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War & Peace

Shoot to kill in New Orleans (Guardian Story)

Mike | Huge explosions along the riverfront in New Orleans were reported today as hundreds of US troops with orders to shoot-to-kill looters and gunmen were sent to the flooded city.


Kathleen Blanco, the governor of Louisiana, said: "They have M-16s and they're locked and loaded. These troops know how to shoot and kill ... they are more than willing to do so, and I expect they will."

The US president, George Bush, who is due to visit New Orleans later today, said he approved of the shoot-to-kill policy. more...  0 Comments

Cops and Troops Attack Survivors of Katrina

Alex Gould | Ray Nagin on Wednesday, August 31 ordered 1,500 of his police to stop their rescue efforts and control "looting". Shotguns drawn and backed up by National Guard troops, the capitalist state has turned against the desperate survivors of Hurricane Katrina to protect its number one concern: the private property of business owners. more...  7 Comments

Terror: European Union & US neocons against Iran

Foreign Press Foundation | Tomorrow the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will - concerning Iran - report the figures below. The question of course is: with Iran under daily control, who are the criminals within the European Union advocating more war, and who profits* from it? more...  0 Comments

The Path out of Crawford Leads to Binghamton, New York

Tarik Abdelazim | As members of Camp Casey pack up and leave Crawford for a national bus tour, many in the anti-war movement are focused on the late September convergence in Washington. Meanwhile, the most important anti-war federal trial since the Vietnam war begins in less than three weeks. The route from Crawford to Washington must be amended. Next stop: Binghamton, New York. more...  1 Comments

Emergency Demo: Fri. 5 pm Times Square -Money for the victims of the hurricane – Not for war!

Troops Out Now | Join us tomorrow at 5:00 pm at Times Square to demand immediate relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. At the protest, activists will announce plans for a Nationwide Day of Solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. more...  0 Comments

Survival: The New Commodity

Alex Sheremet | It may be hidden from the public, but there is a double-standard: western self-defense/nationalism versus the condemnation of all non-western resistance movements. While Americans are encouraged to do their absolute best to "protect their country," the interests of non-western groups/nations are both overlooked and attacked. Once this is understood, and applied to the Middle East, leftists should no longer be hesitant in supporting an Iraqi anti-imperialist movement (which is, unfortunately, the only anti-imperialist, anti-occupation movement of consequence presently available in Iraq). more...  0 Comments

Baghdad on the Big Muddy

Dave Lindorff | There seems to be an MO for how this White House handles urban crises: let the place descend into chaos and anarchy and only then go in. Could there be method to this madness? more...  0 Comments

Hurricane Katrina: U.S. gov't guilty of criminal neglect

Workers World | President Bush was criminally negligent in diverting funds that had been requested to protect the people of New Orleans for use in the criminal war of conquest in Iraq. The Bush administration did this in full knowledge of the impend ing danger. The highest government agency in charge of dealing with disasters, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, warned of the potential for disaster as early as 2001. more...  1 Comments

"Enemy Combatant" from Peoria Sues Rumsfeld

David Roknich | In a manner similar to that of Jose Padilla, Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri was abducted on the eve of his trial, declared an enemy combatant, and thrown in the brig. After approximately 2 years of detention in the same brig as Jose Padilla, al-Marri has filed a lawsuit against Donald Rumsfeld for:
"...unlawful and unconstitutional conditions of confinement
to which Plaintiff has been subjected by Defendants at the Consolidated Naval Brig (“the Brig”)
in North Charleston, South Carolina, since President Bush designated him an “enemy combatant” on June 23, 2003."
more...  1 Comments

Análisis en profundidad del documental de la BBC "El Poder de las Pesadillas"

yemeth | Análisis en profundidad del documental de la BBC "El Poder de las Pesadillas", centrado en la base ideológica y desarrollo histórico de la "Guerra Contra el Terror" desde la perspectiva neo-conservadora estadounidense proveniente de Leo Strauss, y la islámica de Sayed Kotb y Zawahiri. more...  0 Comments

2nd Activist Arrested at Camp Casey NYC

Lauren | Local activist, Bob Leingrin was arrested Monday night by Officer Nemo of the 13th Precinct. Nemo rode into Union Square Park on a NYPD issued bicycle and approached activists at Camp Casey. One activist, Bob Nash vocally compared Nemo to the likes of Lance Armstrong (of course, not in a flattering way). Bob Leingrin then interjected and an argument ensued between Nemo and himself. Eventually, Leingrin was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and taken away in a squad car. more...  2 Comments

Join Us in Palestine for the 2005 Olive Harvest Campaign: ISM

International Solidarity Movement - Palestine | Palestinian farmers and agricultural organizations, in coordination with the International Solidarity Movement and the International Women's Peace Service, announce the 2005 Olive Harvest Campaign. The campaign will take place between October 15 and November 15.

While the world is blinded by the smokescreen of Israel's "Gaza disengagement" plan, the Israeli government continues to seize Palestinian land throughout the West Bank to expand settlements and build its illegal Annexation Barrier.

As this goes on, Palestinian communities continue to resist Israel's attempts to cement its control of the West Bank and imprison Palestinians behind walls and fences.
more...  0 Comments

Video of right wing 'Protest Warriors' fleeing Crawford pro-war rally

rungotel | 4:30 minute video. About two thousand people converged in Crawford for the “Cindy (Sheehan) Doesn’t Speak for Me” rally Saturday. However, in a odd turn of events, and despite repeated pleadings that “we are on your side, we are on the right,” the rally turned on conservative youth "Protest Warriors." more...  3 Comments

That Horrible Sinking Feeling... Thoughts on UFPJ

repost |

After attending a UFPJ organizing meeting in DC, Jim Macdonald has a bad feeling about the antiwar actions on September 24-16. And it seems like a lot of people reading the DC Indymedia website share his concerns. Read the article.

more...  5 Comments

Art of War : Hostage of the Christian Right

Larmee | Hostage of the Christian Right more...  0 Comments

Mobilize to San Diego for a Movement Against All Borders

The ORGANIC Collective | We call on people everywhere to converge on the San Diego/Tijuana region and the Mexicali/Calexico region of the Mexico/US border in order to stop the vigilante operation being planned there by the Friends of the Border Patrol, beginning on September 16th. We also call on those who cannot travel to these areas to organize solidarity actions in their home towns rejecting the Minutemen, Borders and the racist ideologies that Borders are built on. more...  0 Comments

Nothing to report from Iraq's front, America

populist | Here is a president who purposefully, if blindly, took his nation to war, brandishing with equal mastery ignorance and incompetence more...  0 Comments

Republican National Convention, One Year Later

Chris Anderson | One year ago this week, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets to protest the Republican National Convention. The WBAI morning show Wakeup Call has begun a seven-part retrospective on the RNC, which will be featured in the special "in-depth" section of our website. This weeks Indypendent will also be featuring an RNC retrospective section that discusses the continuing viability of mass protest and the upsurge of "radical art" that briefly gripped the NYC creative community last summer.

During the RNC, the IMC also created a 24-hour webstream covering the protests. Some of the highlights are here.

Please return to this feature throughout the week, as we will be updating it regularly. more...  7 Comments

Military Father Speaks Out Against the Iraq War (link to mp3 audio)

RadioActive (Maine) | A conversation with Dexter Kamilewicz, a Maine father who's son is speaking out about the conditions he and the other troops are really facing in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Cindy Sheehan and Radio Free Eireann

Saoirse Daltun | Radio Free Eireann's John McDonagh supports violence in Ireland and has lontime connections to the extreme right. He has opportunistically latched on to the Cindy Sheehan phenomenon. more...  1 Comments

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