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War & Peace

4 Film Screenings - Cities, Labor, and Culture: Present Crises, Past Documents

CAMEL collaborative | The film and discussion series is an attempt to connect past and present struggles of the labor movement and community organizing, as a way of considering what has changed, what is still the same, and more importantly, what can we learn in terms of past successes or failures—especially questions of how we organize, how we negotiate issues of race, class, gender, different labor sectors, changes in the labor market or housing/urban development issues. The film series is about trying to remember those struggles, and hopefully, to bridge different generations of activists, and allow for discussions between labor and social justice movements and arts communities. more...  0 Comments

Photos. Protests in Liverpool (UK) at Condi Rice visit

Richard @Manchester STWC | These pix are from the protests in Liverpool in the evening of 31st March. more...  1 Comments



The Mustafa Mosque Massacre was No Accident or Error

Repost from jamie | "Thanks to the internet it is still possible to gather informed analysis on this and other events on the international scene. Get them. Read them. Spread them. The growing knowledge of the awful mess our “leaders” are purposefully making is weakening their grip on power and along with other efforts may lead the world to real freedom yet." more...  0 Comments

Republican Hatchet Man Defends Presidential Crimes

Dave Lindorff | The Founders of the nation must be rolling in their graves over Sen. Hatch’s claim that the president’s powers should be beyong criticism during the “war” on terror. more...  0 Comments

Whatever Happened to Empathy?

populist | Whatever happened to empathy? How did the world suddenly become inhabited by good, red-blooded Americans and a bunch of gooks, slopes, ragheads, hadjis and any other pejorative which makes them seem less than human? How did the world suddenly become us and them? How is it that no one's beliefs and concerns have validity except ours? How has it come about that the world is now divided between us, our few allies, and a world of terrorists? more...  1 Comments

90th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising

National Irish Freedom Committee | This commemoration will be held at Kelly Ryan’s Restaurant, 5790 Mosholu Ave. in the Riverdale section of the Bronx on Easter Sunday, 16th April. At the completion of the above commemoration, Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta (The National Irish Freedom Committee) will hold a ceremony at the grave of Joe Stynes in Woodlawn Cemetery, which is close by. Joe along with Mike Flannery and George Harrison were founding members of Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta. more...  0 Comments

Sosbee to Rice, Bolton, Cheney

geral sosbee | The uSA now threatens to nuke Iran , or to otherwise attack the nation with missiles, etc. Such a move has already failed as seen in the cia led holocaust in Iraq; so, stop your nervous twitching and reign in your own terrorists, murderers and torturers in the fbi/cia before pointing a pistol at our brothers and sisters in another nation. more...  1 Comments

The Abu Ghraib files w/ sickening photos

By Joan Walsh | Today Salon presents an archive of 279 photos and 19 videos of Abu Ghraib abuse first gathered by the CID, along with information drawn from the CID's own timeline of the events depicted. more...  0 Comments

We are in a Chaos

Max Boehnel | We are in a chaos. American legitimacy is undermined. Hardly anyone believes in American morals any more. American credibility was shattered.. The present rests on errors of the past, in some cases on lies and in others on crimes. more...  0 Comments

Matthew Cuffe, Blair Witch Conviction Project

small WORLD Podcast | Interview with Matthew Cuffe of the Blair Witch Conviction Project. more...  0 Comments

Free Speech & Dissent on Campus in the Age of the 'War on Terror'

Brian Kelly | Given Pace University's threatened expulsion of two students for using their constitutionally guaranteed Right to Free Speech, Press and Assembly, and the continuing resistance of Pace administration to recognize two student clubs, Campus Anti-War Network and Students for a Democratic Society the time for a discussion of free speech on campus couldn't be more urgent.

Furthermore, with the climate of fear generated by the 'War on Terror', the Bush Administration's justification for the use of torture, unlimited detention without trial of any non-citizen and illegal spying on domestic groups and individuals, the renewal of the PATRIOT Act, the vilification of Arabs and Muslims and political repression at other campuses around the country, there is a national dimension to this urgent discussion. more...  0 Comments

The Mosque Massacre was no Accident

Dave Lindorff | The U.S. has been asked by Iraqi officials to quit running security operations. If that’s not an open invitation to go home, I don’t know what is. So why aren’t US forces packing up? Because Bush doesn’t really want a stable Iraqi government run by Shi’ias. more...  0 Comments

2nd try: Hands off Sudan

carst | Bush talks like Goodman. An internationalist who fights for freedom and liberty, democracy and human rights worldwide, so that there may be peace in the end. Many make the point that Bush doesn't mean what he says, but who does? But what most conveniently ignore is, that the Bush propaganda team precisely targeted fundamental contradictions within the left. We more or less agree with spreading democracy and liberating the world from tyrannies. Just we disagree with the means being used and targets being chosen. Moreover, even with the target selection there is much common ground. more...  6 Comments

Betrayal of the American Idea

Josef Joffe | How can one defend freedom by destroying it, even if only in Cuban and Arab prisons?.. Unlike the rule of George III, the power of his contemporary namesake rests on the "consent of the governed." more...  0 Comments

Enemy Mine

Sarah Stuteville | We’re in a known minefield in the forest, perhaps one Aki Ra laid himself, and he’s scratching intently at the hardened clay earth with a hatchet. It takes him 20 minutes to locate the first mine, laying casually on the forest floor roughly 200 feet from Chrun’s only source of water. It looks like a small green plastic toy, and it’s hard to imagine that it’s powerful enough to kill or maim. [Also See Common Language Project || Landmine Orphan Gets Second Chance] more...  2 Comments

Embers of Empire: Blair in Oz

colt | Blair’s speech in Oz parliament today was notable for its familiarity – nothing new, same ol’ same ol’ shite. Wait! I think there was something that may have been a Freudian slip in reverse, Blair pleaded with a crumbling support base not to ostracise the yanks as they may “lift their drawbridge” (what a laugh). In order to survive, the voracious beast of Capitalism MUST feed off weaker nations, destroy the environment, wreak havoc and wage war to sustain its (military) economy. The world needs America like it needs a hole in the head; by all means Tony, let the yanks implode on themselves; allow the blood-sucking star-spangled-fangs to sink into its own neck; it would be a most entertaining spectacle. more...  0 Comments

Who's Afraid Of Rachel Corrie? (The Indypendent)

Jed Brandt | Rachel Corrie was crushed by an Israeli bulldozer set to demolish a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip. She was the first “international” to be killed while volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement, a non-violent direct action organization that attempted to obstruct the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
more...  1 Comments

"Hillary the Hawk"

Daithí | …from American Conservative Magazine (with thanks to Russ Wellen for bringing it to my attention): more...  0 Comments

Susan Sarandon on Hillary

Daithí | …from the Washington Times:

“’I find Hillary Clinton to be a great disappointment,’ Miss Sarandon told More magazine, for publication today.
more...  2 Comments

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