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War & Peace

The Oil Wars

Archie Kennedy | They have crossed the line into tyranny. On the 'freedom and democracy' side of that line there are no pre-emptive strikes or arbitrary detentions. It isn't possible.
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Hawkins for Senate (Green): Urges Clinton Oppose War with Iran Mother's Day Pledge

Howie Hawkins | In the spirit of Julia Ward Howe's original call for Mother's Day, I urge all the candidates for US Senate in New York State, starting with Hillary Clinton, to join me in opposing the initiation of a new war against Iran by the United States. So far, Clinton has gone in the other direction, criticizing the Bush administration for not being more aggressive in confronting Iran. more...  1 Comments

Third Reich Tyrants

Cindy Sheehan | I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it. -Dwight D. Eisenhower more...  0 Comments

A True Revolutionary

Seaghán Ó Murchú | Ruairí Ó Brádaigh: The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary"

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The US Empire Versus Reality

Gabriel Kolko | The real danger confronting any nation, especially the US, is the belief that it is strong when it is not, and maintaining a faith in the power of weapons and technology, when they are in fact wholly irrelevant-or even defective. This was surely themoral of the Vietnam War, which the US fought miore than a decade. more...  0 Comments

Why I Cannot Support The Troops In Iraq

populist | is absolutely necessary that I ask who, in fact, should be held responsible for the ongoing destruction of a such a substantial portion of the infrastructure of Iraq, the death of half a million children during an earlier embargo, the killing of as many as 100,000 innocent Iraqis, the deaths of 2,500 American soldiers, and the horrible injury of at least 25,000.... more...  1 Comments

Warcry: My Big Fat Greek Riot

From the Post Left Office | I would say this riot was mind blowing. Then again, I am from America. Notice I didn’t say “protest” but riot. The Greeks say to me, “we don’t protest.” Rock and Motherfucking Roll. It was a bit like Seattle revisited without the robocops and National Guard. more...  14 Comments

Is New CIA chief a Jack D Ripper clone?

Paul O'Hanlon | Is General Michael Hayden by any chance related to Sterling `Jack D Ripper` Hayden? more...  0 Comments

An Evening of Readings and Conversation with EDUARDO GALEANO and ARUNDHATI ROY (MAY 21)

C.W. Alfonsin | An Evening of Readings and Conversation with EDUARDO GALEANO and ARUNDHATI ROYPresented by the Center for Economic Research and Social Change. Sunday, May 21, 2006 7:00 pm at The Town Hall 123 West 43rd Street, New York Between 6th Avenue & Broadway.

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Carta de la señora Maigret a las "visitadoras"

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate Denis | El mito del eterno regreso está vinculado a un caos y a un infructuoso esfuerzo de logos. La batalla mediática de la operación Libertad Duradera es un proceso de descomposición del pragmatismo en las cloacas del poder. El hecho de que los agentes más activos del mismo, las visitadoras que se liberan y engullen el poder de su creador, Pantaleón, busquen su redención en los altares de San Pantaleón no constituye una evidencia de que éstas consideraran el hundimiento del barco. Este artículo muestra que la búsqueda del “blanqueo” y la huída de las ratas no son exclusivas. Por el contrario, en la invocación a San Pantaleón, las visitadoras, no buscan un reposo, sino un recurso para iluminar un mundo de las esencias cada vez más alejado, incompatible y excluido de la descomposición del marco pragmático. more...  0 Comments

Common Sense on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Daithí | ...from Jonathan Tasini's article in the Huffington Post: more...  0 Comments

Indypendent Issue #87

ny imc print | Pinnacle group squeezes tenants across the city / Immigrants get organized in Brooklyn more...  5 Comments

Interview with Intrepid Anarchist/Anthropologist David Graeber

Rebecca White | David Graeber, intrepid anthropologist and anarchist, talks about the magical battles and spiritual jujitsu of Madagascar, the trials of being a political dissident, and the emerging "Anarchist Century." more...  0 Comments

State Lawlessness

Hans Boes | The Downing Street memo revealed the deceit that Bush and Blair planned an invasion of Iraq from 2002. This memo was ignored by the media. Cheney kept repeating the lie that Saddam caused 9/11 and after he finally denied the connection, the media ignored his denial. Wars for personal ambition or false pretenses cause a constitutional crisis, a failed state and lost credibility. America is no longer a source of trust and inspiration but of fear and mockery. more...  4 Comments

Uranium Weapons Exposed - The X Zone - Listen Live Tonight - It's a MUST HEAR!

messenger | "The American Revolution on Uranium Weapons will
Bring Down this obscene Government. They all have
to go. Are you ready?" - Bob Nichols more...  0 Comments

Ray McGovern & Cindy Sheehan to lead March on the White House | World Can’t Wait just announced their next major protest- October. Anyone else think that’s a little funny?

Last year the Downing Street Memo came out on May 1st, soon after UFPJ announced the big rally for Sept 24th. Why do they always skip over the summer months? Because that’s when the weather is nice, and people might actually have the time to camp and stay. more...  1 Comments

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Letter to Bush

me | First time there has been direct communication from an Iranian president to an American president since 1979. more...  26 Comments

"The US is a Terrorist State": Leonardo Boff

Leonardo Boff | Everyone feels we are on a wrong tract because we do not have a social contract any more.. The US is a terrorist state. The US acts with violence, crushes human rights and tortures Americans and foreigners.. As humanity, we stand at a crossroads. The reflections and utopias in Porto Alegre are the humus in which things ferment. more...  0 Comments

The Christian Extremists are holding Battlecry youth rallies in city halls May 12, 3:30pm

Debra Schaffer Hubert | This is an announcement for an action and an essay which goes into detail about the Battlecry Youth gatherings. G.W. Bush is part of this maniacal cult that promotes wars against Muslim countries, with young "christian soldiers" doing the fighting, laws that take away women's rights to make decisions about their bodies, and other anti-sexual and homophobic ideas...
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Eduardo Galeano & Arundhati Roy @ The Town Hall, NYC, May 21

CERSC | Eduardo Galeano, one of Latin America's most admired writers, and Arundhati Roy, who won the Booker Prize in 1997 for her first novel, The God of Small Things, in a rare joint appearnace for an evening of readings and conversation about resisting empire, among other topics. more...  0 Comments

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