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War & Peace

Signs from M18 Antiwar march

a marcher | Various signs from the march 18th anti war march more...  0 Comments

George Bush Demonstrates Against the War in Iraq

Stanley W. Rogouski | George Bush and Dick Cheney appeared at the war resisters procession from the Plaza Hotel to Times Square. more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Jesus

Larmee | Jesus more...  0 Comments

Other pictures M18 March & Rally

a marcher | Some pics from the March 18th -- March Against the war and to bring the troops home now more...  0 Comments

A Message from the Chairman

Dave Lindorff | Maybe not Howard himself, but fearful Democratic Party leaders are putting the screws to those in Congress who want to call Bush a criminal or to call for impeachment. more...  0 Comments

DC marks "Shock'n'Awe" anniversary: "Most folks don't think we're crazy anymore!"

Mike Flugennock | "We were out here three years ago when this started, and folks thought we were crazy. More of us stood out two years ago, and still, people thought we were crazy. We're out here, three years into this mess, and most of the American people do not believe we're crazy anymore!" -- Rev. Graylan Hagler, Plymouth Congregational Church, Washington DC. RealVideo Stream, 09:34 more...  0 Comments

Two Days of Anti-War Protest in the Bronx

El Bronx | The Iraq War anniversary weekend of protest included two days of action in the borough of the Bronx. Veterans, students, and various left groups converged on an obvious target in the people's midst: the armed forces recruitment station at Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse. Just a quick recapfor comment. more...  2 Comments

Images M19 Anti-War Demonstration - Fred Askew

fred askew | Photographs from The March 19 2006 Anti-War March in NYC more...  0 Comments

Update on Turkish Anarchist Conscientious Objector Mehmet Tarhan

Free Mehmet Defense Network | Since many of you have asked for an update on Mehmet's situation, we are happy to report that Mehmet is still with his family and it currently **appears** that there is no movement to re-arrest him.

Mehmet, in a statement given shortly after his release said, “It’s important to be able to touch each other and maintain communication. There has been much strain on me throughout this ordeal, but if we can maintain this solidarity we can gain the strength to continue the struggle and put pressure on public opinion.” more...  0 Comments

Life against death

finch | The (coordinated) international protests and demonstrations against the war in Iraq indicate that people are unified in their fight against oppression, division, exploitation and violence. The way of the people is the way of peace, the majority decision is always for Peace, as the majority are aware that other options result in destruction if not annihilation. In contrast to the way of peace is the violence of the minority; the few that would wage war for the benefit of the few. It becomes plain to all, regardless of nationality, that ruling minorities are corrupt and do not serve the interests of the majority. more...  0 Comments

More Images from March 18th Rally in NYC

Stanley W. Rogouski | Several thousand people in Midtown Manhattan demonstrated against the war in Iraq and against a possible attack on Iran. more...  4 Comments

A Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Walter C. Uhler | Dear Mr. Limbaugh:

While discussing charges -- on your nationally syndicated radio show of March 14, 2006 -- that President Bush is a "liar" and that the war in Iraq is "unjust," you wondered aloud: "How many Iraqi women and children have been killed by insurgents who have been emboldened by the American left?" Moments later you asked: "What do you think this is doing for the morale of these insurgents who are probably in their last gasp over there or close to it?" more...  2 Comments

Images: Anti-War March M18 NYC

fred askew | New Yorkers mark the 3rd anniversary of the invasion of Iraq more...  2 Comments

Alert--Secret 2006 G8 Summit 'Nuclear' Communique Revealed!

Reclaim the Commons | A secret draft of the "G8 Summit Communique on Energy Security," scheduled to be released officially on July 16th at the July 15 - 17, 2006 G8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, has been leaked. The Communique is now posted for the global public to read and review, front and center at more...  0 Comments

"LA UNA Y MIL NOCHES" (Un Cuento Sobre Bagdad)

Alejandro César Alvarez | Escrito el 23-03-2003 y publicado en el sitio Cuentos Globales (Málaga) el 27-04-2003.
En español (castellano), italiano y português. more...  0 Comments

Infoshop Update on Anti-War Protests

Infoshop | Tens of thousands and hundreds of local groups to protest locally against the third anniversary of the current phase of the U.S.-Iraq war more...  0 Comments

Solidarity is a Weapon: on the Recent Wave of Repression

A Murder of Crows | Thus we are faced with a dilemma, what to do in the face of repression? We can run and hide or fight back. If we give the state an inch, it will certainly take a mile, therefore we must stand firm in the face of repression. more...  0 Comments

World Crisis Radio - New Show on RBN, Saturdays 4-6 pm EST, Welcomes guest Phil Berg, 9/11 RICO lawsuit attorney

John Leonard | An inside view of world affairs plus an in-depth interview from Washington DC with the iconoclastic historian, author and terrorism expert Webster Griffin Tarpley more...  0 Comments

For St. Pat's: Ireland Doesn't Want Your War!

via Tommy SP-NYC |
more...  0 Comments

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition: Update on Anti-War Protests

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition | Tens of thousands will protest in hundreds of local and regional actions on the third anniversary of the Iraq war more...  0 Comments

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