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War & Peace

National Day of Action Tuesday for First US Army Officer to Refuse Iraq Deployment

Courage to Resist Friday | Denouncing "the deception used to wage this war, and the lawlessness that has pervaded every aspect of our civilian leadership", 1st Lt. Ehren Watada refused to deploy with the 3rd Styker Brigade when it left for Iraq on Thursday. Watada is the first commissioned U.S. Army officer to refuse orders since the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003. He faces a court martial and possibly years in prison for his actions. || Olympia IMC || Previous Coverage in The Indypendent || || Courage to Resist ||A Brief History of U.S. Military Resistance more...  1 Comments

JCP Chair Warns Against U.S-Japanese Millitary Alliance

jcpwatch | The chair of the 400,000 member Japanese Communist Party recently express concern over the dangers created by the increased military collaboration between the U.S. and Japanese governments. more...  0 Comments

Who is in control of your capitalism?


Oct. 5, 2006: A Day of Mass Resistance
Plan To Make October 5, 2006 the day the whole world comes to know there is a Force in this Country Determined to Drive Out the Bush Regime. more...  0 Comments

Protest War

Kenn | Oct. 5, 2006: A Day of Mass Resistance
Plan To Make October 5, 2006 the day the whole world comes to know there is a Force in this Country Determined to Drive Out the Bush Regime.
more...  0 Comments

Power-Failure (neo-crazy blog)

Daithí | …from the neo-crazy Power-Line : more...  0 Comments

The Israel Lobby at Work. Supporting Joe Lieberman, supporting War and Occupation.

people at | In what ways does the "Israel Lobby" support war and occupation? By sending money to pro-Israel and pro-war candidates, naturally. Case in point is Joe Lieberman, who is facing serious opposition in his run for US Senate Democratic primary in August. more...  0 Comments

Seven American Flags Are Set Afire in Brooklyn

By KAREEM FAHIM and MICHAEL AMON | Someone set fire to seven American flags in a Brooklyn neighborhood yesterday, stoking outrage in a place where flags are displayed outside homes all year long.

Six of the flags hung at houses in Marine Park, and one was on a car. An investigator speculated that the vandals might be teenagers out of school for the summer. Law enforcement officials said the burnings did not appear to be hate crimes, but love crimes. more...  30 Comments

Massacres Are Nothing New

J Smith | Way even before Mai-Lai,Vietnam, it was Samar, Philippines. Are we supposed to be surprised by Haditha, Iraq? more...  0 Comments


Win Animal Rights |
Friday, June 23, 2006 at 4:00 PM
Meet at: Pfizer World Headquarters, 235 E. 42nd St. (off 3rd Avenue)

Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 2:00 PM*
Meet at: Hunter College Station, Lexington Ave. & 68th St.

Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 6:00 PM
Meet at: Union Square in front of Whole Foods, 14th Street & Broadway
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Study in Hiroshima & Nagasaki the Summer

Pat Elder | American University Program has spaces available. more...  0 Comments

Not Welcome, Mr. President!

German Peace Movement | All past attempts to solve political conflicts militarily failed gloriously. War may not be a means of politics any more.. The wars of the US are themselves terror and cause ever new violence. more...  0 Comments

BUSHITES REACH NEW LOW - dying for lies no longer in disguise

Johnny Wizard | Again, realize, FOX, CNN, and CBC will all in the thousands,
receive this information about 9/11's Ahmad, but will refuse
to support honorable Police officers, our Humanity's cause for
Freedom through Justice, or our beliefs in any religion.
They, as murderous sadists, fascists, obstruct Justice for
ourselves by refusing to report on the facts of why America
continues to fight, dying sacrificed, while censoring your
cries for understanding. more...  0 Comments

Hawkins for Senate: Withdraw Troops Now, Oppose Confrontation with North Korea

Howie Hawkins | Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate from New York, said the debate today in the US Senate over the Kerry-Feingold proposal to withdraw American troops from Iraq by July 2007 was merely political posturing by politicians rather than a serious attempt to halt the foreign occupation of Iraq. Hawkins also called upon the Senate to pass a resolution barring any attack on North Korea and to oppose the Bush’s administration’s activation of the
so-called nuclear missile shield.

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Videos of the visit of the US- President Bush in Vienna, Austria

er | A lot of activities against the visit of the US- President Bush has taken yesterday in Vienna, Austria.

Encloses there are some videos about the activities from Vienna

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Young People of America...Rise Up and Rebel!

populist | ...what the soldier is never told is that as a result of having gone to war there is a reasonable likelihood that he will struggle until the day he dies with nightmares depicting the horrors of war, the unrelenting grief, bitterness and resentment, despair, depression, and the anger that will have taken possession of his life... more...  0 Comments

Hey, North Korea! America's REAL Targets to Hit!

CSD | A map of America's most important locations. more...  4 Comments

Third Time in a Week, Israel Kills Palestinian Children


"Cut and run": It's a Winning Slogan and Strategy if the Democrats are Serious about wanting to Win

Dave Lindorff | The problem of course is that the Democrats don’t seem to want to win, or are afraid of what might happen if they did win: that they’d actually have to run the place. more...  0 Comments

Harambee Radio: HecOne (Welfare Poets) w/ Lord Patch

Ytzhak | This weeks show will focus on a discussion and interview with victoria, british columbia author and wordcore artist lordpatch (aka lawrence ytzhak braithwaite) and mc/activist Hector (hecOne) from the nyc based hip hop crew The Welfare Poets. The show will air Live Thursday evening from 10:00 PM EST/ on June 22, 2006. more...  0 Comments

Washington escalates slaughter in Iraq

By Bill Van Auken | The killing of two American soldiers captured by insurgents at a roadblock south of Baghdad will be seized upon by Washington as justification for an intensified bloodbath against the Iraqi people.
Well before the discovery of the bodies of the young soldiers, reportedly bearing the marks of torture and mutilation, there were already mounting indications that the Bush White House and the Pentagon were implementing a shift in military tactics that spells a dramatic escalation of US violence in the occupied country.
The mass media, which has shown little inclination to highlight the daily death toll of American troops, now totaling over 2,500—much less the far greater toll of Iraqi dead, estimated in the hundreds of thousands—has exhibited keen interest in the fate of the two executed enlisted men, including gruesome details of their deaths. Their aim is to whip up an atmosphere of hatred and revenge against the Iraqi population. more...  0 Comments

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