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War & Peace

Selections from Deep Dish TV's "SHOCKING AND AWFUL: A Grassroots Response to the War in Iraq"

Bergen Action Network | The Bergen Action Network will be screening selections from Deep Dish TV's "Shocking and Awful: A Grassroots Response to the War in Iraq" followed by a discussion with one of the film makers. "Shocking and Awful" is a collection of thirteen programs about the war and the occupation, which are being distributed to communities all over the United States on Free Speech TV and on community access channels. more...  0 Comments

Dear Liberal, Take Action Against the War

an | What is the sane and responsible reaction to an insane and irresponsible system? When the lives of Iraqi’s are being ripped to pieces in the name of “democracy” and “freedom”, when citizens instead of governments become targets for the hatred of the exploited, when the interests of the privileged take absolute precedence over the interests of the rest of us, what is the sane and logical response to this blatant disregard for our individual desires of safety and security? more...  2 Comments

Yugoslav leader exposed U.S. war crimes in Balkans

John Catalinotto | From the day he was kidnapped from a Belgrade prison to Scheveningen in The Hague and placed under NATO imprisonment, he carried out, under horribly unequal conditions, a heroic legal and political battle against the people who ordered him there. Like his fellow Balkans political prisoner of the 1930s, Bulgarian Communist Georgi Dmitrov, who successfully defended himself against bogus Nazi charges that he burned the Reichstag, Milosevic waged his own legal defense in the bogus NATO court.

Milosevic turned the tables on the court and showed that Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroeder, Gen. Wesley Clark and the rest of the NATO heads of state and government and their generals were the real “butchers of the Balkans” and the ones who deserved to be on trial for war crimes. more...  6 Comments

Iraqi people, U.S. troops: Both want end to occupation

LeiLani Dowell | Perhaps the most insightful poll was released on Jan. 31 by the Program on International Policy Attitudes. Entitled “What the Iraqi Public Wants,” the poll divided the Iraqi population into Kurds, Shia and Sunnis, and shows that 80 percent of all Iraqis polled believe that the “U.S. government plans to have permanent military bases in Iraq.” Seventy-six percent believed that the U.S. would refuse “if the new Iraqi government were to tell the U.S. to withdraw all of its forces within six months.” Eighty-seven percent would approve the government’s endorsing a timeline for U.S. withdrawal, as opposed to only reducing the forces “as the security situation improves.” Almost half of those polled—47 percent—said they approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces in Iraq. more...  0 Comments



A World Lit by Energy Warfare

populist | ...What "Mission Accomplished" in reality achieved was an intractable quagmire of bloodletting and a nightmarish prospect of global conflict... more...  0 Comments

In today's Ha'aretz, Aluf Benn writes:

John Brown | Because of Exterminist policies like those sold to the world by people like Weisglass, Apartheid Israel now faces intense political pressure on a number of fronts - a hunger strike by Palestinian political prisoners, infighting over Iran policy, and increasing violent repression of peaceful protest against the Apartheid Wall. more...  0 Comments

Tell the Truth About the War!-Media Protest Wed Mar 15th | SHOW DOWN AT HIGH NOON! - Tell the Truth About the War! - Wed, March 15th - Noon - 2pm

United for Peace & Justice, and MediaChannel.Org bring you a National Day of Media Action to demand
that the U.S media provide accurate coverage of the war in Iraq, and stop ignoring the anti-war movement!
more...  0 Comments


People's Organization for Progress - NYC |
A forum entitled "Black and Brown Voices Against the War" is to be held on Friday, March 25, from 7.30-11 pm. The event is sponsored by the People's Organization for Progress - Arturo Schomburg Branch of NYC. more...  0 Comments

"College Not Combat" Rally at City College, 3-9-06

Aaron M. Cohen | On Thursday March 9, approximately 40 students marched outside Shepard Hall at CCNY, protesting the presence of army recruiters at this year's Career Fair. more...  1 Comments

Honoring Rachel Through Activism

Arjuna Ahimsananda | As we approach the anniversary day of Rachel Corrie's death, I thought I would write a piece to remind people of her sacrifice in the name of nonviolent social change and House Bill 111. I take my starting point an account of a public event I attended at which the Corrie's were present and which was dedicated to Rachel. The guest of
honor was former political prisoner US Army Captain James Yusef Yee, and I present readers with the two questions I posed to him that evening. more...  2 Comments

Iraq "Rendezvous": Cheney, "Bubble-boy" and Ahmadinejad Up the Ante

Walter C. Uhler | Listening to Vice President Cheney and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad exchange threats of war while both nations hover, like vultures, over the moribund carcass of Iraq's insurgency-racked shotgun democracy, I was reminded of David Low's famous 1939 cartoon, "Rendezvous." Mr. Low, you'll recall, depicted Hitler and Stalin as bloodthirsty tyrants, tipping their hats in salutation while standing over Poland's corpse. Thus, Hitler saluted Stalin: "The scum of the earth I believe?" Stalin replied: "The bloody assassin of the workers, I presume?"

more...  0 Comments

Iran and the US: A Fictional Dialogue

Tim Guldimann | Who threatens who is clear. In 1953, the CIA overthrew our democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh only because he dared to nationalize the oil industry. more...  0 Comments

Glowing in the Dark

cleaves | The prospect of Iran developing a nuclear capability (which would realistically entail at least a five-year time frame) did not prevent John Bolton, US representative to the UN, stating that a “painful” response would be inflicted on Iran if it failed to comply with UN (American) dictates! Questions of the UN’s independence aside, is the focus on Iran a distraction from the debacle that is Iraq or is the USA following their PNAC strategy with little regard for consequences? more...  0 Comments

Join Cindy Sheehan in Defending Pace Students' Free Speech

Charles Jenks, Traprock Peace Center | See letters defending student free speech by Cindy Sheehan, Anthony Arnove, Tim Carpenter and many others at
More letters are coming in. See background and updates at the Campus Antiwar Network website - more...  0 Comments

Queer Turkish Anarchist Conscientious Objector Mehmet Tarhan is FREE!!

Free Mehmet Tarhan Defense Network | Late Thursday evening, Mehmet Tarhan was taken from Sivas military prison --where he was held since April 2005-- to a local recruitment center, where he was released. Mehmet was sentenced to four years in prison in August 2005 for refusing to serve in the military, and was repeatedly beaten and tortured by military personnel. In Turkey, military service is mandatory for all men up to the age of 40. more...  1 Comments

A Call to Unite Around the Demand for an Immediate, Complete, Unconditional Withdrawal of All Occupying Forces from Iraq

Troops Out Now Coalition | The best way that the antiwar movement can mark the third anniversary of the criminal war and occupation of Iraq is to unite around the demand for an immediate, unconditional and complete withdrawal of all occupying troops from Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Populist #24

Franklin | The Executive and War Powers, continued more...  0 Comments

Iraq, Iran, Palestine, War and anti-war movement

asmani nor | Anti-War teach in , and critique of "the movement" more...  0 Comments

The Fear of the Islamic Bomb

Torsten Wohlert | Iran's president provokes in order to divert. the message seems directed outwards and yet primarily has a domestic political nature. It is unacceptable but no grounds for warmongering.. Ultimative, publically orchestrated pressure on the iranian government reduces the chance for a face-saving solution. more...  0 Comments

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