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War & Peace

Bush & Cheney Attack Media to Divert Attention from Latest Revelations about Spy Programs

Kenneth J. Theisen |
On Monday, June 26, 2006 the President and Vice-President in a concerted effort launched political attacks on the New York Times and other media for their exposure of the international bank transfer spying program conducted by the Bush administration. These attacks serve two purposes for the Bush regime. First, they are an attempt to intimidate the media into silence about the regime’s crimes. Second, they are meant to shift the discussion about the illegality of these actions to a discussion of what should be done to media outlets that dare to report such actions.

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Marine Recruiter Assaults Demonstrators With Baseball Bat

madhatter | A baseball bat-wielding Marine recruiter engaged in an unprovoked assault on two demonstrators outside the recruiting center and then seized the cellphone belonging to another demonstrator who had witnessed and photographed the assault. There are plans for a rally and press conference outside the recruiting center for July 5 at 5PM.
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Apartheid Israel Intensifies Gaza Genocide

John Brown | In spite of the crippling attacks on what little Palestinian infrastructre it hasn't already destroyed, Apartheid Israel still finds itself on the warpath searching for ways to induce more suffering upon the Palestinians. more...  0 Comments

Will the US Bomb Minsk?

Arnold Schoelzel | The US initiator of illegal wars with hudnreds of thousands of dead, the inventor of torture light and extraordinary rendition reproaches Lukaschenko and others for fundamentally undemocratic elections and violation of human rights by political repression. There is "simply" for place for "this regime." more...  0 Comments

Hawkins for US Senate: Stop Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Howie Hawkins | The conflict in Israel/Palestine has reached new levels of menace and suffering with the Israeli invasion of Gaza. The Israeli government is intent on inflicting significant suffering on the civilian population, targeting the local infrastructure by destroying the local power plant and three bridges.
The current Israeli attacks on Gaza comes immediately after the Palestinian leadership put forth a peace proposal that includes the recognition of the right of Israel to exist by Hamas, one of the alleged key demands of both the American and Israeli governments. This unfortunately repeats a familiar pattern of disruption of the peace process by the Israeli leadership at key moments. The United States, including its Senate and its junior Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, has acted disgracefully in this conflict from its earliest days, and bears heavy responsibility, through its extreme, one-sided favoritism of Israel, for its present continuation. more...  1 Comments

Art of War : War

Larmee | War more...  0 Comments

THE TAKE, free screening!! | FREE SCREENING of "THE TAKE"
This Thursday 6/29, 8pm
at Times-Up
(49 E. Houston, btwn Mott/Mulberry)

Introduction and Q&A/discussion
with Marina Sitrin- activist and author of Horizontalism: Voices of
Popular Power in Argentina (AK Press); Professor, Gallatin School at
NYU and Argentinian activist(s) TBA

The Take (2004, 87 min, written/produced/directed by Avi Lewis & Naomi Klein)
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Iran War for Dollar Hegemony

Jurgen Wagner | Preventing the Iranian Oil Bourse (IOB) may help explain the extreme aggressiveness of the US toward Iran. Mending our own pockets and recalibrating energy, labor, investment, distribution and security policies for a post-fossil age are more sensible than the Bush doctrine where countries are invaded and colonized for US politico-economic interests. more...  1 Comments

Ben Seattle's Annual Report for 2006

Ben Seattle | Ben's annual report summarizes his work in the antiwar movement, the Media Weapon community and SAIC as well as his plans for work in the coming year on the Attention Refinery. more...  0 Comments

National Day of Action for Lt Ehren Watada -- War Resister Support Station at Chambers St recruiting station

Campus Antiwar Network | First Lt Ehren Watada has said he would rather go to jail than commit war crimes in Iraq. Join this war resister support station to show him the support he has in NYC -- Tuesday, June 27. more...  0 Comments

Pentagon report on China highlights danger of nuclear war

John Chan | One sinister aspect of the US Defence Department’s 2006 report on the Chinese military released last month is its discussion of nuclear policy.
Overall, the document entitled “Annual Report to Congress: Military Power of the People’s Republic of China” marked a more aggressive US military stance toward China than in previous years. It identified the Chinese regime as a military rival and highlighted its growing defence spending, particularly its investment in advanced military technology (see: “Pentagon report targets China as a military threat”).
For the first time since its publication began in 2001, the annual report tried to suggest that China is a growing nuclear threat to the US. In the context of the Bush administration’s doctrine of “pre-emptive war”, the shift indicates that the Bush administration and Pentagon are themselves preparing for nuclear war.
According to the Pentagon, the “threat” is an alleged discussion underway in Chinese military circles over an abandonment of China’s longstanding policy of “no-first strike”—that is, no use of nuclear weapons except in response to nuclear attack. more...  0 Comments

Images: Shut Down Guantanamo

Fred Askew | 25 people arrested at the US Mission to the United Nations more...  1 Comments

The Venezuela of Chávez

Milton D'Leon | There is no revolution without a social revolution carried out by workers, peasants and the poor, by expropriating the big capitalists and instituting a planned economy, eliminating capitalist monopolies, instituting state control over the fundamental economic activities of the country, with political power in the hands of the working class. To speak of revolution, except in this sense, is merely empty talk. more...  0 Comments

Cheney Spoke of Need to Establish US Presece in Mid-East

D. Burbeck | By D. Burbeck

Mike Malloy of Air America Radio said a few nights ago that in the
'90s Cheney used to speak of the need to establish a U.S. presence
in the Middle-East. I had never heard this before, but it came as no
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Taking Impeachment on the Road

Dave Lindorff | Impeachment can play a vital role in building resistance to dictatorship, both in the electoral politics and on the street. It’s not an either/or proposition.
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AWOL in Canada – Soldiers Speak Out.

messenger | According to the Pentagon, nearly 6,000 U.S. soldiers are currently listed as deserters, having been AWOL for at least 30 days. It is unknown how many of these soldiers have taken refuge in Canada, but as the war continues this number is sure to increase. Indymedia contributor, FluxRostrum, has recently filmed interviews with three of these soldiers. In the videos, the soldiers tell their story uncensored and provide a view into the reality of the war not presented by corporate media. more...  0 Comments

Antiwar leader Norma Becker dies

War Resisters League | Norma Becker, teacher, civil rights activist, and towering figure of the peace movement during the Vietnam War, died of lung cancer in her New York City home June 17. She was 76. more...  0 Comments

Willy Brandt's Norwegian Exile

Volker Ulrich | Willy Brandt warned again and again against identifying National Socialism with the German people. "Hitler is not Germany" was an article from September 1938... To Stalinism, he opposed the demand "Socialism must be built on freedom and democracy if it deserves its name." more...  0 Comments

four years of bloody war

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc) | oped more...  0 Comments

Open Letter From Mother of Lt. Ehren Watada, Resister of Illegal War

Carolyn Ho | By Carolyn Ho
t r u t h o u t | Statement

Thursday 22 June 2006

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