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War & Peace

Former DCI Stansfield Turner: Burn This Book

David Roknich | Tomorrow evening, Admiral Stansfield Turner, former CIA chief under Jimmy Carter will be appearing at
Olsson's Bookstore in Arlington, VA to discuss his new book on the history of the intelligence
community, and how it can be fixed. His views on reform are much more similar to those of

Richard Nixon, than those of our current president. Nixon, a traditional republican, took a

dim view of the CIA:
"What the hell do those clowns do out there in Langley," he is quoted as complaining at one

point. "What use are they? They've got forty thousand people over there reading newspapers."
Perhaps they like to admire their

own work. more...  0 Comments

Another milestone in Iraq: 2000 US dead

A Nony Mouse | Another milestone has been reached in Iraq: 2000 US soldiers are dead; actions are planned around US today. more...  0 Comments

Weds 10/26 Stop Killer Coke - Global Tour & NYC Press Conf, Rally,March

UNITED STUDENTS AGAINST SWEATSHOPS | Pressure Mounts on Coca-Cola in Murder of Workers at its Bottling Plant in Colombia
Lea sobre la accion en Nueva York este miercoles y luego la gira norteamericana - Read about NYC Action first this Wednesday and then the North American Tour also below: more...  0 Comments

The Information Expertise of Ahmed Chalabi

David Roknich | In the conjuring of information that preceded the Iraq War,one the early players was Ahmed Chalabi.
He brought with him to Washington a burning desire to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein, and
intellectual properties beyond measure.
His credentials include a Phd in Mathematics from the University of Chicago (1969), years of
banking experience,and cryptographic abilities allegedly adequate to crack the most sophisticated codes used by the US State Department. His specific mathematical interest was in knot theory, an area of mathematics that has powerful applications in the real world today.
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A Fearful Asymmetry

cwg | “There is no court of justice, there is no executive drawing room powerful enough, or system in this country powerful enough to deal with the ravaging of a country.” She asked we go outside our “comfort zones as the Gradys have and stand up for the helpless people who are the victims of US aggression.”
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This Wednesday 7pm: Activist forum on "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Non-Profits, NGOs & Social Movements"

Max Uhlenbeck |
Please come out this Wednesday night for an important movement discussion with activists & organizers from around New York City. Also this is a magazine release event and fundraiser for Left Turn magazine & Sista ii Sista, come out and support! more...  0 Comments

Plamegate Indictments Coming Tomorrow; Targets Received Letters Today

TWN | Are Karl and Scooter toast? more...  3 Comments

2000 Down

MSNBC News Alert | 2000 Down more...  1 Comments

America's "War against Terror" (Part I)

Stephen J. Sniegoski | "Beginning an offensive war is the most serious international crime," the 1948 International War Crimes Tribunal declared.. Even Richard Perle admitted that the invasion of iraq was illegal.. "International law stands in the way of doing what is right.".. The model of a peaceful world of law changes into a Hobbesian world of lawlessness in which only power conquers. more...  0 Comments

Galloway challenges the US Senate committee to charge him

Neil Williams | The Respect MP George Galloway has thrown down a challenge to the US Senate homeland security committee to charge him with perjury and "I'll see you in court".

Galloway said that he was prepared to fly out immediately to the United States if Senator Norm Coleman, who heads the committee, was prepared to bring charges. The MP has just seen a press release from the committee which alleges that he gave "false and misleading testimony" on May 17. "I deny that absolutely. As I've said a thousand times, I've never benefited personally. Let Coleman bring these charges and I'll rebut them totally."

more...  1 Comments

TIMES UP!'s Annual Halloween Party

X^ | Still We Ride! more...  1 Comments

Indymedia reporter on the ground in Iraq

artemis | Fantastic blog by Indymedia reporter on the ground in iraq, more...  1 Comments

100,000 RINGS: In Remembrance of the Iraqi Dead

Voices for Creative Nonviolence | New York -- Beginning at 12 noon on October 24, bells will toll in remembrance of the more than 100,000 Iraqis who have died as a consequence of the occupation in Iraq. A bell will toll each minute to memorialize the Iraqi fallen. We want to send a message to our Iraqi brothers and sisters that we are not indifferent to their grief. As the bell sounds, we also grieve for every deceased and wounded Iraqi, for every person tortured and detained and disappeared. We grieve for every orphan and widow. more...  0 Comments

Victory as Tito Kayak walks free

Arturo J. Pérez Saad | The U.S. wanted to criminalize Kayak’s action. The district attorney hoped to give him 90 days in prison. But this hearing came soon after the cowardly assassination of independence fighter Filiberto Ojeda Ríos in Puerto Rico by an FBI hit squad. The Puerto Rican community was angry and activated, and came out in large numbers to the Manhattan court. more...  0 Comments

Letter from Times Editor James Reston Admits Coverup of CIA Coup in Guatemala

David Roknich | James Reston, author of the letter transcribed below, might not be entirely happy about it's release today. Edward S Herman of FAIR described him in a 1996 retrospective as "The Insider's Journalist in the Service of Empire". Certainly his career was a mixed one, rich with accolades but laced with a dangerous excess of sympathy for the insiders who fed him his stories. Is this the tradition that provided us the tainted gifts of Judith Miller? In any case, these pages were lying around as pictures in the archives in Urbana, Illinois and I consider it a public service to render them as text. more...  1 Comments

Cindy Sheehan in Brooklyn

Chazcat | I was blessed today by getting to go see Cindy Sheehan deliver the keynote address at the Brooklyn Parents for Peace 3rd Annual Peace Fair.

more...  0 Comments

Counter Curriculum

John Tarleton | The renewed surge in counter-recruiting comes at a time when the Army is trying to rebound from its worst recruiting year in over a quarter century. In the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, the Army fell 6,600 enlistees short of meeting its year-end recruiting goal of 80,000. The Army Reserves and Army National Guard experienced even steeper declines in their recruiting. The Army’s New York City recruiting battalion alone fell almost 2,000 enlistees short of its assigned goal of 3,858 new active duty recruits, according to a battalion spokesperson. With its nearly unlimited resources, the Army has responded by adding another $130 million to its advertising budget and bumping up its total number of recruiters to 12,000. more...  0 Comments

Four U.S. Contractors Killed in Iraq

Makhno | An angry mob of insurgents attacked a convoy of American contractors last month when they got lost in a town north of Baghdad, killing four and wounding two..... more...  1 Comments

World Can't Wait-city-wide-action-meeting:Sunday 23.

If you think this should happen: come and meet all the other students
agree with you; see that you're not alone, and let's plan how to make
real! more...  14 Comments

Fate of Republic in hands of son of NYC doorman

Seamas Connolly | Does Prosecutor Fitzgerald have evidence that Rove launched a covert operation to create forged documents and then conspired to out Valerie Plame when he learned the fraud was being uncovered by Plame's husband? more...  0 Comments

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