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War & Peace


NYC Emergency Response | ******PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY*******


Co-founder of the MinuteMen, Jim Gilchrist, is coming to Ground Zero
to spread his racist filth about immigrants. The MinuteMen are a
violently anti-immigrant group that has been protrolling the border
armed. They are coming NY and are exploiting 9/11 to further their
agenda. We can not let them co un-opposed

JULY 26th


[Carlito's is at 1701 Lexington Ave. btwn 106 &107th]


FOR MORE INFO CALL: 347.537.3433
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Israel kills Palestinians with U.S. weapons

Aljazeera |
In an article written by the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, titled “Aggression under false pretenses” and published Tuesday on The Washington Post, the Palestinian PM slammed the U.S. policies that blindly support Israel even in its brutal aggression against Palestinians.
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Railroading Your Rights

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg | Despite the serious questions as to the effectiveness of random searches, the surveillance machine still pushes ahead. After all, DHS puts on a great show. more...  2 Comments

Israeli Actions in Gaza and Lebanon – Where is NYC?

concerned | I’ve been following the news really closely the past two weeks and I’ve been surprised to see a serious lack of coverage about what is going on in the Middle East on the IMC newswire. In addition to this, I’ve been surprised that I haven’t been able to find out about any emergency actions/events happening in NYC to assist in putting a halt to Israel’s military actions. ||Pay No Attention to the Israeli Bombardment of Lebanon ||Israel Kills Palestinians with U.S. Weapons ||Coverage of June 16 Emergency Rally more...  7 Comments

Pay No Attention to the Israeli Bombardment of Lebanon

vf | Remember the message that our newspapers and media were feeding us the last few years? Israel is the friend to the fledgling Lebanese democracy. Zionist supporters in the U.S. and internationally fought hard to end the Syrian “Occupation” (*wink*, wink) of long suffering Lebanon. more...  4 Comments

On Jonathan Kozol's Manifesto

Rich Gibson | The struggle for social justice can begin in schools, with a mass movement to take direct action in order to overcome racist high-stakes tests, and imperialist wars. more...  0 Comments

Krauthammer Has It Wrong: The Constitution is for Peace and War

Dave Lindorff | He and the President are trying to justify dictatorship on the cheap by claiming that “everybody does it” during wartime, and then things go back to normal…except there is no war now, and the fake “war’ on terror will never end.
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Hawkins for US Senate Supports Lynne Stewart Release

Howie Hawkins | NY: Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate, called today for Manhattan federal Judge John Koeltl to give civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart a sentence of home confinement with no time behind bars. Hawkins said that Stewart’s conviction ultimately should be overturned on appeal. “Lynne Stewart’s conviction for her role as a defense attorney for Abdel Rahman’s is a continuation of the Bush administration’s efforts to suppress civil liberties in America using the 9/11 attacks as a pretext,” noted Hawkins. more...  5 Comments

How US Wars are Sold

Ernst Huber | One of the oldest representative democracies of the world changed in the First World War into a controlled undemocratic form of state.. Local commercial television stations all over the US eagerly accepted the free propaganda films of the government. Money was earned that way. more...  0 Comments

State Department Harasses Protesters at Salvadoran Consulate

NYCISPES | On Monday, July 10, 2006, New Yorkers gathered outside the Salvadoran Consulate on Park Avenue between 36th & 37th streets to protest the recent wave of repression in El Salvador, particularly the airforce attacks on students and administrators and subsequent police occupation of the National University. Activists denounced the repression and the US State Department’s support for the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). ILEA has been condemned by human rights activists in El Salvador and elsewhere for its controversial refusal to prohibit US military instructors from teaching civilian law enforcement policy, strictly prohibited in the Peace Accords signed by El Salvador and the US government in 1992. more...  2 Comments

New Report Proving Torture at Guantanamo Here

CCR | Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes? more...  0 Comments

U2's Bono & Anti-Venezuela Video Game

Daithí | ...from the Venezuela Solidarity Network: more...  1 Comments

Building Bridges Radio Monday Night -"Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land"

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Monday, July 10, 2006, 7pm - 11 pm EST,
over WBAI Radio 99.5 FM
or streaming live at
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AWOL in Canada Video Series

FluxRostrum | These 8 videos will give you a pretty good idea why someone might go AWOL ... and how. more...  1 Comments

An inconvenient truth: Slideshow of the Israeli Incursion into Gaza!

VF | Here is a link to a dramatic slideshow (296 photographs in all) chronicling the war crimes being perpetrated against the Palestinian people in Gaza during this the latest incursion by the Zionists. Of course they had to put some pictures in of the funeral of an Israel Destruction Force member who lost his life for “balance“ I suppose.;_ylt=Au1RMSi1MEV7bUYr9TXVtboUewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTA3bGk2OHYzBHNlYwN0bXA-

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Night Dreams and Book Reviews on July 4th

Mark Dankof | Old Right Topic News editor Mark Dankof pens thoughts on a late night dream and Kevin Phillips's American Theocracy that suggest the Neo-Cons global war and the New World Order are soon to be consummated.

Bach's Mass in B Minor, late night reading of Kevin Phillips's American Theocracy, and a Lunesta pill combine this 4th of July weekend to give Mark Dankof a nocturnal kaleidoscopic dream combining Phillips's data and argumentation with a flashback to JFK's San Antonio sojourn on November 21, 1963, and a glimpse of an Obelisk dedication in the Alamo City with ominous implications ahead.

URL for Mark Dankof's "Night Dreams and Book Reviews for the 4th of July"
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Bring the Troops Home FAST! 3,000 Join Sheehan in a Fast

Katie Heim, David Swanson, Code Pink | 3,000 people from all over the world
have joined Cindy Sheehan and
Code Pink in a fast to bring the
troops home "FAST".

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What’s next for the immigrants’ rights movement?

Fred Bergen | Workers need their own party, one that fights in the streets and at the elections for a platform of workers rights, including full rights for immigrants. The natural base for such a party is the labor unions. In fact, some unions have formed a labor party, but the party, endorsed by eight national unions, hasn't yet run a single candidate in its ten-year history. It is gathering signatures for ballot access in South Carolina, although it hasn't named any candidates yet. But regardless of whether the LP picks a candidate and runs a campaign this year in South Carolina, the union bureaucrats who control its political decisions will never challenge the Democrats. They would rather waste millions of dollars on anti-worker politicians and parties than risk setting in motion the workers, their own members, the class that is bound to upset the bureaucrats' comfortable "partnership" with the bosses, not to mention their own high-paying gigs. more...  0 Comments

ACTION Alert: After Police Attacks in El Salvador, Salvadoran Movement calls for Pressure on Embassy, Consulates in U.S.

CISPES | A protest is planned for Monday, 12:00 noon at the Salvadoran Consulate in New York - call 212 465 8115 for more info more...  0 Comments

Paying a high price for our ignorance

scare | The US security forces and the military have committed atrocities, unlawful acts and international crimes on several occasions. Our country should accept the responsibility and the consequences of the war crimes committed by our leaders, some of our troops and their agents. If we are fighting on the side of good we have failed to do so, while at the same time paying a high price for our ignorance. more...  0 Comments

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