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War & Peace

A Trip Through the Iraq Archive

AK Gupta | As George W. Bush proposes yet another "plan for victory" in Iraq, we take a look back at previous Indypendent coverage of the disaster that has been the Iraq war.

12/01/05 Democracy Now! Interview On Iraqi Death Squads || Let a Thousand Militias Bloom || DN! Interview on Iraqi Militas || Iraq's Oily Referendum || Looking for a Winning Strategy || The US Is the Problem, Not the Solution more...  2 Comments

Propaganda 101 First Saturdays

Propmag 101 | Every month Propmag 101 works to find new artists and writers to put together its First Saturday Parties and Mini-Mags. Our ultimate goal is to inject progressive politics into pop culture and build community. Come out to Studio 459 in Brooklyn on December 3rd to see what we're all about. more...  0 Comments

Battle Of Algiers Screening-Thursday!-Brooklyn

k.see | Come see Battle of Algiers in Brooklyn, presented by The Empty Vessel Project and Visual Resistance. It's on a boat, on the Gowanus. 8pm more...  2 Comments

The truth from our own soldiers about Iraq: Letters from redeploying soldiers

Jay Shaft | Letters from recently redeployed soldiers

more...  1 Comments

Tragedy & Farce: The Battle for a Free Press

Joseph Huff-Hannon / The New Press | Join journalist John Nichols (The Nation, The Madison Capital Times) and award winning author and media critic Robert W. McChesney for a talk on their new book, TRAGEDY & FARCE: HOW THE AMERICAN MEDIA SELL WARS, SPIN ELECTIONS AND DESTROY DEMOCRACY (The New Press; Nov. 2005).

The authors lay out one of the broadest and most hard-hitting media critiques out there today, using the previous election and the war in Iraq as case studies. Nichols and McChesney chart the precipitous fall in standards for political and international reportage in the US, document the disastrous consequences of embedded news, and report on the burgeoning, and inspiring, media reform movement in the US.

Monday, December 5, 8:00pm. Free Admission
The New School – Theresa Lang Center
55 West 13th Street, 2nd Floor
RSVP at 212 229-5488 or more...  1 Comments

Bush Wanted to Bomb the Al Jazeera Broadcasting Center

Florian Roetzer | According to the memo, Blair dissuaded Bush from the plan that would make the position of the US and Great Britain completely incredible and provoke a worldwide storm of protest. more...  0 Comments

BlackState: Lil Kim's In JAil But Not The Bush Administration | Not to be outdone by Lil Kim, The Bush Gangstas debut album will likely drop in 2006 to coincide with the mid-term elections, their single entitled “More American Than You” has already made it around republican blog sites and chat rooms. Their album will likely feature gangsta republican Tom Delay, whose recent indictment has solidified his street cred. more...  0 Comments

White Phosphorus and the Double-Speak of War

Rainer Rupp | In a Pentagon report, the tactical use of WP against Kurds was decried as the use of a chemical weapon. Cover-up efforts are underway in the US to limit the political damage in using white phosphorus in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

First Amendment defendant gets postponement

Pete Dolack | The trial of Geoffrey Blank, facing four years in jail for the "crime" of speaking in Union Square, has been postponed until January 24. more...  2 Comments

What did Karl Walter know about Taser’s books?

TASER IMHO | NASDAQ threatened to de-list TASER from its trading system. more...  0 Comments

Info/letter writing night for queer, anarchist, Political Prisoner Mehmet Tarhan Thursday night

Free Mehmet! | The event will be at Bluestockings Books
172 Allen Street (Between Stanton and Rivington)
December 1st, 2005
Free more...  0 Comments

Beyond Hollywood: War Weariness in the US

Werner Pirker | "The question is only whether this government will ever be sovereign to make and enforce sovereign decisions. Its sovereignty is now limited to supporting the occupation or conjuring a future in national self-determination harmonious with the occupying power.." more...  1 Comments

The Currency of Black Gold

Elmar Altvater | "A European policy agaisnt the war and the ecological destruction should be based on solar energy sources, and offer an alternative for those citizens of the USA who are not willing to support the Iraq policy of the Bush administration." more...  0 Comments

Taser takes on eBay

TASER IMHO | Taser International threatened the on-line marketplace eBay with legal actions to force the removal of all listings of any items using the trademarked “TASER” moniker. more...  1 Comments

If Our Ostensible Alley Says Blowing Up Our Troops is Okay, It's Time to Head Home

Dave Lindorff | Maybe I’m missing something, but if killing our guys is patriotic resistance in the view of the people we’re supposedly “liberating,” then what are we doing sending our guys over there for? Target practice? Does this make sense to anybody besides Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice? more...  2 Comments

Long Island Buy Nothing Day Actions

anonymous | On November 25th, Buy Nothing Day, several actions against consumerism took place on Long Island. In the morning, five banners were dropped over a number of overpasses on the Meadowbrook Pkwy, on the path leading towards the massive Roosevelt Field Mall where thousands of consumers were waiting to buy worthless items at low prices. more...  8 Comments

Rodriguez Approves CIA Tortures --US Lawyers Front for CIA

Clayton Hallmark | We describe CIA treatment of prisoners so you can judge for yourself. Each escalation of maltreament reportedly comes ONLY after an inquiry to, and approval from, JOSE RODRIGUEZ, the CIA's Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) at the McLean, VA, headquarters. We describe how the torture works and how agents work it with Mr. Rodriguez (and allegedly with his predecessors, Stephen Kappes and James Pavitt).
The CIA shuttles the prisoners around the world on civilian aircraft, almost all of which the CIA owns. The CIA owns the aircraft through holding companies that have one employee -- a contracted private attorney in the US. A Smithfield, NC, firm, Aero Contractors, operates most of the planes. We show how the CIA aviation office works with private attorneys. The lawyers have no need to know what the planes are used for, and undoubtedly the CIA does not tell them about prisoner transports. more...  0 Comments


Clayton Hallmark | CIA-AIRPLANE SHELL COMPANIES Have ONE Employee: A LAWYER. A list of known fronts, including Prescott, is below. The chart shows how the fronts and other, real, companies work for the CIA. more...  0 Comments

Beyond That Memo: Bush Wanted al Jazeera Gone

Jeremy Scahill | If true, Bush's threat to bomb al Jazeera is a bold confirmation of what many journalists already believe: that the Bush Administration views us all as enemy combatants.
more...  0 Comments

Vegetarians Between Meals: This War Cannot Be Stopped By A Loyal Opposition

Jeremy Scahill | None of the horrors playing out in Iraq today would be possible without the Democratic Party. And no matter how hard some party leaders try to deny it, this is their war too and will remain so until every troop is withdrawn. more...  0 Comments

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