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War & Peace

Afghanistan & Brooklyn: A Tale of Two Weddings

Counterhegemonic | The bride never made it to her beloved as a US bomb tore through her body. more...  0 Comments

Michael Moore Dares to Ask: What's So Heroic About Being Shot Down While Bombimg

Liliana Segura | Like Iraq, Vietnam was not a noble cause. It's time we stopped letting politicians and the press perpetruate the McCain War Hero myth. more...  0 Comments

Colombia: ¿“Operación Ituango”... para recibir la visita de la CPI?

Lucy Roessler | Dentro de unos días llegará a Colombia el fiscal de la Corte Penal Internacional, Luis Moreno Ocampo, quien, como es sabido, sigue muy de cerca el conflicto interno colombiano. Su visita no debe dejar lugar a dudas... more...  0 Comments

Towards Women’s Liberation

ILPS | At no time in human history have we witnessed such unrestrained and rapacious displacement and dispossession of women across the globe, spawning uncontrollable poverty and deprivation.

more...  0 Comments

Stop the Wars - Protest Oct 11

Stop the Wars | On SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2008--exactly six years after Congress unleashed the dogs of war on Iraq-- we will be sending a message to the war makers in Washington and to the world: We want this war to end and we want it to end now! We are demanding nothing less than the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all occupation forces from Iraq and the closing of all military bases.

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AJLPP | The Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) reiterates its call for the US-Arroyo regime and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to resume peace talks and go back to the negotiations in the light of heavy fighting in the south that displaced almost 210,000 people.

The AJLPP expressed deep concern the unseen hand of US intervention. News about US military forces helping AFP troops in their operations against the MILF is disconcerting. Some news sources that US personell are helping AFP troops in clearing land mines in Cotabato.

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Anti-War Activists Win $2 Million Dollar Settlement from NYC

NYC IMC/Center for Constitutional Rights | A group of 52 local activists today announced a $2 million settlement in their lawsuit against the City of New York. The activists were illegally arrested on April 7, 2003 while protesting against the Iraq war in front of a military contractor's
offices in midtown. The settlement in Kunstler et al v. New York City follows the dismissal in 2003 of all criminal charges brought against these individuals and four costly years of delays by the City in negotiating an end to the civil lawsuit. more...  1 Comments

US Watched as a Squabble Turned Into a Showdown

Helene Cooper, C.J. Chivers and C.J. Levy | The US has lost its credibility for promoting constructive change through its invasion of Iraq. The collapse of the WTO negotiations at the end of July over US agricultural subsidies calls the West to accept the realities of food security and world economic justice. more...  0 Comments

Uphold the Militant Tradition of International Women's Movement

Prof. Jose Maria Sison | In solidarity and with utmost joy, the International League of People's Struggle joins today the celebration of women in general and their revolutionary struggle for emancipation and liberation from imperialism, feudalism and patriarchalism. We remember and honor millions of women who trailblazed and paved the path for women's liberation movement. more...  0 Comments

U.S. HANDS OFF GEORGIA & RUSSIA - NO NEW WAR - END NATO NOW! | The Bush regime and the corporate U.S. news media have launched an anti-Russia hate campaign. more...  1 Comments

Blockades: Acts of War

Stephen Lendman | Washington threatens a naval blockade against Iran more...  0 Comments

Mindanao Bishops, MILF: pursue peace process, call for ceasefire

AJLPP | The Mindanao Bishops and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) reiterated their commitment to pursue the realm of peace, justice, solidarity and development as well as the peaceful resolution of the Mindanao conflict and Bangsamoro problem through the ongoing peace process between the government and MILF. “The MILF and the Bishops reiterate unwavering moral commitment to pursue the path to peace, solidarity, justice and development in Mindanao, and resolve and support to the continuation of the peace process between the MILF and the government until its successful conclusion is achieved,” stated in their Joint Communique’ issued after their peace dialogue held at the Archbishop’s Residence in Davao City on more...  0 Comments

Russia Capitalizes on New World Disorder

Gerhard Sporl | Now McCain has come up with the original idea of excluding Russia from the golden circle of G8 nations. more...  0 Comments

Resistance 2010: No Olympic Games on Stolen Native Lands

afrikakorps | Please organize, contact, support and mobilize on behalf of Resistance 2010 - No Olympics on Stolen Native Land. Join Indigenous and anti-globalist, anti-imperialist activists against the Vancouver Games and Canada's corporate colonialism. more...  1 Comments

Call to Action for August 30: International Day of the Disappeared

Solidarity Without Borders Delegation | In Your Community and Everywhere: A Day to Remember, A Day to Take Action more...  0 Comments

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Survivor Calls for Complete Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Sharat G. Lin | Antinuclear protesters gathered at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on the 63rd anniversary of the U.S. dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Reverend Nobuaki Hanaoka, who survived that devastating attack, called for the “complete elimination of nuclear weapons from the face of the earth.” more...  0 Comments

DNC Protest, Split, and the Principled Stand of Cynthia McKinney

Steven Argue & Cynthia McKinney | "As the United States activated Navy ships and the Air Force to begin an airlift of non-specified goods into the former Soviet state of Georgia, and military exercises began in the Persian Gulf near Iran, I received communications from certain individuals among the Colorado Greens who were organizing campaign support events there, suggesting that I not participate in an anti-war program being organized by other individuals in Colorado." -Cynthia McKinney more...  0 Comments

Wag the Dog: How to Conceal Massive Economic Collapse

Ellen Brown | War and threats of war have been used historically to distract the population. As we watch the curtain rise on war in Eurasia, it is well to remember that things are not always as they seem. Markets are manipulated and wars are staged by Grand Chessmen behind the scenes. more...  0 Comments

Wish to be Poor and Unemployed? Support Military Attacks on Iran

Muhammid Sahimi | Military attacks on Iran will be totally unjustified because, despite all propaganda, the fact is that Iran is no threat to any nation. Attacks on Iran will put many of us on the street, unemployed and hungry. Should we not care about our own well-being? more...  0 Comments


AJLPP-USA/ANSWER-LA | The Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) based in the United States calls on the US-Arroyo Regime to stop its military offensives against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) armed forces in the Central Mindanao areas and resume peace talks now.

According to media sources from the Philippines, more than 160,000 people were affected by the fighting between the AFP and the MILF in six towns of central Mindanao. According to MILF website reports, at least 60 AFP troops have been killed since the week-old fighting erupted and scores of Moro houses were burned down by the military.

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