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War & Peace

More Libel Against Iran!!!

Daithí | From the New 940 Montréal: more...  0 Comments

Virtual America

Dave Lindorff | What’s real? Death and mayhem in Iraq. What’s not real? American democracy, the Constitution, the Congress and the president for starters. more...  0 Comments

Building a Movement that will be Stronger After the US is Out of Iraq

Bill Simpich, reposted from CounterPunch | Lessons from the 1970 Student Strike more...  0 Comments

2nd Annual NYC Youth Activist Conference

YELL! | The Young Eclectic Liberation Leaders (YELL!) is a diverse group of activists working towards ending apathy amongst the youth. We want to motivate and empower other young people to get involved in issues that they care about.
YELL! is hosting our Second Annual NYC Youth Activist Conference. It will be a space for youth to participate in workshops, get psyched, network, organize and mobilize! Everyone is welcome to attend!

more...  0 Comments

Bombs on Iran

Georg Meggle | The most important war objective in this first phase is maximization of the acceptance of war. The impression must be produced that no stone was left unturned to prevent war. The starting shot is always: There is no alternative.. Be skeptical toward all war reports. Go the distance. Keep away from all war hysteria. Compare the lies at that time with the conjurations of today and tomorrow. more...  0 Comments

Friday Emergency Demo!--Protest McCain at New School Commencement

jwnyc | As he pursues his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Senator John McCain is appearing at a series of university graduations. His speech, unveiled last Saturday at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, calls for "winning" the war in Iraq, a feat he deems necessary to the security of the world and in keeping with American "interests and values." more...  0 Comments


M. Oman-Reagan | As the confirmation hearings of General Hayden begin in Washington, grassroots activists are finding new ways to participate in the democratic process. has created a Web Site from which visitors can lobby the members of the Senate Committee charged with investigating Hayden's involvement in the illegal domestic spying programs that have recently come to light. more...  0 Comments

Editorial Cartoon: "Out Of Iraq, Into Darfur"

Mike Flugennock | Through the past decade and a half, I haven't seen a single humanitarian crisis -- real or contrived -- that hasn't been exploited by the USA for the benefit of imperial expansion. If anything gets "saved" about Darfur it's going to be that great big-ass puddle of oil sitting there under the Sudan. more...  2 Comments

Populist #28

Franklin | On the Electoral College more...  0 Comments

Help us to win our campaign against an arms company

SmashEDO Campaign - | Our campaign against our local arms dealers in the UK is nearing possible victory. The company is owned by a US parent firm. The shareholders are getting edgy about the security of their investments and a demo at their New York HQ would really help us to convince them to drop their UK branch. Please contact us to find out more or tell us what you did.

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The New York African Film Festival at BAM starting this weekend!

Cinephile | From May 22-30 BAMcinématek, the repertory film program at BAM Rose Cinema presents a variety of films, including the Brooklyn premiere of the Burkina Faso film Delwende, and a tribute to political French/Cameroonian director Jean-Marie Teno, who says, "I am very much attached to the situation, to the whole global situation, to see how we can have an impact and really foster change so that people can live better." more...  0 Comments

Failure of the Affluent State

nano | When the State fails and criminals steal the reigns of power corruption filters through State institutions. The agencies and the regulatory ‘authorities’ usually ‘toe the line’ and therefore cannot be trusted to serve the interests of the people. When the government becomes a den of thieves, liars and murderers it is the people who must restore sanity and legitimate government. more...  2 Comments

Greece, Athens 4-7 May: An anarchist forum, a demo and a riot (Photos)

zxc | Greece, Athens 4-7 May: An anarchist forum, a demo & a riot (photos) & the co-operation of the European Social Forum with the police in arresting dozens of innocent passers-by and bystanders and charging seventeen of them.

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Hawkins (Green) to Senate: "Reject Hayden as CIA Chief and Overhaul Intelligence Community"

Howie Hawkins | Howie Hawkins, a Green Party candidate for US Senate in NY, today said that the Senate should reject Michael Hayden as CIA chief and initiate a complete restructuring of the US intelligence community. "The Hayden nomination should provoke the Senate into a full-scale overhaul of the intelligence apparatus. Hayden spent his two-year tenure as head of the National Security Agency implementing a program of warrantless wiretapping. The NSA monitored the phone calls of tens of millions of ordinary Americans. That alone disqualifies Hayden," said Hawkins, more...  1 Comments

Athens: Communique on the ESF and recent riots

Guy Nietzsche`, The Post Left Office | In the past years, international summits of the global political and financial bosses triggered events of resistance that explosively brought to limelight the variety of struggles bursting around the world –from indigenous communities to the capitalist ghettos- against the state and capital. more...  3 Comments

Broken News: Howard’s final Suck

dingo | “Bush Praises Howard”, reads the headline on ninemsn ‘news’, 15 May ‘06. It is not often a response can be encapsulated in one word, PUKE, Puke, puke – whatever way you care to spell it! more...  1 Comments

A Perfect Mother's Day Gift:Create a Peace Movement That Ends the Iraq Occupation

Cindy Sheehan | Join Cindy Sheehan and Ray McGovern 1pm at the White House then march to Rumsfeld's house May 18. more...  0 Comments

Sign the Voter's Pledge

Pat Elder | This time around vote your conscience! more...  1 Comments

Hugo Chávez Addresses Mass Rally In Austria...

Repost from Sam | "When President Chavez approached the podium he was greeted with deafening applause and a sea of waving red flags and chanting, He spoke for about two hours, and his main theme was the need to fight against imperialism and capitalism that are destroying the planet and placing the human race in danger. He quoted the words of Rosa Luxemburg: “The choice before humanity is socialism or barbarism.” And he added; “When Rosa Luxemburg made this statement, she was speaking of a relatively distant future. But now the situation of the world is so bad that the threat to the human race is not in the future, but now.” more...  0 Comments

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