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War & Peace

Handala Campaign

Handala campaign | Handala says "Seek Peace" more...  0 Comments

"Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran"

Thomas Riggins | New IAEA report will embolden Bush-Cheney-McCain war plans. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela Headlines #56

Michael Fox | The Venezuelanalysis headlines from the last two weeks: Controversy Erupts Over Nominations for PSUV Candidacies in Venezuela; South American Nations Form New Regional Grouping: UNASUR; Venezuela Dismisses Interpol Presentation; Venezuela Denounces Illegal Incursion of Colombian Troops & US Warplane
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Plan Colombia Heads for Mexico

Stephen Lendman | Call it NAFTA on steroids. more...  1 Comments

Memorial Meetings for Ka Bel to be Held US-Wide

AJLPP-USA | - Nationwide memorial meetings to mourn and honor Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran will be held in different cities in the United States from May 21 to June 9, 2008. Ka Bel was an ANAKPAWIS Representative, Chair Emeritus of Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU or May First Movement), and former Chair of the International League for People’s Struggle (ILPS). Mario Santos, Alliance Philippines National Coordinator, made this announcement in San Francisco after the meeting with representative from International ANSWER on May 22. According to Santos, the memorials for Ka Bel will be held on May 27 in Queens, New York, May 28 in Los Angeles at Remy's on Temple Art Gallery in Historic Filipinotown and San Francisco, and on June 9 in Seattle. Progressive Filipino forces in Chicago will hold a memorial on May 24. more...  0 Comments

Fascist aggression against Bolivian peasants

Bolivia Action Solidarity Network | Bolivian peasants and Indigenous Peoples were attacked, kidnapped and humiliated by fascist shock groups that were trying to stop the arrival of Indigenous President Evo Morales Ayma. more...  0 Comments

INTERPOL in Colombia 3 + 3 = 8

Charlie Hardy | I have just finished reading INTERPOL's report on the computers that the government of Colombia says it found in an encampment of the FARC-EP on March 1. Reading the report I am once again fascinated with what experts can do with computers. But I am shocked that the world's best known detective agency cannot add three plus three...
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Lessons from Vietnam

Karl Grobe | "Did marxism and nationalism win the war while capitalism and nationalism won the peace? Tom Hayden asked. The domino theory, the justification of Washington governments, turned out to be dreadfully wrong. more...  0 Comments

Congress to Vote on School of the Americas

SOA Watch Media | SOA Watch has received confirmation that Congress will vote on an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2009 that would require that the School of the Americas/WHINSEC release the names, ranks, country of origin, courses and dates attended of students and instructors at the institute. The amendment will be offered by Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA), Representative Joe Sestak (D-PA) and Representative Sanford Bishop (D-GA) and we expect the vote to happen on Thursday, May 22. more...  0 Comments

What to Expect from the Conventions

Team Colors & the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest | Doubtless, there will be some—perhaps ten, perhaps ten thousand—for whom the conventions are a life-changing experience, and others for whom they will be non-events. We get out of life what we put in. But one has to prioritize—so how important are these conventions, anyway? more...  0 Comments

Raytheon 9 trial begins

Asmal Kadare | The occupation of the premises was to protest Raytheon's involvement in the Israeli-Lebanon war. more...  0 Comments

Spinning the News - The FARC-EP Files, Venezu

Stephen Lendman | Interpol report suggests FARC-EP files fake. more...  0 Comments

JFAV : A Tribute to Ka. Crispin Beltran, The Hero of the Filipino Working Class

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) | The Justice for Filipino American veterans (JFAV), the alliance of veterans groups, student and youth and community organizations and advocates and as a founding member of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) pays tribute and homage to Crispin Beltran, 75 , who passed away last May 20, 2008 in the Philippines

Ka. Bel, as we fondly call him, was a representative of BAYAN MUNA and later the ANAK-PAWIS Party list group, BAYAN Chair, Chair and Chair emeritus of Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement) labor center and was the first chairperson of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) from 2001-2004.

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Honor the War Dead by Bringing All the Troops Home NOW!

Greg Pason | On May 28th, the Wednesday of Memorial Week, hundreds of military families, veterans, students, and neighbors will join together from 4:30 to 6:00 pm at the Teanack Armory to hold a nearly 4000 foot-long banner with the names of all of the U.S. troops and many Iraqi people who have been killed in the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq.

To volunteer and register for May 28 call 201-808-6004 or click:

Read more:
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Photos of Palestinian Nakbah rally

Andrew Stern | Photos of Palestinian Americans and their supporters demonstrating near the United Nations building in Manhattan to commemorate 60 years of "Nakbah", or catastrophe. As Israel marked the 60th anniversary of its independence Friday, around 1000 people rallied near the United Nations to mark six decades of Palestinian displacement. more...  9 Comments

Interpol’s Report Confirms that the Supposed FARC Computers Were Manipulated

Agencia Prensa Rural | Mainstream Media War Against the Bolivarian Revolution: Read here the parts of the report they've not wanted to emphasize
Interpol's Report Confirms that the Supposed FARC Computers Were Manipulated more...  1 Comments

AJLPP On The Possible Resumption of the GRP –NDFP Talks

AJLPP | he Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) expresses its guarded optimism about possible resumption of peace negotiations between the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Philippine government that has been stalled for more than four years.

The AJLPP is very thankful for the three parties; the Royal Norwegian Government, Third Party Facilitator to the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations, the GRP and the NDFP for making possible the informal meeting between the groups last May 13-15, 2008 in Oslo, Norway.

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Colombia: Defend the Land and Rights of Small Farmers

Agencia Prensa Rural | Solidarity Campaign
The ACVC Works to Defend the Land and Rights of Small Farmers: Defend the ACVC! more...  0 Comments

Wake-up, America!

Peter Stern | What has happened to us? When did we get so weak and detached?

Wake-up, America! more...  2 Comments

Army Sgt. Matthis Chiroux Refuses His Deployment to Iraq

Erin Thompson | Sgt. Matthis Chiroux, a 24-year-old who spent nearly five years serving in the U.S. Army, publicly refused his orders to deploy to Iraq today. Chiroux made the statement in the rotunda of the Cannon Building of the House of Representatives, just minutes after 8 members of the Iraq Veterans Against the War testified about the realities of the U.S. occupation of Iraq to members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

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