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War & Peace

they cut down trees

Yoni H. Mishal | in the day to day struggle people in the occupied territories live in‭, ‬a new threat appears‭. ‬for the past few months settlers in‭ ‬the west bank have increased the attacks on trees‭, ‬cutting down olive trees which are the main source of income to many families of local Palestinian farmers‭. ‬ more...  0 Comments

Pictures of the World Can't Wait Rally at Times Square

Suzaka | World can't wait - Protest the State of the Union at Times Square more...  0 Comments

Free Leonard Peltier - Mon. Feb 6 - Union Sq.

Free Leonard Peltier | Join us on February 6 to demand the release of Leonard Peltier. We will rally on the east side of Union Square, at the site of the plaque commemorating indigenous settlements in Manhattan. This rally and speakout will mark the launch of a series of actions this year as we struggle to free Leonard Peltier. more...  0 Comments

Jonathan Tasini : Hillary's anti-war challenger comes to Yonkers, NY

Jason Gooljar | Tired of Senators in NY who support the Iraqi occupation? Tired of all those free trade agreements being supported by New York Senators? Do you like the sound of Medicare being expanded for everyone? Then you need Tasini! more...  4 Comments

The New "Did this Really Happen? Blog Quiz

Dave Lindorff | Shocking! Incredible! Play and win self-esteem! See if you are smarter than the entire Bush cabinet! more...  0 Comments


peaceie | the song that's sweeping the web .... Iraqomo more...  0 Comments

Our Fundamentalists and Theirs: Political Cartoons, Jyllands-Posten, and Beyond

occasional IMC contributor | I’ve often wondered what I would have done if I had been older when the Satanic Verses was published. Someone on the left—and not some mealy mouthed democrat, either, but someone on the real left, a progressive, a radical, an anti-imperialist—needs to say this, needs to say that the entire foundation of Western modernity is grounded in a movement away from religious censorship of communication and thought. Marx thought this was true; 19th century anarchists thought this was true too. Of course, they also knew that it wasn’t always true—that political freedom covered up and served as a mask for deeper systems of economic and social unfreedom. But they also knew that despite all its flaws, this Enlightenment move was a good one, and that the shackles of religious censorship were better off than on. Perhaps all this makes me a sraight white man, or an “unreconstructed enlightenmentist.” But my political radicalism comes from belief in these things, too. more...  52 Comments

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra is seeking Trombone Players!

The RMO | Hello there. The RMO, a radical marching band in NYC, is currently seeking trombonistas. If you play trombone and wish to be part of a band that plays music to support social change, please let us know. more...  2 Comments

Commission Of Inquiry Into Bush War Crimes And Crimes Against Humanity To Present Preliminary Findings

Bush Crimes Commission | The International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity by the Bush Administration will present its preliminary findings on whether the Bush Administration has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Its areas of indictment are: 1) war, 2) torture, 3) global environment, 4) global health, and 5) the administration’s response to Katrina. more...  2 Comments


CITIZENS FOR FAIR LEGISLATION | Representatives Ros-Lehtinen and Lantos have sponsored a resolution
calling for devastating and extreme measures against the Palestinians
to punish them for electing a Hamas led Palestinian Authority. This
resolution calls for a ban to all financial aid to the PA; a travel
ban on all representatives of the PA; ending all financial support for
UN programs linked to the PA (including food and education programs);
closing PLO offices in Washington; and restricting the movements of
the Palestinian representative to the UN. more...  0 Comments

Karl Schroeder, scifi/fantasy writer

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Karl Schroeder about scifi/fantasy, the end of the Modern/Postmodern age, Foresight Studies, health care, the world is getting better. more...  0 Comments

Threatening with the Checkbook

Thalif Deen | In 1984 the US cancelled its membership in the UN organization for education, scince and culture (UNESCO). Down-is-up America, the land of reversible cups, harvests only fear and mockery as long as arrogance and greed marginalize criticism and correction. All people desire freedom and self-determination, not occupation and foreign control. more...  0 Comments

lies and wars

murdock todd cote (doc) | speech 31-1-6 more...  0 Comments

The UN’s lethal role in Haiti, Ivory Coast

G. Dunkel | The UN presence provides a buffer for the Bush administration from criticisms like that of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus and other Black leaders demanding U.S. withdrawal from Haiti, and making the obvious connection to the occupation and war in Iraq. more...  0 Comments


New York Spartacist League | Spartacist Black History Month Speaking Tour: "Race, Class and Socialist Revolution: Class-Struggle Road to Black Freedom", "Mumia Is an Innocent Man! The Fight to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!" more...  0 Comments

Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee Statement on "World Can't Wait"

Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee | The following is a statement from the Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee on "World Can't Wait" (WCW), the organizers of tomorrow's "Bush Step Down" protests. more...  23 Comments

In the name of "ABB:" Liberal left "fights the right" by chasing after it

Roy Rollin | No one, in his or her right mind, would assert that the main contradiction in American politics today is between Republicans and Democrats. Rather it is between the bi-partisan war party and a majority of Americans who oppose the war but lack a political outlet to express their opposition to it. The politics of "lesser evilism" pursued by the mainstream liberal left under the guise of "Anybody But Bush" (ABB) bears no small share of the responsibility for this for this sad state of affairs. Because the liberal left has helped co-opt any and every mass movement into the dead-end of Democratic Party politics, the antiwar movement, which put millions of people into the streets, doesn't have a single representative in any elected body in the U.S. and is dependent on the whims of pro-war politicians and the "swing state" voters that supposedly support them. more...  0 Comments

Banner Drop: Filibuster Alito

GW | Anti fascist anarchist activists unfurled a banner on NYC's Upper East Side during rush hour today... as part of a nation-wide call to action to halt the approval of Alito to the Supreme Court. "It's as if George Bush was going to be president for the next 30 years, wouldn't you try to do something?" more...  4 Comments

The Mayanization of Marxist Leninism

Sam Libby | Historical antecedents to present indigenas uprising. more...  1 Comments

the long road

murdock todd cote | journey home more...  1 Comments

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