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War & Peace

'Reverend' Robertson: Christian killer on video

Foreign Press Foundation | Robertson, host of the US 'Christian' Broadcasting Network's, The 700 Club, and founder of the 'Christian Coalition of America', called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. - What happened to the Bible's: 'Thou shalt not Kill'?
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New Yorkers, check out what happened in Utah

Fredric L. Rice | The Mayor of Salt Lake City is spearheading the pickets and protests against George Bush for when the butcher visits the State next week so as a warning and training exercise to try to keep the massive pickets and protests down in numbers, Bush's fascists violently raided a 100% legal, 100% peaceful music party more...  1 Comments

When are foreign troops overstaying their welcome?

populist | Almost always, to be sure! Anytime. anywhere! more...  0 Comments

Israel: The withdrawal from Gaza... a step towards peace?

Yossi Schwartz | Middle East more...  0 Comments

The 'new constitution' in Iraq is illegal.

Foreign Press Foundation | The Geneva Conventions (IV) of 1949 - also signed by the United States - prohibit the modification of the domestic laws or legal institutions of the occupied power. more...  0 Comments

“WARNING: You Are Under Martial Law”

Karen Kilroy | Each one of us must come forward and do something to bring a stop to this war. more...  2 Comments

Will US Prosecutors Charge Pat Robertson With Incitement to Kill Hugo Chavez?

Umar ben-Ivan Lee | Under the rationale of the new US incitement laws; which are aimed at cracking down on religious and political leaders who incite followers to violence, Pat Robertson should be charged with incitement to murder.

Robertson recently said regarding Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez “"If he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it," Robertson told viewers on his "The 700 Club" show Monday.”It's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war."
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1933 Berlin a calling?

EyesWideOpen | Check out the videos here. Are we that far away from a police state yet folks? more...  11 Comments

The Vatican

Brent Herbert | Corporate Religion more...  0 Comments

Listen to Yourself

The Wind | To go to Crawford? more...  1 Comments

Pat Robertson Calls for Assassinatin of Hugo Chavez on 700 Club

reposted from | Media Matters found this amazing footage of Christian Fascist Pat Robertson urging assassintation. more...  10 Comments

War & War Crimes & ICC, Oh My!

kalitara | A new documentary explores the Iraq War, War Crimes at Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo Bay, and the US exemption of the International Criminal Court. more...  1 Comments

COLLEGE NOT COMBAT contingent in September 24 protest

Campus Antiwar Network | Join the COLLEGE NOT COMBAT contingent in the national antiwar protest on September 24, to march with students, teachers, parents, and community members demanding an end to military recruitment in our schools and neighborhoods. more...  0 Comments

Galloway vs. Hitchen - Sept. 14th

towncryer | George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens Debate the Iraq War

Moderated by Amy Goodman, Host of Democracy Now!
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Activist's Organizing Tool Page

Lynda Carson | Seek and You May Find... more...  0 Comments

Pittsburgh Police Use Tasers At Counter-Recruiting Demo

CounterRecruiter | Pittsburgh Indymedia has more coverage on the protests including video of the shooting. At least five protesters were arrested and two were hospitalized. One woman was bit by a police dog. A second woman suffered injuries after being shot... [Read More] more...  1 Comments

Counter-Recruitment demonstrators shot with Tasers, bitten by dogs

Posted By Lloyd Hart | Today in Oakland in front of the Army Recruiting Center on Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh Police and University of Pittsburgh Police fought with protestors on the sidewalk. more...  0 Comments

Sheehan tells it like it is!

Messenger | Cindy Sheehan speaks out regarding the right-wing media smear campaign, and what she wants from coward George. more...  0 Comments

Religion, and Unity-Struggle-Unity With Progressive Religious Forces

by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party,
Revolution #012, August 21, 2005, posted at

EDITORS' NOTE: This is part of a
series of excerpts on various subjects--drawn from conversations and discussions,
as well as more formal talks, by Bob Avakian--which we will be running in this
newspaper over the next period of time. This has been edited for publication.
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Art of War : Making a Killing on Wall Street

Larmee | Making a Killing on Wall Street:

Stock prices of Halliburton, Exxon, British Petroleum, Boeing (and other war-related companies) have doubled since the Iraq Invasion

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