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War & Peace

Hundreds Rally for Gaza Outside Israel's UN Mission

Zahra Hankir | Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists gathered in front of the Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday evening, protesting Israel’s bombing campaign against Gaza, which has left over 370 Palestinians dead and over 1,700 injured. The spectators covered the sidewalk of the entire block at the corner of 42nd St and 2nd Ave; at the opposite corner of the street, a much smaller pro-Israel counter-protest was held in support of the Jewish state’s military action against Hamas. more...  0 Comments

New School occupation press conference, 10:30am, Thursday 12/18!

kilroy | A press release from CUNY students at The New School in Exile announces a rally and press conference at 10:30am, Thursday, December 18th. more...  6 Comments

Reflections from a New School Student Occupier

kilroy | At approximately 7 pm tonight I joined with my fellow students in initiating a student occupation of the 65 5th avenue building of the New School. I am here today to show my opposition to business as usual at the university, and to stand in solidarity with other students who feel the same. We come from diverse backgrounds, and different politics, but we all agree that the university needs to change. more...  0 Comments

An Open Letter: Come Occupy a Building with Us...Now

kilroy | An open letter from the student occupiers of the New School University cafeteria. more...  0 Comments

Photos from New School occupation

kilroy | Photos from the cafeteria at the New School University as a student occupation enters its first night. more...  0 Comments

New School demands from the Radical Student Union

kilroy | Wednesday, December 10th, the Radical Student Union issued several demands at a demonstration and sit-in at the Board of Trustees meeting for the New School University. With a student occupation underway in the New School cafeteria, the same demands are being brought to the fore with greater force. more...  4 Comments

JFAV Represents Filipino American Community in Big Events

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) |
The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) continues it unrelenting advocacy even in the advent of the Christmas season 2008.

While the Filipino Veterans Support Bill, SB 3689 hangs in the balance like SB 1315, different JFAV chapters continued it activities everywhere. more...  0 Comments

Assessing the Bush Legacy: The Measure of the Man and His Administration

Stephen Lendman | Bush's ugly and criminal legacy. more...  0 Comments

Bush and the Shoe Video

jamie | "Be sure to check out the second video below the first in which we get the overwhelming reaction of support for this Iraqi hero who is being tortured as he is taken away." more...  0 Comments

Editorial Cartoon: Mission Accomplished!

Mike Flugennock | So, I'm poring over the Drudge Report in my daily search for cheap laffs, and I come across this AP dispatch from Baghdad reporting on the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President Chimp, and think "whoa, that's some cheap laffs – and he almost hit the sonofabitch, too! Sweet!" Later that day, I go by Drudge again, and find a story from AFP noting that the perpetrator of this "shoe-icide attack" is being hailed as a hero in most of the Arab World, and I think "whoa, shit! This story's really growing some legs...!" more...  0 Comments


Viola Chasm | A guilt trip beyond measure more...  10 Comments

The Abduction, Secret Detention, Torture, and Repeated Raping of Aafia Siddiqui

Stephen Lendman | America's war on Islam more...  0 Comments

HAARP and 9/11

Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner | Moret added "This interview addresses the "Energy Budget" as the constraints and method for analysis of the scientific and technological evidence for the use of HAARP and Beam Weapons at the World Trade Center site on 9/11/01." more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | Chicago Protest: U.S. Out of Middle East Now "This is the first speak out of this sort [that I know of] since Obama has been elected." more...  0 Comments

This civilization is rotten to the core !!!

Seven Star Hand | The Vatican and its primary cohorts are the secret rulers of Planet Earth and their primary tools of governance are secrecy and the deceptive triangle formed by money, religion, and politics. It is beyond obvious that monetary, religious, and political leaders will never solve humanity’s persistent problems. To do so would free you from their deceptions and put them out of work… more...  1 Comments

Day 7 of the revolt in Greece

Savas Michael | The Greek Intifada continues and the government is unable to impose its control in the country, spreading fears among the ruling classes all over the European Union. more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | "We knew keeping the windows in the warehouse was a bargaining chip." more...  0 Comments

Colombia/This year have been recruit 11.000 children by illegal groups

Tribunal Internacional sobre la Infancia | The denounce was made by Sergio Tapia, president and International Attorney for Human Rights in the International Tribunal about the childhood affected by the war and the poverty. more...  0 Comments

June 2009: A call to action for a new anti-war strategy

anonymous | June 4-8, 2009!…
As the war rages into a 7th year, we will descend on Lake City, as a part of a new movement - the new incarnation of the anti-war movement. From all over the Midwest and beyond, anarchists and anti-authoritarians will gather to take a physical stand against the supply line dominating their lives and the lives of those across the globe. And, you can join them. more...  0 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | If there is a happy ending to the Groundhog Day of repeated wars and plunder, it may well be found in the very mass movement whose enthusiasts registered voters and knocked on doors and brought Obama to power. Will they now be satisfied as spectators to the cynicism of "continuity"? more...  0 Comments

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