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War & Peace

Endgame in Iraq

Compiled | Iraqi leaders have all but given up on holding the country together and, just two months after forming a national unity government, talk in private of “black days” of civil war ahead. Signalling a dramatic abandonment of the US-backed project for Iraq, there is even talk among them of pre-empting the worst bloodshed by agreeing to an east-west division of Baghdad into Shia and Sunni Muslim zones, senior officials told Reuters.

Add that to this buried paragraph from the AP today: Maj-Gen Caldwell said insurgents were streaming into the capital for "an all-out assault against the Baghdad area". "Clearly, the death-squad elements, the terrorist elements, know that Baghdad is a must-win for them," he said.

And I'd say we're done. more...  0 Comments

War Resisters Nagasaki/Hiroshima Exhibit and March in NYC and Chicago

Thomas Good | With the threat of the reemergence of nuclear weapons being used as an instrument of US foreign policy
(in Iran and elsewhere), Students for a Democratic Society members and War Resisters League activists are calling for
protests and vigils in New York City and Chicago - and encouraging other groups and cities to join in. The occasion is the 61st anniversary of Hiroshima. The desire is to mobilize opposition to the misanthropic foreign policies of the US. more...  0 Comments

Another World is Possible!

Dorothee Soelle | Globalization from above is a barbaric system impoverishing the majority of people and destroying the earth. We need another economic globalization, a globalization from below in the interests of the earth and the interests of the poorest. more...  0 Comments

Art of War : Sunday New York Times

Larmee | Sunday New York Times more...  0 Comments

Open Letter to The Middle East Quartet

Beijing International Peace Vigil | An Open Letter to The Middle East Quartet
by the Beijing International Peace Vigil more...  0 Comments

Picket & Letter Delivery @ US Mission to UN

eve | Picket & Deliver a Letter to the US Mission of the United Nations Join UFPJ and peace and justice activists:

Friday, July 21,
4 -5:30 PM
140 East 45th Street (between Third and Lexington Avenues)

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Women and Children First!!!

Daithí | We all seem to forget a central issue to the escalating conflagration in the Middle East.
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Israeli Immunity for Genocide

Andrea Howard | "Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of Obedience and therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." ——Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950 more...  1 Comments


Antiwar4Barron | Unbowed and unapologetic, Barron is the most radical member of the NYC Council, and the most consistent ally of the antiwar movement holding any elected office in New York and anywhere else. Barron led the fight to bar military recruiters from NYC public schools, and he has never hesitated to publicly support Venezuela, Cuba, and (especially critical right now) the Palestinian people. more...  3 Comments

¡Detengamos la ofensiva israelí sobre Palestina y el Líbano!

Fracción Trotskista - Cuarta Internacional | Pero, el elemento que puede alterar significativamente la relación de fuerzas y hacer fracasar los planes del Estado Mayor más poderoso, como es el Ejército sionista, es el hecho de que una intensificación aún mayor de su ofensiva en el Líbano puede incitar a la movilización de las masas de Medio Oriente, que durante semanas vienen viendo los bombardeos, el sitio y el castigo colectivo a que son sometidas las masas palestinas en Gaza, lo que ha incrementado el odio y el ánimo de venganza hacia el Estado sionista. También, aunque todavía en forma muy minoritaria, comienza a despertar al movimiento pacifista israelí, cuestión que puede crecer si siguen los costos no sólo sufridos por su ejército (formado en buena medida por soldados conscriptos) sino también por la población civil, si el gobierno israelí no logra detener rápidamente los bombardeos de misiles sobre sus centros poblados. more...  0 Comments

Shifting Values and the New Barbarism

finn | The attention of the world has once again been drawn to the Middle East, to a group of waring tribes. Today however, we witness a ‘new’ warfare, a type promoted by the Zionists Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. This new warfare is a composite ‘solution’, an amalgam of the permanent revolution/war doctrine of Lev Bronstein (Trotsky); the tactics of Henry Kissinger (carpet bomber of three million innocent Indo-Chinese civilians) and Leo Strauss, whose exclusivist/elitist philosophy lies behind the events of 9/11, the anthrax letters and the rise of ‘terrorism’ – the new public enemy designed to replace the defunct bogeyman of communism! more...  1 Comments

The Making of a Terrorist

arch.memory | Go ahead, call me a terrorist all you want. I am not bombing orphanages and ambulances. I am not brandishing forbidden chemical weapons on civilians. And yet I have trouble sleeping at night, just looking at the pictures. Do they see them? Whoever is pressing the button, do they see what they've done? Do they believe it's self-defense and justified? And Condi is waiting... How can they sleep at night? If anyone knows, please send me the name of that drug, I'd like some, too. And some for my sister as well, so she would stop sending me these messages when she can't sleep from the bombing in the middle of the night. And some for my aunt, since you're at it, so she would stop crying for God's sake and stop caring whether her 16-year-old son is back with her or if he's safe at all in the south. [Read More] more...  3 Comments

Video: No War in Lebanon protest

onto | Short clips from the protest against Israel's bombing of Lebanon more...  0 Comments

Happy Impeachment Day!

Dave Lindorff | This is no time for political strategizing. Every member of Congress is sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, and it is being gravely threatened by this president.

more...  0 Comments

1500 New Yorkers Demand End to Israel's Attacks on Lebanon and Palestine

Ad hoc Coalition against Israeli aggression | Protesters demanded, “Stop bombing Lebanon.” “Free, free Palestine,” and “End the occupation now.” They chanted, “No justice, no peace, US out of the Middle East.” Speakers called for an end to the US and Israeli wars in the Middle East. They criticized the US’ one-sided support for Israel, and the lack of media coverage of Lebanese and Palestinian civilian deaths. The demonstration concluded with a spirited march past Grand Central Station and into Times Square.
more...  0 Comments

"Theo-Poetry" against Religious Illiteracy

Dorothee Soelle | Our relation to the world is defined by the most important idols worshipped by our culture: moeny and violence. Many people fall into a strange helplessness toward everything that cannot be acquired, borrowed, bought, conquered, possessed, controlled and marketed - as if language only exists to transform everything into a deal: I give you and you give me. Then the world becomes ultimately hopeless. more...  0 Comments

Impeachment Summer Teach-In

David Grace - | A growing collection of law students and scholors throughout the nation have gathered together to display the evidence needed to induce impeachment of President George W. Bush, Vice President Cheney, and their administration. more...  0 Comments

Analysis From Ha'aretz: Nasrallah Still Holds All the Cards

Zvi Bar'El | Any diplomatic solution will have to pass through the Lebanese political grinder and gain Hezbollah's agreement ...

The question is not only what will stop Israel's onslaught but also what will the conditions be that will allow Hassan Nasrallah to nod approvingly ...

Nasrallah will have to approve this since there is not a single political power in Lebanon on Tuesday that is capable of carrying out the group's disarmament. In fact, the idea of a disarmed Hezbollah is so far-fetched to senior Israel Defense Forces officers and Israeli politicians that they are willing to make do with a "significant weakening" of the group. more...  0 Comments

Bolton: Lebanese Deaths "Not Morally Equivalent"

Daithí | …from Agence France-Presse:

“US Ambassador John Bolton said there was no moral equivalence between the civilian casualties from the Israeli raids in Lebanon and those killed in Israel from ‘malicious terrorist acts’…” more...  1 Comments

PHOTOS: No War on Lebanon and Gaza protest, Israeli mission to UN

onto | Photos from the demonstration . . . damn it was hot. more...  26 Comments

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