans, Not For the War!

With this as the battle cry, the Justice For Filipino Veterans (JFAV) militantly supports and joins the International Women’s Day March led by the MARIPOSA Alliance and Gabriela Network in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 8.

The International Women’s Day Los Angeles March will start on Saturday, at 10:30 AM, March 8 at the corner of Olympic and Broadway and end at Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles more...  0 Comments

Pictures - Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station Bombed

arrojalabomba | Bringing the war home, a hooded bicyclist bombed the Times Square Armed Forces recruiting station this morning. There has been no statement regarding this thus far, and perhaps there will not be, although in this case, perhaps the medium is the message. Unlike the bombs dropped by the US armed forces on various brown people around the world, no one was hurt. more...  28 Comments

Bombing at Times Square Army Recruitment Center

T. Ward | IED explosion at recruitment facility shuts Times Square for a few hours early Thursday morning. Police are investigating possible connections between the explosion and other recent blasts in Manhatten. more...  32 Comments

Security is not War, Terror and Torture

German action committee | "The swan that floats and doesn't sink represents the intansitory in the transitory." (Heidegger) The Great Unraveling provokes the Great Refusal (Krugman) Every war has two losers. (William Stafford) Wer are called to resist the normalization of war and the militarization of foreign policy by creating a new language andf a new mathematics. more...  0 Comments

Colombia: ¿Es todavía hora para la Paz?

Lucy Roessler | Ayer como hoy, el Pentágono, la White House y sus lacayos descorchan botellas de champán, refocilándose ante su efímero triunfo. Celebran la victoria de la mentira, sus millones y sus armas, reafirmando en cada brindis su compromiso con la muerte. more...  0 Comments

Stop-Loss Congress

David Rubinson | We're bringing different orders. more...  0 Comments

Israeli Ambassador Cancels Visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, in Face of Protests

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Israeli Ambassador cancels visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, in face of planned protests. more...  4 Comments

5 Y ears too Long Protest, March 19th in White Plains

Jon Wilkes Booth | There will be a large protest calling for an end to the war in Iraq on March 19th at 5pm in White Plains, New York. We will converge at the corner of Mamaroneck Avenue and East Post Road. more...  5 Comments

Interview with FARC Commander Raul Reyes

Garry Leech | Following the March 1st attack by a Colombian military operation that resulted in the death of 20 FARC forces including rebel leader Raul Reyes. Interview with slain FARC leader from July 2007. more...  0 Comments

Protest Columbia University's Complicity With U.S. Imperialism: April 24-27,2008

columbiawatch | If you feel like protesting against Columbia University's continued complicity with U.S. imperialism in the 21st-century, you might be interested in joining veterans of the 1968 Columbia Anti-War Student Revolt on Columbia's campus between April 24 and April 27, 2008 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1968 Columbia Student Strike. more...  1 Comments

Chavez says some unnamed "anarchist groups" are infiltrated by CIA

reporsted from anarchist listserve | This is a repost of an article cited to "La Prensa" posted to the anarchist listserv. more...  1 Comments

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