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War & Peace


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | The Palestinian cause is the right of return for all refugees and nothing less. more...  0 Comments

Hemispheric Conference against Militarization Says No to Merida Initiative, U.S.

Pablo | More than 800 representatives from organizations throughout the Americas made their way to the northern city of La Esperanza, Honduras to take a strong stand against the militarization of their nations and communities. Following three days of workshops, the participants read their final declaration. They called for an immediate halt to the recently launched "Merida Initiative," the Bush administration's new Trojan horse for remilitarization of the region..
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Chomsky, Zinn, and Obama

by Mickey Z. / October 24th, 2008 | Another Election Day approaches and I’m reminded of something the late Pakistani dissident, Eqbal Ahmad said about Noam Chomsky in the book, Confronting Empire (2000): “He (Chomsky) has never wavered. He has never fallen into the trap of saying, ‘Clinton will do better.’ Or ‘Nixon was bad but Carter at least had a human rights presidency.’ There is a consistency of substance, of posture, of outlook in his work.”

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Lebanon: "Nahr al-Bared Between Past and Present" (Video)

a-films | One year has passed since the first Palestinians were allowed to return to the outskirts of the destroyed Nahr al-Bared refugee camp, to the so-called "new camp". Meanwhile, up to 15.000 people have resettled there, many of them waiting to access their destroyed homes in the "old camp", the core of what used to be Nahr al-Bared Camp. The Lebanese army still exclusively controls the old camp as well as parts of the new camp.
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How The Liberal Left Helps Capitalism

MN Roy | So according to Thomas Riggins, associate editor of “Political Affairs,” not voting for the pro-war and pro-Wall Street Democrats smacks of “ultra-leftism.” Surprise, surprise. For those not in the know, “Political Affairs” is the mouthpiece for the reformist Stalinists of the mis-named “Communist Party.” The latter have been making a living on the left by supporting almost any and every Democrat since Uncle Joe Stalin himself instructed the CP to support FDR in the 1930s and derail any moves on the part of the CIO in the direction of an independent labor party. All in the name of “anti-fascism,” of course. Only the biggest “fascists,” the Jim Crow “Dixiecrats,” were to be found inside of the Democratic party, and were a key component of FDR’s “New Deal” coalition since they controlled the white-only single-party South.

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NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | Powell has masterminded the deaths of three million Arabs. The reasons for the left to say, "Yeah, but," are quickly running out. more...  0 Comments

Filipino Youth to Commemorate Filipino American Heritage Month and Reclaim History of Resistance

Chevy Evangelista of Ugnayan NY/NJ | WHY RECLAIM?

For the Filipino youth, RECLAIM means to take back what was once ours!

RECLAIM means to embrace our people's history in the Philippines. Learn our history of migration to the US. Assert our right to quality education that reflects our history and culture. Relearn the native tongue that has been denied to us. Struggle for decent jobs & just wages. Embrace the cause of Filipino World War II veterans & domestic workers. To be free from fear of deportation & detention. Fight for equality & respect for our Pinay sisters & queer brothers & sisters. RECLAIM is promoting justice and liberation for our people! more...  0 Comments

Angry Protests at S.F. Mortgage Bankers Conference

AJLPP-USA/ANSWER-LA | The annual national conference of the Mortgage Bankers Association was greeted by angry protests outside the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco on October 19-20. The demonstrations initiated by the ANSWER Coalition received extensive coverage from nearly all mainstream Bay Area media.

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On the 64th year of the American Reoccupation of the Philippines

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) | While we in the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) are commemorating the 64th Year of the Leyte landing, October 20, 1944- the start of the Liberation of the Philippines with the proper rites at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (HPMC) in Vermont and Fountain St in Los Angeles on Oct. 22, 2008 in Los Angeles, it is gratifying to note that even the Americans have unsung heroes.

I reprinted an article written by retired general Ramon Farolan about a great American hero, forgotten by his countrymen. The same forgetfulness the American public does to the Filipino World War II veterans. Some people only celebrates victories. They try forget the past nor study its lessons. Let this article speaks for itself.

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New York City Labor Against the War | [B]oth Messrs. Obama and McCain are reiterating their commitment to good, old-fashioned American-style war making. . . . Rather than offering relief, the new entrant to the White House come January is likely to simply exacerbate the mayhem. more...  0 Comments

Old Wars, New Wars and Election '08 - Labor Beat / Google Video

Larry Duncan | Old Wars, New Wars & Election '08

Click here to watch on Google Video:

Both McCain and Obama are pro-war candidates. "Some people tell us don't protest - go register voters. And we tell them, to vote for who?" says Jorge Mujica, immigrant rights leader. "I firmly believe that the greatest threat to the movement for progressive change since JFK," notes Jonathan Hutto, Sr., author of Anti-War Soldier. "Barack Obama if he wins is going to bring more business to these [war industry] companies...he's gong to keep in place the major outposts of the occupation to bring money to the contractors," warns Jeremy Scahill, investigative journalist. Includes scenes from No War on Iran protest in Chicago. Aprox. 18 min.

Produced by Labor Beat, the Chicago-based labor tv series. Labor Beat is a CAN TV Community Partner. Labor Beat is affiliated with IBEW 1220. Views expressed are those of the producer, not necessarily of IBEW. For info:, 312-226-3330. more...  0 Comments

AJLPP Condemns RP-US war games in Luzon –An Act of Armed Intervention

AJLPP | The AJLPP vehemently condemns US-RP BALIKATAN joint military exercises in the Philippines. The AJLPP said that US imperialism aims to further strengthen its military position in the Philippines and in the Asia-Pacific region amid the severe crises besetting the US and its puppet regime.

The AJLPP denounced the series of Balikatan exercises as "a continuing outright violation of national sovereignty, as armed foreign troops are allowed to freely operate, and even engage in combat as well as intelligence and other military operations in Philippine territory.” more...  0 Comments

PALESTINE: October 17 and Beyond - A Dialogue with Comrade Khalil Maqdesi

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine | The following dialogue was conducted for this website with Comrade Khalil Maqdesi by Comrade Rayya Amin on October 17, 2008. Comrade Maqdesi covers a broad range of critical topics, from the legacy of October 17, to the Palestinian resistance, to the future of Palestinian national unity in an era of "negotiations" and "security cooperation," in this wide-ranging and penetrating discussion of the important issues facing the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian national liberation movement today. more...  1 Comments


AJLPP/KD70 | The Filipino Community and all concerned Filipino Americans in the United States vehemently condemn the Senate's railroading of the ratification of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) on Wednesday night. October 8th.. Pro-Japan collaborators also known as the modern MAKAPILIS, the sixteen senators led by JPEPA's sponsors Senators Miriam Santiago and Mar Roxas (whose grandfather was a Japanese and an American puppet) have compromised the country's national patrimony and sovereignty by approving a patently one-sided, anti-Filipino economic treaty.
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AJLPP | As Philippine and US troops began Wednesday a two-week integrated ground and air training meant to improve their forces' skills in fighting terrorism and responding to disasters and security situations,the AJLPP condemns such acts of brazen military intervention in the Philippines.

More than 60 military exercises or war games were conducted in the Philippines since the VFA was approved in 1999 according to AJLPP. The US-RP military war games commenced in the former US Clark Air base in Pampanga. It is now callled Diosdado Macapagal Airport after the current president 's father.

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Reviewing Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power

Stephen Lendman | The destructive nexus between Zionism and militarism. more...  0 Comments

Uprising in Angola targets Leviev diamond mining company

Adalah-NY | Portuguese-language reports from Angola document that a rebellion last week against diamond mining companies in the Cuango municipality in northeast Angola was repressed brutally by mining companies’ private security forces, police and military, resulting in at least one death and over 100 arrests. An Angolan human rights activist informed Adalah-NY that Luminas, a company owned partly by Lev Leviev and based near the town of Luremo in Cuango municipality, was one of mining companies targeted in the rebellion. more...  0 Comments

Military Mobilization? DRAFT? Obama–YES; McCain–Yes; Rep. Rangel (D-NY)–Yes!

Paul J. Landis | The country is now preparing to elect a new President and as all our citizens consider their choices, they are confronted with the numbing denial by both Obama and McCain that the Iraq war is Illegal. “Why are Obama and McCain discussing the terrifying idea of a draft” Americans are asking, when “it is your sworn constitutional duty to call for an end to this and future Illegal Wars,” and then, a draft is clearly un-necessary? more...  0 Comments

Iraq War Veterans Arrested While Attempting to Deliver Questions to Obama and Mc

Iraq Veterans Against the War | contingent of veterans in dress and combat uniforms attempted to enter the building where the debate was to be held in order to ask questions about poor veterans' healthcare and supporting war resisters of the candidates, but were turned back by police. IVAW members at the front of the formation were immediately arrested, and others were pushed back into the crowd by police on horseback. Several members were injured, including former Army Sergeant Nick Morgan who suffered a broken cheekbone when he was trampled by police horses before being arrested. more...  1 Comments

Photos of Nassau County Police Attack on Iraq Veterans

ally | Here are photos of the incident last night in which Nassau County Police used horses and batons to brutalize Iraq-war veterans. more...  4 Comments

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