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War & Peace

Stoking Tensions, Risking Confrontation

Stephen Lendman | Risking world conflict. more...  0 Comments

In 100's of cities around the world Chalk4Peace2008 Sept13-21

viziondanz | "Our Streets Are OUR Media"
WE have TOTAL access -
"We CAN Make the difference"
THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 13th - 21st Chalk4Peace!
On the pavements and sidewalks of our towns and cities more...  0 Comments

corrupt police and fbi/cia must be stopped from their killing ways

geral | See the evidence of the low mindset and violent disposition of the A & D men in blue who pretend to 'serve and to protect'. These thugs and serial killers must be stopped. more...  0 Comments

Poor People's Campaign Attacked, Anarchist Convergence Center Raided in St Paul

Northeast Anarchist Network | Poor Poor People's Campaign sets up Bushville, attacked on Thursday night.
RNC Welcoming Committee opens convergence center, raided by police tonight. more...  1 Comments

PSL's La Riva/Puryear Presidential Campaign on the Ballot in New York!

VotePSL | On August 18, the Party for Socialism and Liberation filed with the state's Board of Elections in Albany. The PSL met all of the requirements to be on the ballot for the 2008 presidential elections, including submitting 30,000 signatures -- twice the required number. Millions of working-class people will be able to vote for a socialist alternative in New York State. more...  0 Comments

"John McCain has voted with George Bush 90 percent of the time."

Andy Thayer | This charge, a centerpiece of Obama's acceptance speech last night, was quite probably true.

But it was also a stunning piece of hypocrisy coming from the Democratic nominee who has himself voted for almost every single George Bush war funding bill since becoming a U.S. senator. more...  0 Comments

Am I a Terrorist?

sd | Could I be a terrorist? more...  0 Comments

On the Ancestral Land MOA of the MILF and GRP and the Escalation of Hostilities

AJLPP-USA/ANSWER-LA | The Cordillera Peoples' Democratic Front (CPDF) expresses deep concern and condemns the war of aggression being waged by the US-backed reactionary Armed Forces of the Philippines that has caused the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of both Christian and Moro people in Mindanao. It likewise condemns US direct intervention in the war-torn south.
more...  0 Comments

Torture As Official Israeli Policy

Stephen Lendman | Only Israel and the US officially sanction torture. more...  0 Comments

Victory! All Charges Dropped Against Long Island FNB!

JonSTeps | Thanks to the overwhelming support for Long Island Food Not Bombs and the literal thousands!!! of people who have called, emailed and voiced their support over the past forty-eight hours, all charges against Food Not Bombs and it’s supporters have been voided!!! more...  0 Comments


The AJLPP and the media sources including of the MILF confirmed that the AFP offensive in Mindanao grounds into a halt as Ramadan, the holy month of the Muslim world sets in. More than 300,000 people have been dislocated by the fighting between the AFP and the MILF. The campaign by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to encircle and finally finish off MILF Commander Bravo Macapaar and his 102nd BIAF Base Command has been terribly foiled by the heavy losses in men and materiel on the part of the invading force. This was reported by the This is notwithstanding the far superior manpower being utilized by the AFP in the campaign and the sheer air and ground firepower to back up the assaulting troops on the ground. According to ground information an initial of four infantry battalions have been thrown into the fray against Commander Bravo. more...  0 Comments

Long Island Food Not Bombs needs your help to fight Police Harassment!

JonSTeps | Long Island FNB Needs your help:

Yesterday, Long Island Food Not Bombs was subjected to more police harassment in the Township of Huntington. Police officers threatened activists and community members with arrest, violence, false accusations of possession of illegal substances and about every law and town code they could think of. more...  2 Comments

F Your Change

binghamton | Inside the Pepsi Center, they talk about hope, about change, about justice.

On the streets outside, thousands of police in riot gear cage protesters, arresting whomever they can, assaulting others with pepper-spray, rubber bullets, and night sticks. more...  0 Comments


Coalition In Defense of Immigrant Rights | Democrat presumptive candidate Senator Barack Obama completes the turn to the right.

By picking the pro-War Senator JoeBiden as a running mate, he sought to appeal to the most backward sectors of the U.S. voting population and to show the ruling class that he is not really a liberal. Obama affirmed the fact that he is insecure of Clinton and he cannot hold a candle to Hillary Clinton in rightist policy making. He proved that he is not the man for himself and he is being lead by other policy makers like the Kennedy clan.

The Filipino American community primarily the elite among democrats--immigrants, working and oppressed people are all left out. As usual neither candidate speaks in their interests, even thought the vast majority of workers are against the war and favor maintaining abortion rights.

Both Obama and McCain did not vote for the Filipino veterans equity bill,the most prominent Filipino demand. In fact, it is the Democratic Party with Speaker Pelosi that is holding up the house version of SB 1315 in the lower house.

more...  0 Comments

FALS BORDA 0. Presbyterian,emeritus National University of Colombia.Dead 83

Rv. Dr. Hayr Gutierrez.,Ph.D | Javer Giraldo S.I National University of Colombia, Bogota chapel homiletic friends...Fr. Camilo Torres INSPIRATION & Good News ESCHATOLOGY more...  0 Comments


AJLPP | “We want peace now, stop the Philippine military offensives in Mindanao.” The Alliance-Philippines strongly demanded that the US-Arroyo regime stop all military offensives in Mindanao and return to negotiations. The AJLPP also condemned the US armed intervention in Mindanao. This as the number of war refugees swelled up to 300,000 from 210,000 in two weeks as the conflict escalates. The AJLPP also supports the stand of Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo that “arming civilians would not help the government’s efforts to restore peace in southern Philippines. He said, “We are against it, because violence can never be a solution. It will not solve the problem,”

more...  0 Comments

Tensions Begin on Eve of DNC

ex-Faultliners | Anti-capitalists reclaim the streets of downtown Denver to kick off DNC Protests, met by police in stand-off
more...  0 Comments

Reinventing the Evil Empire

Stephen Lendman | The risk of serious confrontation looms. more...  0 Comments

NYCLAW Antiwar Digest

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) | Wide-ranging digest from New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW). more...  0 Comments

Campus Antiwar Network Offers An Alternative Education For Students and Youth In

Ian C | The Republicans have conveniently decided to hold their convention during the first week of school. So to take advantage of the amazing learning opportunity, CAN wants students and youth to converge on Sector 6 of the RNC Welcoming Committee's map to receive an alternate education in a wide array of topics.
more...  0 Comments

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