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War & Peace

Populist #15

Franklin | The guiding principle in the creation of our Constitution was that any power not expressly authorized to the government was strictly forbidden. more...  0 Comments

Propaganda 101 Presents First Saturdays

Propaganda 101 | This event will feature: art, djs, propmag mini-mags, cheap drinks, free snacks, and more. Propaganda 101 is a youth based, grassroots, multimedia group that works to inject progressive politics into pop culture. We believe in creativity as a powerful political force, capable of combating the destruction and apathy so prevalent in the world today. Our First Saturdays, which take place at Brooklyn's Studio 459, aim to delight and awaken the senses of anumb society.
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Mayaguez Students Occupy ROTC Building

todd, forwarding | Students joined together in the Filiberto Ojeda Rios Contingent to occupy an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) building in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Umbrella group named for Independista leader and here recently assassinated by FBI.
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Che | How do we remember Rosa Parks?
By Turning the 50th Anniversary of the day that she was arrested - December 1
in to a Nationwide Day Of Absence Against Poverty Racism and War
March On WALL ST - more...  1 Comments



WHERE: US Military Recruitment Island,
44th and Broadway, in Times Square

WHEN: Tomorrow, Friday, November 4th, 5:30pm

Press Release below more...  0 Comments

The US Elephant

Harold Pinter | "The US elephant has grown into a monster of grotesque and obscene proportions. The special relations between the US and the United Kingdom in the last years have led to the deaths of thousands upon thousands of people.. All this happened under the sign of a moral crusade to bring peace and stability to the world." more...  0 Comments

Peaceful Counter Recruitement Protest at Hunter College

Jacek Gancarz | About 50 people turned up at Hunter College, today, November 2, 2005 to protest the presence of US military recruiters at the college job fair. more...  6 Comments

Images: World Can't Wait

fred askew | Photographs from the World Can't Wait march and rally more...  12 Comments

World Can't Wait, NYC: Hundreds Walk-Out, Thousands March

Stanley W. Rogouski and a report by Jed Brandt | Jed Brandt writes: "Of the core crowd, 75% were high school and college students who had walked out from city-wide high schools and Manhattan campuses. The crowd was energetic, and noticably distinct from the "usual suspects" of the New York activist left who were totally missing in action as coherent groupings. Interestingly enough, this made the crowd distinctly more lively than ritual protests peopled by the activist scene, and more intimate and human-level than the largest mass mobilizations organized by UFPJ and ANSWER. There was a noticable drop in "grumbling at the margins." [Coverage at US IMC || More Photos]

Stanley W. Rogouski writes: "Several thousand people showed up to demand an end to the Bush Regime as part of a nationwide series of demonsrations put on by World Can't Wait. The march was dominated by NYC high school kids who walked out of school to protest the Bush administration. more...  115 Comments

Suicidal Statecraft and Intrigues in Washington

Oliver Minkwitz | "Suicidal statecraft. Sadly for President George W Bush's place in history but-much more important-ominously for America's future, it has lately seemed as if that adroit phrase might be applicable to the policies pursued by the US since the cataclysm of 9/11." more...  0 Comments

Taser rewrites History

TASER IMHO | Taser and it's founders are making a very strong effort to change it's history regarding what it said and why it said it! more...  0 Comments

Film PRIVATE to open in NYC on Nov. 18

Alex Williams | Italian filmmaker Saverio Costanzo's PRIVATE is a powerful psychological drama that explores the Arab-Israeli conflict from the perspective of a Palestinian family of seven whose home is suddenly, forcefully occupied by Israeli soldiers. Selected to represent Italy at this year's Oscars, PRIVATE was rejected by the Motion Picture Academy because the film is in Arabic, Hebrew and English languages and no Italian is spoken in the film. more...  0 Comments

Neo-Wilsonism Dead in Iran

David Roknich |

"Usama, iranians do not want a theocratic state,religion should be put aside, and democracy take hold.and no we dont need america's help."

"Iranian Girl" Blog

A new secular Iran is evolving from the cocoon of its traditional culture. The cocoon serves a purpose, until the new creature casts it aside and takes wing.
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Hot97 Bans Paid Ad for World Can't Wait Walk-outs

the burningman | As if the Tsunami song wasn't bad enough, the corporate parent company of Hot97, where "hip hop rules the world" has forbidden a paid public service announcement by Boots Reily of the rap group The Coup from going out on the airwaves today. more...  6 Comments

New Community RSS Feed: Alive in Baghdad

NYC IMC | While the vast majority of NYC IMC's rss feeds are from local activists, blogs, and media organizations, we thought it was important to highlight the work of Alive in Baghdad. is a great website run by an unembedded Indymedia reporter, Brain Conley and has articles, photos and video clips Brian has been compliling while in Amman and now in Iraq. He has only been in Iraq a few days and has already witnessed several bombings. He had a in depth interview with Hanna Ibrahim, director of the association “Women’s Will” which supports refugees and advocates for women’s rights in Iraq.

The webite also has a great compilation of Iraqi blogs, where Iraqis speak in their own words about the occupation of their country. more...  1 Comments

Anacostia Diaries and Kid Sunday Bi Weekly Mix

Thinktank RX and PBC Networks | The Anacostia Diaries and Thinktank RX Join forces to bring you information and entertainment out ofthe mundane social climate. more...  0 Comments


Ludwig Watzal | Fundamentalism instrumentalizes religion to justify violence and revenge, distorts God's nature and replaces the option for the poor with the warrior cult. Faith, the leap over 70,000 fathoms of water (Hierkegaard), is more interruption than custom and more love and devotion than emotion. Faith is personal but not private. The gospel is the transvaluation of all values. The state must not become a trouph for special interests; the state must be a social state that provides an infrastructure for children of tomorrow. more...  0 Comments

WASH. POST'S "LOST" CHART -- The "CIA's Airline"

Anon | The Washington Post has researched the planes the CIA uses for rendition (kidnap-torture) flights and carrying cargo (arms, drugs, money. It said it showed a chart outlining the CIA air operations to the CIA, and the CIA had "no comment." Could this be the lost chart?
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GABNet Holds Emergency Candlelight Vigil to Protest Crimes Against Humanity in the Philippines

GABRIELA Network | Women’s group GABRIELA Network commemorates Philippine Women’s Day of Protest, holds emergency nationwide candlelight vigil to protest human rights violations perpetrated by Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and US President Bush’s so-called War on Terror. more...  0 Comments

Impeachment Time: Grab the Torches and Pitchforks!

Dave Lindorff | Self-styled “progressives” in Congress should stop being afraid to demand Bush’s head. The Fitzgerald indictment is now about one man lying; it’s about a cover-up of the president’s and vice president’s mad scheme to trick the country into a war in Iraq, and that calls for impeachment. A bill of impeachment should be introduced right away more...  4 Comments

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