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War & Peace

Stop War on Iran before it Starts

S. Cecu | An Attack could be Imminent

We Can’t Afford to Wait

Take It to the Streets This Summer

U.S. out Of Iraq , Money for human needs, not war!
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Sobre pasaportes paraguayos y Terrorismo

Luis Agüero Wagner | Un gran revuelo ha ocasionado en los medios paraguayos, el nombramiento del canciller Hamed Franco, un descendiente de árabes que ha publicado notas y libros condenando la política norteamericana en Medio Oriente. more...  0 Comments

Jeff Halper's "An Israeli in Palestine" - Part II

Stephen Lendman | Part II of Halper's important book. more...  0 Comments

Why only Omar al-Bashir and not Bush too?

Hans Magnus Fielsmann | ICC Prosecutor's Indictment of Sudan President al-Bashir Called Double Standard of Justice
The chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo requested on July 14 that the Court issue an arrest warrant for the sitting head of state of Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir. The Court will decide on the request in the next two or three months. The request, however, has met with a strong chorus of criticism.

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Información de último momento sobre el Concurso “Descubra al Héroe”

Taunus | ¡¡EXTRA, EXTRA, Se amplía plazo para participar en GRAN Concurso “Descubra al Héroe”!! more...  0 Comments

Anti-War Movement Successfully Pushes Back Against Military Confrontation With I

Mark Weisbrot | "The anti-war movement's victory was all the more impressive given that the main lobby group promoting H. Con. Res. 362 was AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee."

They almost got us into another war. Be advised. They will not stop trying anytime soon. General Joe more...  1 Comments

Screening This Thursday Night of "The Remnants of War"!

Peace Action | A moving documentary on the true price of war will play Thursday night 6:30 at Cupcake Cafe at 545 9th Ave. It is co-sponsored by Peace Action New York State, Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. more...  0 Comments

More Army Forces Sent to Mindanao

AJLPP | undreds of soldiers have been sent to Mindanao to tackle a rapid rise in communist guerrilla attacks on civilian targets, the military said Tuesday.

A battalion of mechanized infantry – about 500 soldiers with tanks and armored vehicles – plus two field artillery batteries of about 200 gunners were deployed to Mindanao on Sunday, said the region’s military spokesman, Maj. Armand Rico.

The transfer of soldiers previously assigned to the North was in “response to the clamor of governors and mayors of (the region) to stop the criminal and terroristic acts of the godless communist terrorists,” Rico told reporters.

Eastern Mindanao had seen “more than 100” attacks by the New People’s Army (NPA) against mining firms, telecommunications towers and banana plantations in the first half of the year.

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Jeff Halper's "An Israeli in Palestine" - Part I

Stephen Lendman | Halper's excellent book. more...  0 Comments

Susan Sarandon's Double Standards on Palestine

Omid Memarian on Huffington Post | Susan Sarandon has expressed surprising unwillingness to denounce her support for the Israeli Billionaire, Lev Leviev, who is has been criticized by a variety of NGOs for his involvement in building settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.
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Torture As Official US Policy

Stephen Lendman | America's darkest hour. more...  0 Comments

NYC 911 Ballot Initiative on Nov. 6th, 2008 | Now there is a grassroots action which is designed to obtain an honest, independent investigation of 9/11 by placing an initiative on the ballot of the Nov. 6th, 2008 general election allowing registered New York City voters to create a new Commission. more...  0 Comments


moo | The Memory Hole has the feasability study & plans for the proposed Plum Is. II to be built near some unsuspecting farm community. Details on the doings at Plum Is. (off the end of Long. Is.) more...  0 Comments

GRAN GRAN Concurso Internacional: “Descubra al Héroe”

Taunus | Plazo límite para concursar: 20 de Julio 2008 more...  1 Comments

What Will It Take to Defeat the War?

Internationalist Group | On June 28-29, an “Open National Antiwar Conference” was held in Cleveland, called by a newly minted National Assembly to End the Iraq War and Occupation. Over objections from the conference organizers, centrally Socialist Action, the assembly voted to change the name to include reference to the war on Afghanistan, and to emphasize the connection with U.S. backing for the Zionist occupation of Palestine. (The sponsors of the confab were so right-wing that they feared losing “unity” with Democratic Party supporters of Israel and the Afghanistan war!) What did not change at all was the popular-front character of the new outfit, tying it to the bourgeois parties despite the fig leaf of electoral “independence.” Making this utterly clear, it was decided not to call a national antiwar mobilization prior to the November elections explicitly in order to court those forces who wish to aid the Democrats (and therefore want to avoid making problems for the presumptive Democratic nominee, Barack Obama). Here is the leaflet issued by the Internationalist Group at the conference. more...  1 Comments

The U.S. Propaganda “Spin Moves” Continue on Queue

General Joe "helps" the press | "Ashraf Fawzi, a secondary student in northern Kirkuk, disagreed: "American forces must leave at once, without any timetable. They brought us sectarianism, which we had never heard of before. The Iraqi security forces can protect us." more...  0 Comments

Colombian Government Admits War Crime in Fake Rescue Operation

Concerned citizens of | Billed as the world's most sophisticated covert ops team, the Colombian military bungled the video documentation of their "rescue" of Ingrid Betancourt and US mercenaries. Now, Uribe must face the world and tell them that his military violated the Geneva Convention and then lied about it. more...  1 Comments

Colombia-Urgente: El bombardeo mediático como ablandamiento previo...

Lucy Roessler | Tendremos que esperar que el bombardeo mediático en torno a la reciente liberación de Ingrid y demás rehenes obtenida con la “Operación Jaque” continúe todavía durante unos días, como si fuera una prolongada fase destinada al ablandamiento previo, después vendrá el “asalto final”. more...  1 Comments

US: security's bottom line

Tom Engelhardt | Just 15 numbers tell the history of the past seven years in which a once wealthy and relatively secure nation near-bankrupted itself, pursued chimeras and funded chaos-causing wars that left it poorer and less safe than ever before. more...  0 Comments

"Hope for more than the established cultural system is willing to grant..."

T | "The death rate for African American men ages 20 to 34 in Philadelphia was 4.37 per 1,000 in 2002, 11 percent higher than among troops in Iraq. Slightly more than half the Philadelphia deaths were homicides.” As an African-American, I have no problem comparing the war on minorities in the USA with the war in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

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