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War & Peace

Life in Occupied Palestine: Eye Witness Stories & Photos (Teacher's College 3/30)

Anna | Life in Occupied Palestine:
Eye Witness Stories & Photos

March 30, 2006, 3:00-4:45 pm
Teacher’s College, Columbia University
Room 363 Grace Dodge
( Please inquire at the security desk for directions to event venue )
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More Photos from the Protest on the 3. anniversary of the U.S. invasion in Iraq

Suzaka | Protest against war and occupation on the 3. anniversary of the U.S. invasion in Iraq more...  0 Comments

Sen. Clinton Heckled During LI Speech

breaking news | anti-war protestors interupt her . . . more...  0 Comments

More photos: Protest on the 3. anniversary of the U.S. invasion in Iraq

Suzaka | Protest against war and occupation on the 3. anniversary of the U.S. invasion in Iraq more...  0 Comments

After the Fiasco

Josef Joffe | Iran's strategic position today is better than ever. The EU was the first to feel this.. America now feels this and wisely renounces on military strikes against Teheran. more...  0 Comments

Rachel's Peaceable Kingdom

Jason Gooljar | There was a room filled with love for a woman gone to soon. A woman who stood in front of a bulldozer to protect a Palestinian family's home and was murdered. A woman who we must demand justice for. A woman who's killer, a soldier who drove that bulldozer must be brought to justice. A woman who left Olympia, Washington because she wanted to connect with the people of Palestine and see the truth. I remain in awe of her and after hearing her parents speak I realize where she got it from. more...  4 Comments

In the Crosshairs of Preventive War

Sara Wood | March 2006 Update of Bush Pre-emptive War National Security Strategy Targets Iran:
An Interview with Preventive Warriors director Michael Burns
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Anarchist Action in Greece.

George Grosz | Greek Anarchist Attack! more...  1 Comments

ETA Declares Permanent Ceasefire

Tommy | Added: some background on the conflict. more...  0 Comments

What is the U.S. really up to in Samarra?

Repost from Fred | “Dr Ibraheem Mahmoud, a clinician at the emergency department of the local hospital in Salahuddine governorate, said that they have received telephone calls from inside the city from residents who spoke of dead bodies in streets." more...  0 Comments

Hear Rachel Corrie's Words, Tonight at Riverside Church

ISM-NYC | The New York Theater Workshop "postponed" the March 22 NYC and US opening of the hit London play, "My Name is Rachel Corrie", based on Rachel's writing from Rafah. The NYTW has failed to give any coherent explanation for their decision. People around the world have mobilized to present Rachel's words over the last week, in more than 13 countries, 10 locations in Palestine and Israel and more than 40 locations in the US. Despite the effort to silence them, tonight Rachel Corrie's words about life in occupied Rafah will be heard in NYC. more...  0 Comments

'Camp Bring 'em Home:' Copy It from Chicago and Spread It Around

Carl Davidson | We call this The Anti-War Majority: A sustained Campaign to Stop the War. It's a direct action campout on your Congressman's doorstep, saying 'We are the antiwar majority. Who will represent us? Who will act for us and stop the war. We'll keep this up until we get an answer and a positive follow through on it. more...  0 Comments

Declaration of Jury of Conscience

World Tribunal in Istanbul, June 2005 | The jury in the World Tribunal in Istanbul concluded that the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, together with the continuint occupation of Iraq, constitutes a violation of the core obligation of the UN Charter. Urge Deep Dish TV to show the final session on cable access! more...  0 Comments


D. Burbeck | This past weekend saw demonstrations all around the world with
hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to protest the third
anniversary of the War in Iraq. But something new is happening.
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Global Nonviolent Resistance Marks Third Anniversary

Danny Malec | Marking the third anniversary of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, thousands of activists from all parts of the globe engaged in nonviolent demonstrations and direct action focusing on disrupting business as usual at some of the symbolic “Pillars of the War in Iraq” – US government installations, military bases, congressional offices, recruitment centers and war profiteers. Actions took place in cities around the world, including Atlanta, Belfast, Boston, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Madrid, Managua, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rome, San Francisco, San Salvador and Washington, DC. These actions demonstrate increasing boldness to challenge the mechanisms of the war in Iraq through coordinated, global nonviolent resistance. more...  0 Comments

Worldwide Wars and Anti-Military Options in the 21st Century

Johannes Becker | The wars at the beginning of the 21st century are marked by US unilateralism, distribution battles over dwindling resources, the growing gulf between poor and rich and the new role of Islam in this connection.. The process of "banalizing evil" runs almost without a hitch - the counteracting forces seem marginalized. A new picture of war has seizd the thinking of people. more...  1 Comments Iraq Spelled Backwards - Three Years Later | The war has cost approximately $250 billion dollars of your hard earned money, $350 billion according to the think tank Brookings Institute. According to that amount could have funded world Anti-hunger efforts for 10 years, took care of health care for over 100 million kids, hired approximately 4 million teachers, fully fund world aids programs for 24 years. more...  1 Comments

Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe

by Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner | The average radioactive dose, according to official government index based calculations, was
about 23 million radioactive particles for the average adult male in Britain and Europe.
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Sander Hicks | New York Green Party senatorial candidate Sander Hicks and 9/11 activist group today announced that they will jointly organize a public protest to allow State Attorney General and New York state gubernatorial hopeful Eliot Spitzer to respond to charges of “obstruction of justice” in connection with an inquiry into evidence allegedly suppressed by the 9/11 Commission. Attorneys for 9/11 Truth will present the Attorney General with a “Citizens’ Indictment” for criminal negligence in failing to investigate the attacks. more...  1 Comments

An Immoral War Coalition

Mohssen Massarrat | Waging a new war that would exceed all the wars since the Vietnam War with the reason that Iran could produce nuclear bombs in ten years is even more absurd than the lie of weapons of mass destructionwith which the Iraq war was justified. more...  0 Comments

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