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War & Peace

Poll shows Iraqis back attacks on UK, US forces

Reuters | Iraq's a democracy, right? So it's it's time to leave. more...  0 Comments

Photos Prove: CIA Undermined New York Times Reporting

David Roknich |
Photos and transcription of evidence against the CIA: 51 years of undermining the New York Times. more...  1 Comments

Saddaming the House of Assad.

Lloyd Hart | Now that the U.S. coercion in the form of the Bolton recess appointment as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. has produced the U.N. Special Investigation Commission Report on the assassination of a former prime minister of Lebanon, it is time to ask the obvious question. more...  0 Comments


t | - more...  0 Comments

The Imperial Nightmare

Mumia Abu-Jamal | A republic must first die as a prerequisite for the birth of a world empire. No country can act inan imperial way toward other countries - brutally, contemptuously and lawlessly - and uphold republican values at the same time. more...  0 Comments

Youth Bloc Against War in Boston

Radical Youth Alliance | The Radical Youth Alliance is a group of youth from the greater Boston area organizing around a number of issues, in this case around war. more...  1 Comments

Is Bush obstructing Iraqi justice?

Daithí Mac Lochlainn | I usually listen to WBAI’s Wakeup Call in the morning. Deepa Fernandes began hosting the show this past year and has brought much to the program. She has very interesting guests on the show and she herself is an informed and probing interviewer. more...  1 Comments

Judy Miller, the Armstrong Williams of WMD

Dave Lindorff | Miller did things a journalist should never do. She shilled for a White House disinformation campaign that was promoting an invasion of Iraq, accepted control from the Pentagon, and deceptively misidentified her sources. Yet she hasn’t been fired by her official employer, the NY Times. Was Times senior management in on the game? more...  0 Comments

Cuckoo Economics

Gavin R. Putland | By failing to distinguish between assets that can be
*produced* and assets that can only be *acquired*, modern
economics laid the ideological foundation for unemployment,
poverty, inequality, and the looming global depression. more...  0 Comments

Bereaved families hold 24-hour vigil in Whitehall, London.

Paul O'Hanlon | This is an 800 word article about the vigil in Whitehall, London held on Tuesday/Wednesday 18th/19th October 2005.
Families bereaved by the war in Iraq are seeking justice for their loved ones. 9 labelled photos are attached as well as 6 labelled press clippings. Also included are 3 labelled photos of long-term protester Brain Haw's demonstration in London's Parliament Square, which has now been going on for over 4 years.
more...  0 Comments

Populist #14

Franklin | Deficiencies of Our Current Federal System, continued more...  0 Comments

Nobel Committee Decides ElBaradei’s the Bomb (Indy)

DONALD PANETH | For many, the award spotlighted the ironies of diplomacy, the duplicities of the Bush administration in the lead-up to the Iraq War and the failures of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament negotiations. more...  0 Comments

Eyes Wide Open (Indy)

SUSAN CHENELLE | THE EYES WIDE OPEN INSTALLATION was displayed in Prospect Park on Oct. 16 and will be in Union Square Oct. 22-23. more...  0 Comments


A.K. GUPTA | Sunni Arabs in particular felt the charter had been stacked against them by allowing oil-rich provinces in the Shiite south and Kurdish north to form autonomous regions. Sunnis showed some of the greatest enthusiasm for the vote: Not because they were “joining the base of this broad political process,” as Condoleezza Rice put it, but “So that history can witness that we said no,” as Sunnis from the town of Balad explained to the Washington Post. more...  0 Comments

“No Way, We Won’t Pay” (Indy)

ERIN THOMPSON | The premise of war tax resistance is simple: Those who do not support wars perpetuated and funded by the U.S. government should not pay for them. For fiscal year 2005, the federal government raised $927 billion in individual income taxes, in comparison to $278 billion in corporate taxes. Half of the government’s $840 billion in discretionary expenditures ($419.3 billion) for fiscal year 2006 has been allocated for the Defense Department. This does not include another $49.1 billion in supplemental funding for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the total bill for the Iraq War surpassing $250 billion, the progressive think-tank, Institute for Policy Studies, puts the cost of the war in Iraq at about $2,900 for a family of four.

more...  0 Comments

Protest 101

John Tarleton | Students trying to protest next to military recruitings have been treated harshly on several college campuses this fall. Perhaps the most intriguing incident occurred Sept. 29 at Holyoke Community College (HCC) in western Massachusetts when a group of 30 counter-recruiters were maced by about 20 local and state police while protesting near an Army National Guard recruiting table. more...  0 Comments

Bound for Glory (Indy)

John Tarleton | “One thing I find interesting,” he writes, “is that they [the players] are absolutely curious about the Army. I get questions like, ‘Have you ever killed anyone? Have you ever killed anyone with your bare hands?’ They don’t understand what we actually do. It's a good opportunity to tell them what we really do.” more...  1 Comments

Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Committed by the Bush Administration - October 21 - 22, New York, NY

Not In Our Name - Statement of Conscience | When the possibility of far-reaching war crimes and crimes against humanityexists, people of conscience have a solemn responsibility to inquire into the nature and scope of these acts and to determine if they do in fact rise to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity. From the Charter of the 2005 International Commission of Inquiry more...  0 Comments

Their lies sold the war

Workers World | Little of political significance has emerged so far from the prosecutor. But there have been important indirect revelations in the capitalist media about the way the conspiracy to go to war was executed. more...  0 Comments

Halliburton's New Low in Treachery

by Dave Zweifel | George Bush and Cheney company Halliburton subsidiary KBR has tricked workers into working in the Iraq war zone. Halliburton subsidiary KBR has illegally employed workers from countries who ban their citizens from working in Iraq, and its agents have forged documents. Workers tricked into working for Halliburton KBR who want to leave are forced to stay because of fees charged by broker agents, these people are bonded labor slaves. more...  0 Comments

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