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War & Peace

Dan Berrigan 85th Birthday Celebration, w/ audio promo

Denis | Birthday Celebration for Father Dan Berrigan
With Amy Goodman, Pete Seeger, Howard Zinn, Liz McAlister, Ramsey Clark and other very special guests.
June 10th, at 7pm St.Ignatius Church, 980 Park Ave. @ 83rd St. $25 to $50 suggested donation, no one turned away. RSVP at For futher information call 212-726-0664. more...  0 Comments

A Call to Support U.S. Military Officer Poised to Refuse Illegal War


A Call to Support U.S. Military Officer Poised to Refuse Illegal War

June 3, 2006
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Kidnapped by head hunters a group of Uighurs was released from Guantanamo Bay by the U.S. military last month after

amy.c. | Kidnapped by head hunters a group of Uighurs was released from Guantanamo Bay by the U.S. military last month after five years in detention, only to face new terrorist charges, this time by China……

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Fundamentalist Christianity Weds the Military

Debra Schaffer Hubert and Bob Nichols | Fundamentalist Christianity weds the military and their offspring is ecclesiastically induced genocidal war from the command center of Fatherland Patriarchy [1]
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Stephen Lendman | CURRENT US PROPOSAL TO IRAN IS A SHAMELESS HOAX more...  0 Comments

What Is At Stake: A Series of Speakers on the Bush Agenda, June 5-9, NYC

World Can't Wait | In early June, the World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime will be holding a series of events delving deeply into different aspects of the Bush Regime's crimes and the reasons that they must be driven out. more...  0 Comments


Larry Everest | There is no "war on terror." The invasion and occupation of Iraq are not part of a "war on terror." Neither are the current threats and war preparations against Iran. The "war on terror" doesn't exist—no matter how many times the Bush administration cites it to justify its aggressions, no matter how often Republicans and Democrats debate how to best carry it out, and no matter how frequently it's referenced in the U.S. bourgeois media. more...  0 Comments

Confident U.S. generals commit war crimes

Bob Nichols | A force multiplier is a technological method to multiply the aggressiveness and lethality of an armed force.
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Columbus yippie steve conliff, notorious for having pied Governor James Rhodes(butcher of Kent state) passed away on June 1, 2006 due to a long bout with lung, bone and brain cancer.....Please click the link below to check out the eulogy....... more...  0 Comments

BULLETS FOR TOTS -- Marine Murderers, Generals Covering, "Bad Apples" (NOT)

Clayton Hallmark | Marines have murdered babies in their beds and in their mothers' wombs, according to current news reports. The so-called conservatives who, millions of them, vote solely to end abortion of fetuses in wombs, have lots of excuses for Marine murderers of the unborn and newborn. After all, the Marines are brave: it does take a certain kind of boldness to kill kids as Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment did in Haditha, Iraq, during November last year.
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Bush and Rumsfeld Teaching Ethics to Soldiers?!

Dave Lindorff | Every time you think you’ve seen everything, the Bush presidency tops itself with a new act that is more outrageous than the last one, but really, they’re going to have to stretch to top the idea of this administration teaching ethics to soldiers.
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Campaign Finance Corruption Indicated in 2004 Elimination of Progressive Candidate Jerseki

All | Three or more of the five members of the New York City Campaign Finance Board, which is responsible for regulating the influence of private money in political races, hold part-time jobs that would appear to disqualify them from serving on the board. Timothy Gay - Assistant Chief Clerk at the NYC Board of Election - adjudicating and ruled agianst the recognition of petition signatures for Robert Jereski in 2004, progressive Democrat, after having collected signatures for his opponent, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, is the most egregiousand clearest instance of campaign finance board rules violations. more...  0 Comments

Timor-Leste (Update)

peptide | America has been steadily reducing its active presence in the South Pacific over the past decade. Australia (the deputy sheriff) is expected to ‘step up to the plate’ and safeguard western interests in that region. Timor is the first test of deputy (dog) in the region and to date the deputy appears to be weakening at the knees. more...  0 Comments

Worldwide Wars and Anti-Military Options

Johannes Becker | The author suggests three reasons for the nerve-wracking calm in Germany: 1) the objective andf very cruerl mass unemployment, 2) self-stigmatization and 3) people don't think there is anything to share or redistribute. more...  0 Comments

Atrocities Piling Up in Iraq

Reader of the News | Haiditha is old news after a few days. Now, everyday, new allegations are emerging: more...  0 Comments

For Iraqis, American Atrocities Are Old News

Ted Rall, repost | Note: In addition to the latest on the murder of 24 Iraqis by US Marines in Haditha, BBC News is now reporting that new video evidence has emerged that documents another massacre by US troops in the Iraqi town of Ishaqi in March.
Video can be viewed here: [] more...  0 Comments

Gorbachev Calls Cheney a "Durak" (fool, idiot)

Walter C. Uhler | It was Friday evening, May 19, 2006. My spouse (Carol DePrisco) and I were dining at Barron - the house restaurant of St. Petersburg's recently refurbished Petro Palace Hotel (located on Malaya Morskaya street, just one block east of St. Issac's Cathedral and two blocks west of bustling Nevsky Prospect).

We were dining with a retired professor of English from St. Petersburg State University. At the very outset of our conversation, the professor inquired: "You are not a Republican, are you?" I assured her I wasn't, thus breaking the ice for a very pleasant and engaging conversation during dinner and afterward in our spacious hotel suite
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Europe’s ‘Green’ militarists

By Peter Schwarz | The days when the German Green Party opposed international military operations by Germany’s armed forces, or at least criticized them, have long since passed. After seven years in government, the party has returned to the opposition benches, but it has by no means returned to its former pacifist positions.
The Greens are among the most avid proponents of a German military mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one that could easily become the most extensive and dangerous foreign operation conducted by German soldiers since World War II.
To the extent that the Greens have levelled any criticism against the government, it is criticism from the right, not the left. For them, the plans of the Christian Democratic-Social Democratic grand coalition do not go far enough. While the government wants to limit the deployment of the Bundeswehr (armed forces) to the capital Kinshasa and its immediate surroundings, and set a time limit of four months for the operation, the Greens are pleading for a mission that is unlimited both in time and geographical scope. more...  0 Comments

The Rude Guy

The Rude Guy | The Rude Guy uses ideas instead of ideologies to blast the right the left and the center, and offer up some solutions to war, healthcare and rent. more...  0 Comments

Political Solution, Not a War on Iran!

peace cooperative | We seek de-escalation, non-aggression guarantees and renunciation of force.. Nuclear weapon states should finally fulfill their obligation to disarm their nuclear arsenals according to Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. more...  0 Comments

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