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War & Peace

Statement by the activists of Iran to International anti imperialist, anti war forces

Worker Freedom | You might be aware that ICFTU &TUAC -OECD has issued a joint call for demonstrations in solidarity with striking Tehran bus drivers on February 15th. However the fact that this call has coincided with recent efforts by the USA and European countries to refer Iran to the Security Council of the United Nations and lingering accusations about the origins of some trade union organizations has created doubts and suspicions amongst anti war, anti capitalist activists regarding intentions behind this call.
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Imperial Irrationalism

Arnold Schoelzel | The new social and national demagogy entirely comparable to German fascism conjures away the social question - nationally, regionally and worldwide - from mass consciousness.. Rightwing ideologists know that the war goal and war itself are irrational. more...  0 Comments

Cartoon Controversy: US Left Nationalists* Join the Islamists Against Freedom

Mahmood Ketabchi | The international protests mounted by the Islamist currents had nothing to do with confronting racism and xenophobia.
While the Islamist have pulled out their swords to amputate freedom of expression and the right to blasphemy, the leftist apologists keep beating on an empty drum to convince people that the Islamists are fighting racism. Such a characterization of the Islamists campaign is only intended to create legitimacy and credibility for political Islam, a movement in which the left nationalist current in the US finds an ally against imperialism. more...  4 Comments

Blair in secret plot with Bush to dupe U.N.

messenger | A White House leak revealing astonishing details of how Tony Blair and George Bush lied about the Iraq war is set to cause a worldwide political storm.

A new book exposes how the two men connived to dupe the United Nations and blows the lid off Mr Blair's claim that he was a restraining influence on Mr Bush. more...  0 Comments

TONIGHT: "Shocking and Awful: A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation"

D | Independent journalists speak on the current situation in Iraq and their work as journalists during a time of war and government repression of journalists at home and abroad. more...  0 Comments

Zogby: The Troops Want Out, The Sooner the Better

Dave Lindorff | Forget the president and his self-serving blather about not “cutting and running.” If you want to help our soldiers, why not do what THEY want, and work to bring them home? That’s the message for the grunts in Iraq. more...  2 Comments

Happy Iraq and Yuppie Careers in Iraq

Thomas Pany | While the spread of propaganda is prohibited in the US, it returns to the homefront-bypassing US laws-on the roundabout way of foreign publications.. The witty and resilent Chalabi is a very respected guest in Washington as the acting vice-premier in Iraq and is still indirectly on the Pentagon payroll. more...  0 Comments

Dems finally find an issue

Workers World | Now comes the fraudulent, bogus issue of the ports. Suddenly New York senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton are agreeing with Republicans Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert that a deal made by the Bush administration allowing a company from the United Arab Emirates to manage six U.S. ports is a horrendous threat to “national security.” more...  0 Comments

International Women’s Day

Workers World | Women have an especially large stake in fighting for a society where the ownership of the wealth and resources is taken out of the hands of the few and shared by all.

In this struggle, working-class women will be leaders of the multi-national force—African American, Latino, Asian and Native—that can break politically with the capitalist parties and fight for a total overhaul of society. more...  0 Comments

Protest 3/15 - Media Complicity in Iraq War

messenger | Last week, new photographs of detainees abused by US soldiers in the infamous Abu Ghraib gulag in Iraq surfaced. They were discovered by the American Civil Liberties Union. The story was covered on TV… in Australia! more...  0 Comments

RSF replies to false accusations regarding Dublin riots

AeZeR | RSF replies to false accusations

Republican Sinn Féin
Teach Dáithí Ó Conaill,
223 Parnell Street,
Dublin 1, Ireland
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International Women's Day 06- Solidarity with 'Great Walk against Anti-women Laws in Iran's Islamic Republic'

iwdsolidairty2006nyc | Stand in unity and solidarity with the "Great Walk Against Anti Women Laws in Iran's Islamic Republic" in Europe!

In New York on International Women's Day, March 8, we will bring together a multinational gathering of women, men and young people in solidarity with the Great Walk in Europe.

A future of Islamic Fundamentalism vs. the Bush regime's "McCrusades" is a brutal disaster for the world's women and people, and we cannot and will not accept it. Support those risking their lives to oppose barbaric Islamic fundamentalist laws and practices against women -- be part of bringing forward movements of women and people the world over to reject both deadly and crushing ruling orders, instead fighting for relations of equality between women and men, and against domination and plunder of the world's nations and countries by a handful of imperialist powers.

To those who still wonder whether George Bush and his regime can deliver some kind of liberation to the women and people of the Middle East or any corner of the globe -- as one of the Great Walk statements says: "The American government has declared that it seeks to liberate the women of the Middle East from the yoke of Islamic fundamentalism. This is a ridiculous claim that makes a mockery of real liberation and is an insult to the women of the Middle East. The march of events in Afghanistan and Iraq should have helped those who were taken in by these self-styled liberators of Middle Eastern women to realize how badly they were fooled. If anyone still believes that George Bush and his ilk are liberators of women, please talk to American women fighting to prevent him from taking away their right to abortion as well as against the efforts of the Christian fascists to dominate every aspect of the lives of women in the U.S. What George Bush is taking away from the women in the USA he will not deliver to women in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country."

Join with us in supporting the Great Walk in Europe. As their material states: "In this rally there is a place for all freedom-loving women and men, all political and progressive and revolutionary forces, who want equality between men and women in every aspect of life, a place for all those who oppose gender discrimination in any form." And: "Celebrate 8 March 2006 with us and help us to build the independent ranks of women against U.S. imperialism as well as the reactionary states governing these countries."

Wed, March 8th, 2006
March: 5:00 PM Starts at 83rd and Roosevelt Ave.
(7 train to 82st St.)
Rally: 6:30 PM 73th Street and Broadway
(7, E, F, R, G trains to 74th St/ Roosevelt)

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Women in US Launch Sustained Protests Against De Facto Martial Law in the Philippines

Dorotea Mendoza, GABRIELA Network USA | GABRIELA Network USA, a Philippine-US women's solidarity mass organization, launches rolling national mobilization that will see daily protest actions in major cities in the US until the Philippine state of national emergency is lifted. more...  1 Comments

An open letter to the peace and anti-war movement

Malachy Kilbride | Marking the third year of war and occupation one activist sends an open letter to the peace and anti-war movement. more...  5 Comments

Puerto Rico: Stirring up trouble, Stirring up freedom

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | Former Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick claims everything in Puerto Rico is just fine and that efforts to address it political status problems are efforts to stir up trouble, likening the recent White House report on its status to Fidel Castro's position on Puerto Rico 25 years ago. No doubt she has no clue about Puerto Rico's problems, including recent FBI raids and the FBI's assassination of Machetero leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios. Congress is also considering a new bill but it also is doomed to failure. more...  0 Comments

Join Us this Sunday in the Anti-Imperialist Anarchist Contigent of the St. Pats-for-All Parade!

Paddy O' Anarchist | This Sunday, March 5th, join the fun and festive Anti-Imperialist Contingent of the St. Pats-for-All parade as we march alongside the dancers, stilt walkers, and the high-energy beats of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra! We will also be marching with the Friends and Family of Daniel McGowan contingent. Daniel McGowan is a Queens native of Irish decent who is accused of committing two environmentally motivated acts of property destruction. He has asserted his innocence by pleading not guilty and is facing life +335 years. more...  7 Comments

Nobel Laureates and Religious Leaders Call on World to Resist Iraq Occupation

Danny Malec | As the third anniversary of the United States-led invasion of Iraq approaches, Nobel Peace and Literature Laureates are joined by religious leaders, writers, human rights activists, former government officials, peace activists and others in calling for ongoing campaigns of nonviolent civil resistance to end the U.S. led occupation of Iraq. On March 20, 2006, the first of five days of action throughout 2006, there will be nonviolent civil resistance actions at US and British diplomatic missions, military bases, recruitment offices and war profiteers in at least three continents. more...  0 Comments

Kurt Vonnegut horrified by the hypocrisy of US politics

ENOUGH | Kurt Vonnegut Extracted from « A Man Without a Country: A Memoir of Life in George W Bush's America »

In this exclusive extract from his forthcoming memoirs, Kurt Vonnegut is horrified by the hypocrisy in contemporary US politics :

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Blocked at the Gaza Strip

Daithí | …from The Corner Report: more...  0 Comments

Justice for Katrina/Rita Survivors!

suzaka | Join the NY Solidarity Coalition for Katrina/Rita Survivors more...  0 Comments

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