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War & Peace

U.S. Blocks U.N. Reform, Efforts Near Collapse. (Indypendent)

Don Paneth | At the United Nations, one can consider all the environmental, political, social and economic dilemmas of the world. It is a dispiriting endeavor, in the late summer of 2005, as the U.N.’s 191 member states prepare to meet both at its 60th annual General Assembly and in a high-level summit of heads of state, premiers, and foreign ministers.
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Forget Red Cross-here is where you want to donate

@ | Where to donate to organizations who are:
* Organizing at the grassroots level in New Orleans, Biloxi, Houston and other affected areas
* Providing immediate disaster relief to poor people and people of color
* Directed by, or accountable to, poor people and people of color
* Fostering the democratic inclusion of poor people and people of color in the rebuilding process
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Your government can't protect you but it can get you killed-an anarchist flyer about NOLA

@ | National Guard attacks residents of NOLA-We should attack the National Guard more...  16 Comments

NYC IMC Photog. Travels to Afghanistan

imcista | NYC Indymedia volunteer Antrim Caskey has spent the last several weeks in Afghanistan, documenting the situation in that country. More pictures and a travel-blog are available at: more...  2 Comments

Money for RELIEF not WAR Speakout

crossposted from Hunter-CAN | There will be a speakout at Hunter College at 1:00pm Wednesday September 7th demanding money for hurricane relief, not war. more...  1 Comments

Katrina..What is Cuban President Fidel Castro's secret?

ENOUGH | Last September, a Category 5 hurricane battered the small island of Cuba with 160-mile-per-hour winds...NO ONE DIED more...  6 Comments

Special Treatment for white Britons at Superdome

Trying not to throw up | I guess if you are stuck in the Superdome and are white you can get evacuated while everyone else rots. Here's part of an article sympathetic to their plight straight from the BBC's web page.
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A Hundred Flowers Bloom At The RNC Protests (Indypendent)

Luz Schreiber | The streets were filled with dozens of cardboard peace doves, witty signs and handmade posters. Each day there was something interesting and different happening that captured people’s and the media’s attention. It was truly inspiring to participate in a protest that coupled creativity with sharp political criticism. more...  0 Comments

Where Are The Democrats? (Indypendent)

Hanson Jones | The overwhelming majority of protests around the city during the Republican National Convention were peaceful, but the police tactics used against them were not. More than 1,800 people were arrested. more...  1 Comments

A Missed Opportunity: The RNC Protests (Indypendent)

A.K. Gupta | In the age of the Patriot Act, the protests around the Republican National Convention last summer were undoubtedly historic. The display of massive public dissent was a victory for all participants. more...  4 Comments

Behold The Pale White Lie. Why Conspiracy Theories Are Patriotic (Indypendent)

Nicholas Powers | “Have you heard about the Jews? Four thousand of them called in sick the morning of 9/11. Did you
hear about the blasts inside the towers? Planes didn’t destroy the Towers; the CIA stuck explosives inside and detonated them. A janitor heard bombs go off. Did you ever wonder why we didn’t see plane wreckage at the Pentagon? There was no plane. An ex-military guy said a missile hit it. C’mon, do you really think a bunch of Arabs
with box cutters could’ve pulled all that off?” more...  2 Comments

Katrina Open Letter to Radical Community from Houston

maureen | This letter is both a call for introspection and action to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina and a failed system of government. more...  0 Comments

S24th: A call for a Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc

Atilla Kotanyi | September 24th: We Carry A New World In Our Hearts---A call for a Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Against the War and Capitalism more...  2 Comments

The Potential of the Gulf Coast Crisis: Points for Discussion and Intervention

a handful of St. Louis' unwanted children o | We wrote this text because we felt the level of discussion regarding the aftermath of hurricane Katrina needs to move beyond the rhetoric of cheering or condemning looters, cheering or condemning the authorities, or simply crying for the victims. "Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening," or "I told you so," or "People are dying!" just send us talking in circles. We want the U.S. (and possibly the world) to launch into the unknown- the total breakdown of the social order- and then continue pushing for a self-organized society. more...  0 Comments

Hurricane Katrina Confronts Imperialism

Gary Sudborough | Some thoughts about the catastrophe in New Orleans more...  0 Comments

'Your government can't protect you' katrina flyer

your friendly local anarchists | text from a flyer made by some nyc anarchists and the pdf to print it out more...  1 Comments

Bush Declares War on African Americans (Literally)

XY | “This place is going to look like Little SOMALIA,” Brig. Gen. Gary Jones, commander of the Louisiana National Guard’s Joint Task Force told Army Times Friday as hundreds of armed troops under his charge prepared to launch a massive citywide security mission from a staging area outside the Louisiana Superdome. “We’re going to go out and take this city back. This will be a combat operation to get this city under control.” more...  2 Comments

Money for Hurricane Victims Not For War Pics

An attendee | The following pictures are of a rally held at the military recruitment cetner at Times Square calling for Money for hurricane victims not for war:
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World Can't Wait National Office | Accountablilty for the magnitude of human suffering in the disaster along the Gulf Coast lies squarely on the shoulders of the government in general and the Bush Regime in particular. THIS FACT MUST BE ALLOWED TO BE KNOWN! more...  2 Comments

Camp Casey Is Here To Stay

Maioan Person | There is a new song written to honor Cindy
Sheehan's effort to stop the war in Iraq

lyrics posted below.

DOWNLOAD this song for FREE.(Right click, and choose "Save as...")

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