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War & Peace

Demonstration in support of Sadr's militia's defense of Basra & Iraqi nationalis

for better independence | April 2, 1966
One hundred thousand Vietnamese demonstrated in Da Nang against both the U.S. and South Vietnamese governments. Civil unrest spread also to Hue and Saigon. more...  0 Comments

On the 39th Year of the New People’s Army (NPA) and the People’s War in the Phil

AJLPP | In the Philippines today, the New People's Army (NPA) is commemorating its 39th year anniversary. Nearly four decades ago, on March 29, 1969, the NPA was founded in a district in Tarlac, Central Luzon, Philippines and resumed the armed struggle to liberate the Filipino people from the clutches of US imperialism, domestic feudalism and the puppet reactionary state.
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Self-Determination for Tibetans

Josephine Pizzino | Friday night's vigil for a Free Tibet was outstanding in many ways. Shockingly, one was the absence of support from traditional leftists. Why? more...  14 Comments

NYers protest Leviev's Israeli settlements, commemorating Palestinian "Land Day"

Adalah-NY | Forty New Yorkers commemorated the Palestinian national holiday Land Day Saturday with the eighth protest at the Madison Avenue jewelry store of Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev. The protest included songs, theater and testimonials from villages threatened by Leviev’s settlements. Land Day marks Palestinians' ties to their land, in defiance of Israeli efforts to displace them.
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Union Square Vigil Marks 4000 US Dead

Thomas Marczewski | Lighting candles and holding sings displaying 4000, at least one hundred people gathered together at Union Square park at 6:30PM on Tuesday. They came to commemorate a morbid landmark in the war on Iraq. As of that day, 4,000 US soldier had been confirmed dead. more...  4 Comments

Update: Endorse NYCLAW's Labor & Gaza Statement

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) | Yes, the Israel lobby seeks to silence opponents of Israeli Apartheid. All the more need for trade unionists to break that silence by speaking out against Israeli military occupation, for the right of Palestinian refugees to return, and for the elimination of apartheid throughout historic Palestine. more...  0 Comments

In New York, a Turf War in the Battle Against Terrorism

Officer krumpky | A thousand NYPD officers are assigned full time to operations drawing on the traditional missions of the CIA and the FBI. more...  0 Comments

Cuito Cuanavale’s Victory was Neto’s Dream

posted by F Espinoza | The victory in Cuito Cuanavale made the dreams of the father of the Angolan homeland, Agostinho Neto, come true, Cuban Major General Leopoldo Cintras Frias said here on Saturday. more...  0 Comments

Violation of Human Rights In SF Area: Interview with Karen Parker, UN Attorney

Cathy Garger | A raging human rights battle is brewing between the Department of Energy and the people of the greater San Francisco/San Jose area. Citizen activists and environmental rights groups are up in arms over the right of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to explode toxic and radioactive materials into California’s air.
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TONIGHT! Join CODE PINK in Union Sq. to mark 4,000 battlefield dead

peace fem | (bring candles & flashlights ... no signs please)
4,000 Dead Vigil- NYC
at Union Sq. South
Tuesday, March 25
6:30pm more...  2 Comments

March 22, 2008: Anti-war Protest in Toulouse, France

Mallory Knodel | The festival "Leave Them in Peace!" was built around a symbolic date, March 19, the 5-year anniversary since the United States and its allies invaded Iraq, causing chaos in a country already severely affected by the first Gulf War and 10 years of embargo. This included a demonstration on March 22, 2008 in the Capitol square of Toulouse. Many more actions, debates, and exhibitions are planned for the week-long festival in opposition to US involvement in Iraq, Palestine, and war around the world. more...  1 Comments

US Body Count in Iraq Reaches 4,000

Todd A. Davis | A short article about the rising US casualty levels in Iraq. more...  2 Comments

No occupation without representation (and other electoral musings)

Mickey Z. | If America wants to dominate the globe in the name of spreading democracy (sic), how about giving some love to the subjugated? For example, let’s extend the ballot to the citizens of occupied Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Student anti-war protests sweep U.S.

Chapin Gray | People across the country marked the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war by taking to the streets in protest. Students turned out in full force. Members of Students for a Democratic Society, whose call for a week of action against the war brought together over 90 SDS chapters and other progressive organizations committed to rallying, marching and walking out to protest the war. This week of actions was the largest student-organized anti-war protests since the war on Iraq began. more...  1 Comments

U.S. Labor and Gaza

New York City Labor Against the War | New York City Labor Against the War joins the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions in denouncing Israel's recent massacres in Gaza, the victims of which include at least 130 Palestinians -- half of them civilians, including dozens of women and children -- since February 27. more...  0 Comments

New video from Nahr al-Bared Camp

a-films | The anarchist video collective "a-films" announces its latest short film (4 min.) from Lebanon called "Landscape of Destruction".
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Activists Stage Dramatic Easter 'Die-In’ at ChicagoCathedral to Protest Iraq War

hammerhard media works - repost | CHICAGO, March 23 – Six members of the anti-war group “Catholic Schoolgirls Against The War” were arrested after staging a dramatic die-in during the 11AM Easter mass at Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago’s most prominent Catholic parish – and the home of one of the nation’s most conservative church leaders,Cardinal Francis George. more...  2 Comments

Legal Help Needed in Binghamton, NY

s. schweitzer | Legal Help Needed in Binghamton, NY more...  1 Comments

Eight Activists Arrested in New York City War Profiteer Blockade

Anti-Profiteering Spirit Squad | On Wednesday, March 19, at approximately 8:30 am, over 30 young activists from the Anti-Profiteering Spirit Squad staged a massive nonviolent blockade in New York City at the international headquarters of the sixth largest war profiteer and defense contractor in the United States, L-3 Communications Corporation, at 3rd Ave. and 40th St. more...  4 Comments

Yahoo and MSN helping to root out Tibetan rioters

saigon | Yahoo China pasted a "most wanted" poster across its homepage today in aid of the police's witch-hunt for 24 Tibetans accused of taking part in the recent riots. MSN China made the same move, although it didn't go as far as publishing the list on its homepage. more...  0 Comments

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