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War & Peace

It Takes a Prick

Clinton Fein / | Rick Santorum, once dubbed the third most powerful Republican in congress, is fortunate to have time enough on his hands to write and promote books. Perhaps when he has some spare time he can do something about the thousands of soldiers languishing without adequate armor. more...  0 Comments

Of Bugs and Terrorists

Nick Cooper | A friend of mine who works for Dow Chemical said the other day "You wouldn't believe how much stronger our new generation of pesticides is than what is on the market right now -- the bugs have just become stronger." more...  2 Comments

September 3rd, A Call To Oppose Military Recruitment In Jersey City

north jersey counter-recruitment | Bring signs, banners, flags, noisemakers, and most importantly, as many people as you can to this event. Following the brutality implemented by the Pittsburgh Police on August 20th against peaceful anti-recruitment activists, (see for more information) this action is both to show solidarity with the struggle of our comrades in Pittsburgh and to show the state imperial power and it's enforcers that they cannot silence us through their violence. more...  9 Comments

Dear Settlers

Uri Avery | from the Israeli Left more...  1 Comments

Ann Coulter: New Yorkers "Would Immediately Surrender" If Attacked

AC | Ann Coulter: "It's far preferable to fight them on the streets of Baghdad than in the streets of New York, where the residents would immediately surrender." more...  9 Comments

Cindy Sheehan demonization by right wing attack dogs

Radio Free Eireann | John McDonagh and Grandpa Al Lewis of WBAI (99.5 FM) combine their shows today, noon-3 p.m., to focus on the peace movement and what McDonagh calls "the demonization" of peace protester Cindy Sheehan by conservatives. more...  0 Comments

Another Mother for War

Dave Lindorff | Whether Bush was putting words in an Idaho mother’s mouth, or whether it was her own words, there’s a big difference between supporting the stationing of your kids in a war zone and having your kid killed there. more...  0 Comments

Iraqi politicians on display in Utah

Chuck Tripp | Late last July, the Bush administration was busily putting its puppet Iraqi politicians from Babil Province on display in Utah while its war crimes in Iraq compounded daily. This essay examines several aspects of rule by U.S. puppeteers in Iraq and the crimes they've committed.

more...  0 Comments

'Welcome to Camp Casey, the beginning of the end of the war'

peace fem | "The next day I meet with Cindy Sheehan briefly. I tell her about the solidarity rally in Union Square and the ongoing presence we had at Camp Casey in New York City." more...  0 Comments

Populist #10

Franklin | Constitutional Democracy as a Defense against Centralized Power, continued more...  0 Comments

Threat To Chavez's Life

Rob Sewell | Bolivarian Revolution more...  0 Comments

Prosecuting Pat Robertson

Brent Herbert | Missing in the media discussion of Pat's comments this week, is any mention of the fact that Pat Robertson is guilty of an indictable offense. I have been doing some research... more...  2 Comments

This system can not have a good ending…

Koordinadora d'Osona kontra la tortura | A North American citizen say to an other: Do you know that Al Qaeda has kidnapped President Bush? – “Noo, really!?”-- “Yes man, and they say if we don’t pay the ransom, they are going to shower him with petrol and light him on fire, and everybody is going to be able to see it on television…!” -- “and how much is the ransom?” – “they want we pay, at least, they same amount of dollars than the Iraq’s war military budget of this year.” – “This is going to be difficult…” – “ No , on the other way around, it’s really easy. And looks like its going to be arranged soon, because the collecting campaign have already start and everybody is really into it” – “oh, yaw? And how much is the average amount they give” – “ ouch… it depends… you know… it depends on the economical possibilities of each one… and … the petrol stock in the service stations… there’s people who donate one litre there’s other people who gives ten!!!!” -- “We are going to burn Bush!” ( This is a joke that a listen in a bar on the West side of Philadelphia, near by Drexel University.)
more...  0 Comments

SAT 8/27 Camp Casey-NY Anti-War Rally; Vigil Continues

todd | ~ Saturday, August 27 Anti-War Protest at Camp Casey-NYC, Union Square South
~ Continuous Solidarity Vigil Reaches Day Eleven
~ Tents Resurrect After PD Raid more...  1 Comments

Plan Your Trip to D.C.

todd | some housing and transportation links for planning your D.C actions more...  0 Comments

I Question Your Patriotism, Mr. Bush

Steven Black | Talk is cheap. more...  2 Comments

Call to Action: Shut Down The War Machine This September!

Tommy NYC | ** Make plans to attend September Action's Second Regional Consulta *** more...  3 Comments

Join us at Camp Casey NYC

camp casey | Join us at Camp Casey NYC in Union Square. Show your solidarity with Cindy Sheehan and all of the veterans, military families, and activists camped out in Crawford Texas. more...  2 Comments

Fall Mobilization Update #2: World Bank/IMF out of Iraq and the Global South!

Mobilizations for Global Justice | Stop Economic and Military Violence!
Protest the Annual Meetings of the World Bank and IMF Sept. 23-25, 2005 Washington DC Mobilization for Global Justice 202-898-5953 more...  0 Comments

Why is Pat Robertson Not Treated as a Terrorist?

John Chuckman | America's fundamentalist carnival includes many fascinating acts. Pay your money, and you can watch preachers weeping and screaming, dismissing whole segments of humanity as evil, threatening murder, shaking down congregations for extra donations to named-after-themselves projects, or hitting people in the head to heal cancer. You will also see some monsters finally caught after years of molesting children or hear others advocating crimes against humanity such as using nuclear weapons. more...  5 Comments

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