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War & Peace

Admit It: The US Has Been Defeated in Iraq

Dave Lindorff | Congressman Murtha is right to call for a withdrawal from Iraq, as no amount of further combat will change the truth. This war is lost. Now it’s time to assign blame for the disaster and to punish the culprits. more...  1 Comments

War, budget cuts ignite voter rebellion

Tim Wheeler/People's Weekly World | WASHINGTON — President George W. Bush’s smear tactics failed to silence his growing opposition as the peace movement and defenders of the poor stepped up their fight against the Iraq war and a Republican proposal to cut $50 billion from federal programs for low-income Americans. more...  0 Comments

CHART & TABLE -- Explains CIA Flights in the News

Clayton Hallmark | QUESTION: WILL CIA AGENTS BE TREATED AS "FOREIGN COMBATANTS" BY FOREIGN COUNTRIES WHEN THEY OPERATE OUTSIDE THE LAW? There is plenty of evidence in the news of illegal (under international and non-US laws) CIA operations. The European Commission JUST ANNOUNCED (Nov. 15) it will NOT investigate published reports that the CIA set up secret jails in Eastern Europe to detain high-profile terrorism suspects. However, it strongly warned against such jails. Germany, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden have all been linked to the CIA's use of planes for the transit of prisoners allegedly subjected to extra-judicial detention and torture. News media reported also that the group Human Rights Watch "claims records and other evidence point to POLAND and ROMANIA as countries that allowed their territory to be used by the CIA to jail top suspected al-Qaeda captives." We report that HRW knows that from tracing the movements of CIA planes and WE PROVIDE A LIST OF THE 28 PLANES, 8 SHELL COMPANIES, AND SEVERAL CIA-RELATED COMPANIES. Of course the CIA and the US government deny that secret airlines (illegal under US law), renditions, and torture are part of the CIA's repertoire more...  0 Comments

Recap of November 16th Counter Recuitment in Brooklyn

in our hearts | During the day, we gave out over 500 flyers-- some presenting our position on fighting the government's bullshit wars, while others presented concrete reasons to not join the military (a flyer written by a black anarchist Vietnam war veteran, as well a newspaper directed toward people who have already enlisted with resources on what they can do now that they have signed up.) The response from passersby was very positive-- many people stopped to talk and thanked us for being there, and some recounted stories of people in their lives who are currently in the military" [See More Pictures] more...  8 Comments

Populist #16

Franklin | On Defects in our System of Elections more...  0 Comments

Veterans March (Eventually) and Speak Out Against the War

Erin Thompson | On Friday, Nov. 11 a group of about 150 members of the Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Black Veterans for Social Justice, Incarcerated Veterans Consortium, Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, and the Gold Star Mothers for Peace gathered at 28th street between 5th and Madison, to participate in New York’s annual Veterans Day Parade. The groups had sponsored one of the eight floats in the parade and were scheduled to march with the Third Brigade of the parade. They were also marching with a stridently anti-war message. more...  0 Comments

Leading Pro-War Democrat Speaks Out Against War

Kevin Zeese, DemocracyRising | "The war in Iraq is not going as advertised. It is a flawed policy wrapped in illusion.." Rep. John Murtha, D-PA more...  0 Comments

KLAN RALLY in Kingston 11/19 - We Need Your Help

Wynter | Saturday November 19th , Noon
Kingston Highschool
403 Broadway, Kingston NY

for more info contact more...  5 Comments

US Didn't Use Phosphorus Bombs on Civilians Because It Called All Civilians Insurgents

Dave Lindorff | Caught in a lie when it initially denied using phosphorus bombs in the assault on Fallujah, the Pentagon had to concede it used the weapons. It fell back on the claim that it only used the incendiary defices on militants, not civilians--but then, in that assault, the Pentagon trapped all males in the city, considering them all insurgents. more...  0 Comments

The Language War: DoD Funding and Critical Language Study

Adam Federman | The funding of language study in the United States is largely dependent upon the needs of the foreign policy establishment. Thus, on the rare occasion that Americans are encouraged to study a language other than their own, which is itself rather infrequent, it is for the expressed purpose of, oh, defending the nation, deciphering intelligence, or if one truly makes it to the big leagues, carrying out covert operations as an undercover agent. more...  0 Comments

Woman GI Publicly Stands Against War!

Courage to Resist | Army National Guard Specialist Katherine Jashinski, on
active duty with the 111th ASG since January of this year, will make a
public statement against war as a conscientious objector in the face of
orders to participate in weapons training and deploy to the Middle East. more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Fallujah

Larmee | Fallujah more...  0 Comments

Germ Warfare: The Second Front of Scooter Libby, Judy Miller and Dick Cheney

By Jeremy Scahill | With all the leaking and smearing they were doing in selling the Iraq war, Scooter Libby and his "former" boss Dick Cheney still found the time to conduct a parallel propaganda war in which they attempted to use the US public as guinea pigs. And once again, Judy Miller served as a crucial PR agent for the cause. more...  0 Comments

Images: Stop Recruitment, Brooklyn NY

fred askew | Photographs from the Flatbush Ave. Armed Forces Career Center more...  1 Comments

Globalizing Law Enforcement

Adam Federman | In January of this year a groundbreaking ceremony at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Roswell, New Mexico initiated construction of a new 24,500 square foot building that will be used to train mid-level law enforcement managers from around the world. It is the latest effort in the globalization of law enforcement strategies influenced and increasingly shaped by the present war on terror and national security concerns. more...  1 Comments

Shake & Bake: Who Would Jesus Burn?

Dave Lindorff | The US has now matched Saddam, crime for crime, using chemical weapons against the Iraqi people. Coming next: Bush in the box? more...  0 Comments

An Evening with Writer and Activist ARIEL DORFMAN

Yvonne Liu | ARIEL DORFMAN was forced into exile following the 1973 Chilean military coup. Since 1985 he has taught at Duke University. Dorfman has written powerful fiction dealing with the horrors of tyranny and the trials of exile. His 1990 "Death and the Maiden" was made into a brilliant film by Roman Polanski, starring Ben Kingsley and Sigourney Weaver. His play "The Other Side" opens at the Manhattan Theatre Club in December. more...  1 Comments

U.S Admits Use of "White Phosphorus" in Iraq After Earlier Denials

From the BBC newswire |
The Pentagon has confirmed that US troops used white phosphorus during last year's offensive in the northern Iraqi city of Falluja.

"It was used as an incendiary weapon against enemy combatants," spokesman Lt Col Barry Venable told the BBC - though not against civilians, he said. The US earlier denied it had been used in Falluja at all. more...  1 Comments

Dick & Don's Cabal | click on the link for the diagram of the Dick & Don conspiracy that shows the noble liars and their sinister network more...  1 Comments

Confronting Minutemen Vigilantes at the Border, Wed 11/16, 7pm Bluestockings

onto | Confronting Minutemen Vigilantes at the Border
Wednesday, November 16th @ 7pm -- Donation

As migration becomes the “spectre haunting empire”, it is critical that we take part in the struggle for freedom of movement. more...  1 Comments

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