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War & Peace

Iraq took away our innocence!- Spc. Douglas Barber OIF Vet with PTSD

Jay Shaft | Interview with Spc. Douglas Barber- OIF Vet suffering from PTSD
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TUESDAY Dec 6: Counter-Recruitment protest featuring Charles Barron, Victor Paredes, Roberto Rosario and more!

Campus Antiwar Network | The protest at the Chambers St recruiting station -- down the street from Borough of Manhattan Community College -- at noon tomorrow will feature the following speakers:
* CHARLES BARRON, city council member who has introduced legislation to ban military recruiters from NYC public high schools
* VICTOR PAREDES, brother of war resister Pablo Paredes, speaking on the one-year anniversary of his brother's refusal to board his ship to Iraq
* ROBERTO ROSARIO, a member of the Campus Antiwar Network at City College whose sister served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who almost joined the Army himself before becoming a counter-recruiter instead
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US Statement On Extraordinary Rendition: full text

David Roknich | This is the complete statement concerning "CIA torture flights" read by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, this morning, December 5, 2005 as transcribed by the US State Department. more...  1 Comments

Call To Action: NYC WRL Funeral Procession Friday, December 9 at 5:30 PM

Thomas Good | The New York City Local of the War Resisters League has announced its second monthly funeral procession.
The event will occur at Washington Square Park (at the arch) on December 9th (this Friday) at 5:30 PM.
Participants (and endorsers) are being asked to contact the organizers to ensure an adequate supply of
materials (coffins, candles, fliers, etc.) is available. more...  1 Comments

What Democracy, Exactly, Are We Exporting? Let's Hope It's Not Ours

Dave Lindorff | Long ago, the US stopped making things, and that was it for exporting stuff like TVs, cars, etc. Then America starting outsourcing services, so instead of exporting things like accounting or customer service, we import them. Now Bush says we’re exporting democracy, but if we don’t practice it at home, how can we hope to do that either? more...  0 Comments

December 9th-Interational Day of action in support of Turkish anarchist political prisoner Mehmet Tarhan

Free Mehmet! | Mehmet Tarhan is a queer anarchist total/conscientious objector who has been imprisoned in Turkey since April 2005 because of his rejection of military service. The Free Mehmet Defense Network was started in order to coordinate with other international defense networks and groups as well as individuals (especially in the United States and Canada) to see our comrade, Mehmet Tarhan, free. more...  0 Comments

Chicago FBI Alerted to Politically Motivated Hack Initial Statement | Chicago, IL, December 4, 2005 — Around 12:00 AM on Sunday, Chicago based was electronically attacked and invaded by politically motivated hackers. The attackers manipulated the prices of the items sold on the site, in some cases lowering prices by over five-hundred percent. "We are outraged by this blatant attack on our freedom of speech. This is fraud, it is an intrusion, it costs money, and at the same time it justifies what does. This hack proves what we are up against when we raise our voices and try to make this country a better place." more...  3 Comments

TomSongs releases new "Anti-Iraq War" song "BushWhacked"

TomSongs | Tom Chelston, American Military Veteran and Singer/Songwriter is opposed to Bush's war. "BushWhacked" is written in support of Veterans For Peace.
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"LA UNA Y MIL NOCHES" (Un Cuento Sobre Bagdad)

ALEJANDRO CÉSAR ALVAREZ | Escrito el 23-03-2003 y publicado en la web en el sitio "Cuentos Globales", Málaga (España) el día 27-04-2004 more...  0 Comments

Help Free the CPT 4

Concerned Friend of Peace | We appeal to those holding these activists to release them unharmed so that they may continue their vital work as witnesses and peacemakers.

FOR MORE INFO, VISIT more...  1 Comments


Lloyd Hart |
Our site is supported by members of many grass roots environmental,
social, climate and alternative media organisations. more...  1 Comments

Neocons 'R' Bushed

I | "...In all of America, Bush could not have chosen a less critical, more muzzled and gullible crowd to peddle his pull-out from the quagmire. No embarrassing outbursts from this plebeian crowd, only rapturous ovation (and snoring) on every cue. more...  0 Comments

U.S. Must Investigate Aegis & Tim Spicer

Daithí Mac Lochlainn | …from The Times (UK):

“Colonel Barry Johnson, the United States military spokesman in Baghdad, said the US military is reviewing the video ‘to see if an investigation is warranted and whether to open one’. Colonel Johnson, added: ‘They [the US military] are assessing it to determine if there is any evidence that warrants an investigation. The first indication I had of this case was some days ago.’

Foreign contractors are required to obey the same rules as the military in warning civilian motorists not to approach convoys by waving them away and firing warning shots. Part of the video footage appears to show a civilian car accelerating towards the convoy vehicle.” more...  0 Comments

95 % US dailies ignored report on torture of Iraqi prisoners

ENOUGH | more...  1 Comments

Iraq: A Rush for the Exits

Dave Lindorff | With the pressure building for the US to start retreating from Iraq, and our coalition “allies” abandoning ship, what’s a soldier in Iraq to think? Déjà vu. It’s 1970 Vietnam. more...  1 Comments

Populist #17

Franklin | On the Judicial Branch more...  0 Comments

Interview with Iraq Veteran Against the War Tomas Young

Tom Klammer | Tomas Young is a member of Iraq Veterans against the War and is an advocate for stem cell research. He was interviewed recently on "Tell Somebody" on 90.1 FM KKFI, Kansas City Community Radio- Tell Somebody airs Saturdays at 5:30pm Central Time. more...  0 Comments

Conflict Within the Peace Movement

Nick Cooper | Those of us who put effort in working for peace, justice and harmony, may find ourselves exhibiting the very opposite of these values. Within volunteer groups, there is sometimes hostility, infighting, and even threats and violence. We are often so sure that we're right, that we become authoritarian. We feel that our quiet and peaceful voice simply isn't being heard, and we need to switch to a louder hostile one. Often, we abandon the work of organizing as our groups become consumed with infighting. The work of transforming our interactions into healthier ones is replaced by a bitter mantra: "if only we could get rid of these certain people, everything would be fine." more...  3 Comments

National Day of Counter-Recruitment Action on December 6; NYC action at BMCC recruiting station

Campus Antiwar Network | On December 6, NYC protesters will gather at the military recruiting station by BMCC, as part of a national day of counter-recruitment action organized by the Campus Antiwar Network and endorsed by Cindy Sheehan, Howard Zinn, Dahr Jamail, war resisters Pablo Paredes and Camilo Mejia, Progressive Democrats of America director Tim Carpenter, and many more -- including, by a unanimous vote of the city council, the city of Berkeley, CA. more...  2 Comments

HCKRS muestra como romper claves WEP

anonimo | HCKRS muestra como romper claves WEP de los puntos de acceso inalambricos en unos poco minutos more...  0 Comments

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