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War & Peace

Remembering MLK 40 Years Later (Indypendent)

John Tarleton and Jessica Lee | King was cut down by a sniper’s bullet on April 4, 1968. He was 39. Summing up his life two months earlier, King said, “If you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice … I won’t have any money to leave behind. I won’t have the fine and luxurious things of life to leave behind. I just want to leave a committed life behind.”

Forty years later, people continue to fight for social justice in the streets, courtrooms, classrooms and through personal growth and introspection. more...  0 Comments

Stratfor publishes strange newscast about "the black bloc"

Firehead | This video newscast describes the recent detonation of a small bomb outside a military recruiting center, and the defusing of another one, as part of a larger pattern of "black bloc agenda" attacks. The Stratfor analyst then proceeds to confuse "agenda" with "tactics", caricature the subjects of his discussion, and otherwise betry his complete igorance of the matter at hand. Although this video was posted around a month ago, this advertisement/corporate scare piece might still be useful in certain regards. more...  0 Comments

"Fire in the Hole" G.I. Resistance Radio *TODAY* April 12, 1-2pm on WBAI 99.5FM

Doug | WBAI, 99.5 FM in New York City, part of the noncommercial listener-supported Pacifica Radio Network, is broadcasting a one-hour special for military members and veterans. "Fire in the Hole: GI Resistance Radio" will be broadcast this Saturday, April 12, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m on 99.5 FM in the NYC metro area and streaming live at We invite veterans and non-veterans alike to tune in and get a new picture of the war at home and abroad. more...  5 Comments

Zochrot Gallery "Amnesia" Exhibits Videos

Curator: Shlomit Baum | The point of origin of the exhibit "Amnesia" examines the question of design and production of objects in the context of social political relation in general, and of the Nakba specifically.
The works in the exhibit "Amnesia" try to deal with the question of possibility for objects to awake the memory of the Nakba considering the amnesia that is afflicting
Israeli society. A group of Jewish artists examine,
using material culture, the possibility of creating
dialogue with Palestinian refugees and their tragedy. Simultaneously, a Palestinian poet responds to their work.

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Bataan Day Protest April 10, 2008 in Los Angeles

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) | “Money for the Filipino Veterans, Not for the War” With these slogans scores of veterans, community advocates, youth and students signified their protest in front of the monument for the veterans of the Spanish-American War at the Westwood National Cemetery near the federal building, 11000 Wilshire Blvd. and Veterans St. yesterday, April 10 at 5:00 PM “Today, after 66 years, the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) commemorate the 66th Bataan Day with a protest rally for the passage of the equity bill in the U.S. Congress.. declared Arturo P. Garcia in an interview with the media. “ If the US Congress can pass a resolution with 415 vote for a free Tibet against China, why can they not do the same with Filipino veterans?” asked Garcia. “ The equity bill has been languishing in Congress for 15 years,” “ What is wrong with Congress? Is this not a case of racism against the Filipinos and a case of China-bashing?” the AJLPP and JFAV declared.
Bataan Day Protest April 10, 2008 in Los Angeles

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National BDS Conference in Chicago, May 9-11 to target Apartheid Israel

CAAP | A National Conference on Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions will take place in Chicago (Illinois) from May 9-11. The purpose of the conference is to develop the strategies and tactics of a coordinated, national BDS campaign to target Israeli aprtheid; not to debate whether a national BDS campaign should be adopted. Accordingly, every representative of an attending organization must have the authority to vote on these matters and bind his/her organization to the resulting decision. The national conference is being organized by Chicagoans Against Apartheid in Palestine (CAAP) more...  0 Comments

Six Trillion Dollars

Michael R. Kratke | The US military occupation of Iraq cannot be won militarily and also cannot be paid for. The military occupation was sold as a cheap war that would only help the US and the world: more security and a lower price of oil. Stiglitz and other "killjoys" were criticized for simply repressing what the war would contribute to the well-being of Iraq and the rest of the world. more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn Event Commemorates Deir Yassin Massacre and Imagines a Just Future

Adalah-NY | Over 80 New Yorkers from diverse communities gathered last Saturday, April 5th in the Salam Lutheran Church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre, which occurred on April 9, 1948. Speakers discussed the need to redress the human rights violations that Israel committed in 1948 as a step towards a just future. The audience included a blend of ethnic groups and faiths from around the city. The event, which featured talks by Muhammad Jaradat, a co-founder of the Badil Resource Center in Bethlehem, and Eitan Bronstein, Director of the Israeli organization Zochrot, was part of a year-long series of activities to celebrate the Nakbah, the Palestinian catastrophe.
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Obama Meets The Lobby

General Joe | "More disturbing to The Lobby have been Obama's own views, which, prior to his run for president, were relatively nuanced on the Middle East: he advocated fairness and justice for the Palestinians while questioning the efficacy of knee-jerk support for Israel's politicians. Obama has also defended Wright, noting that his view of Israel was conditioned by Tel Aviv's support of apartheid South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, which included assistance in the development of a South African nuclear weapon and the supply of hundreds of millions of dollars of Israeli-made weapons in contravention of a UN-imposed embargo. Water cannons used to attack black demonstrators were manufactured in the Israeli kibbutz Beit Alfa, for example." more...  2 Comments

Colombia: ¿Nos están preparando para la muerte de Ingrid?

Miguel Suárez |
Una muy extraña situación esta configurando la oligarquía colombiana en torno a los prisioneros en poder de las Farc-EP y especialmente en torno a Ingrid Betancourt, que deja la sensación de que Uribe esta ambientando al pueblo colombiano y al mundo para la muerte de Ingrid Betancourt... more...  0 Comments

OIL IN TIBET, and gold, uranium, copper

$ | The name of the game is always money, and when it comes to the CIA's war against China by promoting Tibet, that is certainly true. There is oil, uranium, gold and copper in Tibet. No wonder we have this latest hysterics over Tibet during the US oil war against Iraq and Afghanistan and perhaps Iran more...  0 Comments

Declaring the Bush Presidency NULL and VOID

Susan | Ted Rall states that the Bush Presidency, like the Vichy Regime during Nazi Occupied France, should be declared illegitimate by the next president, and all laws inacted during that time null and void. more...  4 Comments

5 Days Left to Stop the Bombs!

peacehq | We are here to tell the DOE and the federal government that we don't want to spend more money on new nuclear weapons or the current popular term WMD or weapons of mass destruction. more...  0 Comments

Tomorrow: Badil and Zochrot on the Nakbah and Palestinian refugee rights

Adalah-NY | Please Join Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East, for a presentation by Mohammad Jaradat and Eitan Bronstein on the Nakbah (Palestinian Catastrophe) and the process of acknowledging the past of human rights abuses in Palestine and moving forward to a just future.
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Is It Time for the Peace Movement to Start Protesting Senator Obama?

Kevin Zeese, Voters for Peace | In the last two weeks Senator Obama has been sounding rather hawkish. Perhaps he believes he has the Democratic nomination wrapped up and now can start running to the center-right. The peace movement needs to let him know his positions are not acceptable.
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Background of NATO Summit

b | Christian terrorists Bush calls on NATO terrorist allies for Afghan troops U.S. Christian terrorist President George W. Bush urged NATO terrorist allies Wednesday to send more troops to Afghanistan, saying the alliance could not afford to lose its battle against Taliban and al Qaeda Mujahideen. In a keynote speech before a summit of the 26-nation defence alliance in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, terrorist Bush said: “As (French) President (Nicolas) Sarkozy put it in London last week, we cannot afford to lose Afghanistan. Whatever the cost, however difficult, we cannot afford it, we must win. I agree completely. Noting that France and Romania were due to send more troops, he said: “We ask other nations to step forward with additional forces as well.” more...  0 Comments

Kosovo constitution needs to provide more guarantees for Roma, NGOs say

Romano Them | In a letter sent to the Constitutional Commission and representatives of the international civilian administration in Kosovo, Roma NGOs ask for substantial improvements of the draft constitution which has been prepared by the Constitutional Commission. more...  0 Comments

The Story of the Holy Name 6: Fracturing the Peace to End the War

Jeff Leys, VCNV | Don't fracture the peace. more...  0 Comments

ASVAB is Military's Stealth Recruiter

Pat Elder | The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is the military's most valuable recruiting asset. You can stop this predatory practice.
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Headsup warning to the American Peoples: Nuclear Attack on Iran appears imminent

Project | This heads-up wakeup call has embedded links for self-study so that the reader can affirm the truth or falsity of this warning and reach his or her own informed conclusions on the matter. The full url is

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